The Ministry of War and Expansion is the government branch which administers the Sith Imperium Military (SIM). The SIM comprises two branches: The Imperial Army, the Imperial Navy.

While independent from SIM, the Ministry of Intelligence and Ministry of State are often involved in military matters.

Sith Imperium Military Command Committee (SIMCOM)

Under to rule of Lord Emperor Veldarius, the Sith Imperium Military saw significant reform. The reorganization of the military established the formal command structure of the SIM. As the sovereign and protector of the realm, the sovereign is commander-in-chief of the Sith Imperium Military. Below him/her is the Sith Imperium Military Command (SIMCOM) which shares joint command of the SIM.

The Members of Sith Imperium Military Command include:

  1. Raza'nurudo as Minister of War, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Sith Imperial Military
  2. Darth Nezic Zadane, as Lord Emperor of the Sith Imperium and Commander-in-Chief.
  3. Darth Iclyn Wynters as Minister of Global Security.

The chair of the Sith Imperium Military Command holds the title of Supreme Commander of the Sith Imperium Military.


The SIM was a minor military force until reformed and deployed by Lord Emperor Willerick. Prior to the Sith Imperium's settlement on Voss, the military had suffered major defeats, including the loss of the Battle of Amgarrak, albeit the fall of the planet was eventually allowed by the Lord Emperor. The primary role at that time was the mobility of the Imperium which did not have a homeworld.

Upon the settlement of Voss, the Sith Imperium Military became a predominately defensive force, establishing it's competence in defense during the Battle over Voss, where the Imperial Regent Vindictiva led the Imperial Navy against a Republic joint strike-force and defeated them in a decisive victory. The SIM went on to demonstrate it's prowess and offensive capability under the command of Darth Lykaas in the Quesh Campaign, culminating in a stunning military victory that lead the Sith Imperium to becoming a galactic power.
Imperial Navy

The (Former) Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, led by Grand Adrmial Jubei'yagyu'Kryze. Met destruction during the Battle over Solaria. The Grand Admiral Perished.

Following the events of the Great Transference and the noble sacrifice of Lord Emperor Arestenax, the Sith Imperium Military was a shadow of it's former glory. It boasted the smallest number of warships in it's history, and operated with a small amount of manpower. Under Minister Veldarius, the Sith Imperium began to rebuild its strength, focusing on squad-based land combat and the use of specialized groups to harness the full potential of the military. Under his jurisdiction, the SIM saw victories in the campaigns for Asmodeus and Ikon, as well as Solaria and Ry'llara. Under Minister Tyrol, the SIM continued to face further victories. Unfortunately, the SIM and, in fact, the Sith Imperium people, faced crushing defeat during the Battle over Solaria (3629 BBY / 24 ATC) when 80-90% of naval forces were decimated by an onslaught from the Sith Empire led by Darth Valorrak.

Retreating with only 27 vessels remaining and a fraction of its personnel, the SIM was forced to build from the ground up. This was a net-positive experience, as changes in command ultimately benefited the Sith Imperium. Following the Sith Imperium's rediscovery of Amgarrak, Minister Tyrol Marec resigned from office.

The Imperium Navy


The Imperium Navy ensures that Sith Imperium space remains secure at all times, as well as operates to further the agenda of the SIMCOM through space combat and strikes. The Sith Imperium Navy is tasked with ensuring naval superiority, patrolling occupied space, reconnaissance missions, supporting ground assets, and ensuring the safety of the capital world of Amgarrak from orbit.

Regulation Navy Armor Set:Hooligan's Headgear Hooligan's Jacket TD-21A Dread Scout Gloves Hooligan's Belt Hooligan's Leggins Hooligan's Boots (Weapon of Choice)

The Navy, like all parts of the military and indeed the Imperium, took heavy losses when the Eternal Empire attacked - former fleet strength was, at its peak, 78 Harrower Class Dreadnoughts, 157 Terminus Class Destroyers, and an unspecified number of support ships and transports.

The Imperium Navy uses strategic doctrine straight from the old Imperial Military. The utilization of dreadnoughts in a multi-use capacity way is key to Imperium strategy. They are supported by the Terminus-class Destroyers as strike cruisers and escorts maneuvering among enemy formations striking weakened targets.  

