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The Ministry of War is the government branch which administers the Sith Imperium Military (SIM). The SIM comprises three branches: The Imperial Army, the Imperial Navy and the Imperial Marine Corps being a department of the Imperial Navy.

While independent from SIM, the Ministry of Intelligence and Ministry of State are often involved in military matters.

Sith Imperium Military Command Committee (SIMCOM) (WIP)Edit

Lord Emperor Arestenax's reform established the formal command structure of the SIM. As sovereign and as Protector of the Realm, the sovereign is supreme commander-in-chief of the SIM, below him/her is the Sith Imperium Military Command (SIMCOM) which shares joint command of the SIM.

The Members of Sith Imperium Military Command include:

  1. Darth Veldarius Imperior, as Minister of War, Grand Admiral and Supreme Commander
  2. Darth Arestenax Roderick, as Lord Emperor and Protector of the Realm
  3. Darth Andrekios Shay Roderick as Lord General of the Army
  4. Moff Idrin Baliss as Lord Commandant of the Marine Corps
  5. Rear Admiral Myara Noveski as Minister of Intelligence
  6. Darth Vaguest Orion and Darth Krawsir as Military Advisers

The chair of the Sith Imperium Military Command holds the title of Supreme Commander of the SIM.


The SIM was a minor military force until reformed and deployed by Lord Emperor Willerick. Until settling on Voss, the SIM had suffered major defeats, including the loss of the Battle of Amgarrak, albeit the fall of the planet was eventually allowed by the Lord Emperor. The primary role at that time was the mobility of the Imperium which did not have a homeworld.

Upon the settlement of Voss, the SIM became a prominent defensive force, establishing it's competence in defense at the Battle over Voss, where the Imperial Regent Vindictiva led the Imperial Navy against a Republic Joint Strike Force and defeated them handily with the help of battle meditation from the returned Lord Emperor Willerick. The SIM went on to demonstrate it's prowess and offensive capability under the command of Darth Lykaas in the Quesh Campaign, culminating in a stunning military victory that lead the Sith Imperium to becoming a galactic power.
Imperial Navy

The Fifth Expeditionary Fleet

As of the recent arrival in the new Universe the Sith Imperium Military is a shadow of it's former glory boasting the smallest number in it's history.

Composition: The Imperium Navy Edit

Imperial Navy 1
The current of the size of the Imperium Navy is 7 Harrower-class dreadnaughts, 16 Terminus-class destroyers and 22 Gage-class Transports. The Navy, like all parts of the military and indeed the Imperium, took heavy losses when the Eternal Empire attacked - former fleet strength was, at its peak, 78 Harrower Class Dreadnoughts, 157 Terminus Class Destroyers, and an unspecified number of support ships and transports.

The Imperium Marine Corps is responsible for defense of the fleet and quick ground force deployment in service of naval operations. The current strength of the Imperium Marine Corps stands at one division or 12,000 Marines.

The Imperium Navy uses strategic doctrine straight from the old Imperial Military. The utilization of dreadnoughts in a multi-use capacity way is key to Imperium strategy. They are supported by the Terminus-class Destroyers as strike cruisers and escorts maneuvering among enemy formations striking weakened targets.  

While not part if the Imperium Navy a cadre of warships from foreign powers including Zelosians and Mandalorians also complement the Imperium Naval Forces. Among these forces are: 1 Zelos II-Class Cruiser, 1 Mandalorian repurposed Kiltirin Prison Ship and three Theotika-Class corvettes.    

