The Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for scientific and technological furtherance in the Imperium, by methods ranging from physical enhancement to advanced weapons systems. Under its jurisdiction are all medical and research programs, as well as their affiliated facilities.    

It frequently works closely with the Ministry of War to expand the power of the Sith Imperium Military.    

Purpose of the Ministry

The Ministry operates to bolster the Sith Imperium and its forces through innovations in science and technology.

Duties Performed

The Ministry's duties include but are not limited to research and development in both medical and military fields, biological and cybernetic enhancement programs, and maintenance of the Imperium's various research and medical facilities.

Brief History of the Ministry

Formerly the Ministry of Science, Labor, and Technology, the Ministry was extensively reformed several years prior to the Great Transferrance. Its various research personnel, dependent on their specializations, were assigned to either the science or tech divisions, while senior members were elevated to administrative positions. Additionally, military research and biological weaponry programs were initiated following the restructuring.

The current Minister of Science and Technology is Director Yagyu'jubei'Nuruodo. A deputy minister has yet to be installed.

Prominent Positions Offered

Command Positions

  • The Minister of Science and Technology coordinates and directs all operations within the ministry.
  • The Deputy Minister acts as the Minister's first lieutenant, functioning as a proxy between them and all lower members of the ministry. The deputy is also authorized to represent the minister and lead with their authority in the event of their absence.
  • Data Specialists perform their administrative duties in laboratories, overseeing research testing, construction and editing of databases, and monitoring inventory.

Science Division

  • Biologists study living matter and their phenomena to develop forms of physical enhancement.

Tech Division

  • Engineers apply knowledge of science and mathematics in technological advances, such as weapons development.
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