Ministry of Underworld Operations

"Making credits and setting a name for the Imperium in the underworld...the cornerstone of my Ministry." ---Prince Andrekios Shay

The Ministry of Underworld Operations is a sphere of influence within the Sith Imperium that handles everything relating to the Underworld. Assassinations, heists, protection rackets, and general illegal dealings are common tasks within the Ministry. This Ministry currently operates out of the Imperium's homeworld of Solaria, but has footholds on Alderaan and Dromund Kaas.



The Ministry of Underworld Operations conducts business behind the veil of front business and covers. The most widely used cover for laundering credits, fencing materials, and other illegal doings is Shay Shipping Services, a transportation corporation that promises safe and well guarded passage through various dangerous shipping lanes. An additional cover is Clan Kelborn, led by the son of Prince Andrekios Shay, Filan Kelborn. Using the bulk of the Third Fleet and Mandalorian vessels under his command, as well as the fortune he inherited as Count of House Shay, Prince Shay has built up a large corporation in a short time, the promise of protection through the pirate filled trade routes alluring large business owners and military entities.


The Ministry is led by Prince Andrekios Shay, who also acts as President and Founder of Shay Shipping Services. Filan Kelborn, as leader of Clan Kelborn, oversees the general usage of Mandalorian assets in the Ministry. Directly below Prince Shay is the Deputy Minister, who, in the absence of Prince Shay, oversees all operations of the Ministry and serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Shay Shipping Services. Below the Deputy Minister are the individuals known as Overseers who manage the footholds of the Ministry throughout the sectors of the Galaxy, as well as the safehouses on each planet. Below the Overseers are the field aides and agents that are deployed to covertly hand out and manage assignments to the various mercenaries and operatives within the Ministry.


The Ministry of Underworld Operations conducts many underworld tasks, most of which are illegal. The Ministry will commonly be tasked with:

  • Assassination of high profile targets and bounties
  • Conducting clandestine heists, targeting rival underworld entities or businesses
  • Racketeering of rival transport vessels
  • Forcing smaller businesses to pay protection money in locations close to it's footholds
  • Smuggling illegal materials such as spice
  • Information gathering
  • Influencing planetary government officials
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