The current strength of the Imperium Navy stands at 3 fleet divisions, or 27 ships-of-the-line. This number includes fourteen Harrower-Class dreadnoughts, thirteen Terminus-Class destroyers, 33 Gage-Class transports, and an unspecified amount of support craft.    

Naval Hierarchy

The Navy is commanded by the Grand Admiral, who is part of the SIMCOM. The Grand Admiral provides aid to the Lord General, while ensuring that his or her navy of ships is maintained in top condition.

The Fleet

The Sith Imperium Navy is made up of several fleets which consist of multiple Harrower-Class and Terminus-Class cruisers. Each ship is commanded by either a ranking officer within the Military (i.e. Admiral, Vice Adm., or Capt.).

  • Naval roll system can be found here.

The Imperium Army

The Imperium Army is the backbone of the military, standing their ground and defending Imperium soil from would-be attackers. Standard Ground forces operate in a way similar to the Republic Military, depending on small, organized strikes teams supplemented by larger forces. Regulation Squadrons consist of one commanding officer who is in most cases a force-user, and five non-force sensitive operatives. This was extremely effective in the conquest of Quesh, though it tends to backfire if the battle falls into a stalemate.

Armor is overly-valued in these armies, although it is readily available. Instead, the Army relies upon close air support from fighter bombers and re-purposed Harrower-Class invasion carriers like the HMS Thunder of Korriban. Furthermore, the Sith Imperium army supplements the Navy by providing aid to naval operations and supplying manpower.
Imperial Army 1

A legion of the Sith Imperium Military

The current strength of the Imperium Army stands at four divisions, or 100,000 soldiers.

Army Hierarchy

The Army is commanded by the Lord General, who is part of the SIMCOM. The Lord General is often the second-in-command of the Ministry of War and Expansion, though this is not always the case.

SIM Army Special Units

Special Units within the Sith Imperium Military consist of six members. Each squad contains one squad-leader who may or may not be force-sensitive, and five non-force sensitive squad members. Name and color code for each squadron is determined by the current squad-leader.

Proper Military Member Progression and Member Note Syntax

Every character must have either a '(S),' or '(C),' at the beginning of their member note. '(S),' indicates Force-sensitivity, whilst '(C),' is indicative of a non-Force sensitive character. In special cases, '(M),' can be used to indicate Mandalorian heritage.

Upon joining the Ministry of War and Expansion, the Discord rank 'Ministry of War and Expansion' shall be added to the individual, as well as either 'Army' or 'Navy' depending on which of the two branches the individual wishes to join.

Member notes shall be formatted as follows:

  • (S),/(C),/(M), Military Rank, Special Rank, Sith Order Rank

Military rank progression in the Army shall be as follows:

  • Army personnel who graduate the Military Academy shall be assigned the rank of Sergeant (Abbreviated in Member Note as 'SGT,'). Additionally, they shall be assigned the 'Military Enlisted' rank both in-game and in Discord.
    • Example: "(S), CAPT, Minister Aide, Sith Lord". In this example, 'CAPT,' refers to captain, which is the Military Rank. This individual is the leader of a Army Squad. 'Minister Aide' is a special rank. Special ranks are uncommon. Finally, if Sith, 'Lord' refers to this individual's standing within the Order.
  • Standard, six-person army squads consist of one captain ('CAPT,') as Squad Leader, a lieutenant ('LT,'), and four sergeants ('SGT,')

Military rank progression in the Navy shall be as follows:

  • Naval personnel who graduate the Military Academy shall be assigned the rank of Fighter Pilot. Their member notes shall be adjusted to '(C), / (S), Fighter Pilot'. Additionally, they shall be assigned the 'Military Enlisted' rank both in-game and in Discord.

Becoming a Naval Officer

During an individual's stint at the Military Academy, if observed to show proper leadership, communication, and organizational skills, they may be selected to become part of the Officer Corps. From there, they may become either Ship Captains or Squad Leaders, and may progress from there.

Rank and Insignia of the Sith Imperium Military

SIM Ranks and Insignia

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