Fleet of the Sith Imperium
Fleet Designation Ship Name Commanding Officer Class
First Fleet Sovereign Moff Idrin Baliss Harrower-Class
Vindicator VAdm. Jasen Idohan Harrower-Class
Defiant RAdm. Myara Noveski Terminus-Class
Abyss Darth Vaguest Orion Terminus-Class
Star Gazer Darth Mavrak Terminus-Class
Hope Lord Jerrog Greaspu Terminus-Class
5 Gage-Class Transports
Second Fleet Vengeance Darth Veldarius Imperior Harrower-Class
Stalwart Adm. Tarzus Imperior Harrower-Class
Fidelis Colonel Irania Baliss Terminus-Class
Solaria Lord Claudia Octavia Terminus-Class
Retribution Lord Vacrun Imperior Terminus-Class
6 Gage-Class Transports
The Third Fleet Verbana Prince Andrekios Shay Zelos II-Class Battle Cruiser
Atlas Captain Luelle Dryden Ajuur-Class Heavy Cruiser
Phalanx Captain Jadon Morvyn Ajuur-Class Heavy Cruiser
Invictus VAdm. Salkoro Thul Terminus-Class
Premia Cmdr. Reade Adlam Thranta-Class
Zenith Cmdr. Zavier Thurmon Thranta-Class
Wyvern Cmdr. Kyla Zarise Thranta-Class
Ga'yusr Alor'aan Filan Kelborn Repurposed Kiltirin-Class Prison Ship
Gra'tua Al'verde Braedon Kelborn Theoretika-Class Corvette
Cabur Al'verde Emyrson Kelborn Theoretika-Class Corvette
Cejanr Al'verde Aria Kelborn

Theoretika-Class Corvette

7 Gage-Class Transports
Fifth Expeditionary



Bane III

GAdm. Yagyu'jubei'Nuruodo Harrower-Class
Decimator Adm. Mardeni Halleck Harrower-Class
Praetor Adm. Allen Jol'lain Harrower-Class
Iraidu Spire Capt. Darjosu Balshe Terminus-Class
Nostradamus Cmdr. Elie Willave Terminus-Class
Corvus Lord Breale Attechoi Terminus-Class
Ark Royal Capt. Nem'esuw'nuno Terminus-Class
Battlestar Capt. Tamjot Beldan Terminus-Class
Arcadia Lord Dantatu Varrus Terminus-Class
Nihilus Cmdr. Rihaty Telvan Terminus-Class
Proximo Lord Dorian Tradeau Terminus-Class
9 Gage-Class Transports

Composition: The Imperium ArmyEdit

Imperial Army 1
The Imperial Army's current manpower is five divisions or 100,000 troops.

Standard Ground forces operate in a way similar to the Republic Military, depending on small organized strikes teams supplemented by their larger forces. Regulation Squadrons consist of one commanding officer who is in most cases a force-user, and five non-force sensitive operatives. This was extremely effective in the conquest of Quesh though it tends to backfire if the battle falls into a stalemate. Armor is not highly valued in these armies although it is readily available. Instead they rely on close air support from fighter bombers and re-purposed Harrower-Class invasion carriers like the Thunder of Korriban. Imperial Infantry is made up of every species within the Imperium's territory but is majority human with large numbers of aliens. The largest concentration of which are Gormak pressed into service from Voss. though non-humanoids are rare. They are better trained and better equipped than Old Imperial regulars though their numbers are a small fraction of those available to the Empire or the Republic. They make up for this with the best training available and the best equipment the Imperial Military can afford.

The Unit List for the Sith Imperium Army can be viewed below:

SIM Special Units Edit

Special Units within the Sith Imperium Military consist of six members. Each squad contains one squad-leader who may or may not be force-sensitive, and five non-force sensitive squad members. Name and color code for each squadron is determined by the current squad-leader.

G'ecnsi Squadron Edit

G'ecnsi Squadron, led by Captain Olthiare, is a specialized group of infantry soldiers focusing on reconnaissance and stealth, Information gathering, and surgical strikes.

Squad-leader: Capt. Olthiare

Members/Operatives: Olthiare, Evra Floare, Kelesea Jetta, Kiri Ravenshead, <empty>, <empty>.

Titan Squadron Edit

Titan Squadron, led by Lord Tyrol Marec, is a group of Heavy Assault troops. Experts is front-line duty, these individuals can punch a hole through any defensive line.

Squad-leader: Lord Tyrol Marec

Members/Operatives: Tyrol, Kre'osse, <empty>, <empty>, <empty>, <empty>.

GHOST Squadron Edit

GHOST Squadron, led by Commander Kerith'aren, is a specialized group of bodyguards and assassins that report directly to the Minister of War. They commit themselves to the most elite of missions that are deemed to dangerous for anyone else to accomplish. Anything more about them is shrouded in mystery.

Squad-leader: Cmdr. Kerith'aren


Enlisted and Commissioned Rank and Insignia of the Sith Imperium Military Edit

SIM Ranks and Insignia