The Mandalorian Enclave of the Imperium is a conglomeration of independent Mandalorian Clans with members therein who have allied themselves with the Imperium.

In that regard, it acts as both an embassy and a conclave within which Manda'ade and aspiring mercenaries can receive galaxy-wide issued contracts, educate themselves on the ways of the Mandalorians, gather and keep tabs on one another, and work towards common goals that further both the Mandalorian people and the Sith Imperium.

The Clans have united within this Enclave to continue the growth, education, and dissemination of Mandalorian culture within the Sith Imperium. Governed by the Council of Alor, and led by an elected Chief Representative, this coalition seeks to lend their skills and services to the Sith Imperium. For the right price, of course...

Governing Body

Governed by the Council of Alor, the Sith Imperium's Mandalorian Enclave is led by a council of Mandalorian leaders who have been recognized by the existing Mandalorian people.

The function of this governing council is to ensure the strict following of the Resol'nare and the training of all new Mando'ade within the Sith Imperium. Selected by the Council of Alor in a trial of strength and vigor, a Chief Representative leads the Sith Imperium's Mandalorian Enclave. Individuals who lead as Chief Representative must be trusted, able to ensure that the voices of the Mandalorian people are heard within the SIth Imperium.

Current Council

Clan Vizla

Clan Beroya

Clan (none)

Head of Council Drossix Vizla


"I adhere to the Resol'nare. The core of what it means to be Mandalorian. A sacred law giving us direction and purpose. Education and armor, self-defense, our tribe, our language, our leader—all help us survive. We must educate our children as Mandalorians, obey the commands of Mandalore, speak Mando'a and defend our clans." (Listen).

-Akaavi Spar

The Resol'nare, or the Six Actions. These are the central tenets of what it means to be a Mandalorian. These are the way of life of any who wish to be called Mandalorian. They are as follows.

  1. A Mandalorian must wear armor.
  2. A Mandalorian must speak Mando'a.
  3. A Mandalorian must defend themselves, and their family.
  4. A Mandalorian must contribute to the overall well-being of the clan.
  5. A Mandalorian must raise their children as Mandalorian's.
  6. A Mandalorian must heed Manda'lor's call, and rally to their cause.

These are of the utmost important to be allowed to be called Mandalorian. Failure to meet or uphold any of these results in the offender being labeled as Dar'manda—one ignorant of their heritage—and will not be welcome to Manda upon their death.

The Rhyme

Mando'ade (Mandalorian Children) and Mandalorian Converts are taught a simply rhyme to help them remember the Resol'nare:

"Education and armor,

Self-defense, our tribe,

Our language and our leader -

All help us survive."

Spoken in Mando'a:

"Ba'jur bal beskar'gam,

Ara'nov, aliit,

Mando'a bal Mand'alor -

An vencuyan mhi."

Duties within the Imperium

The duties of Mandalorians within the Imperium are not so much different than life outside of the order. They must still follow the Resol'nare, as well as support the Imperium in whatever way they are able. This includes Teaching new Mandalorians and convert's.

A new Mandalorian must prove themselves worthy of joining the Enclave, much as a Sith rises as a apprentice. So too must a Mandalorian rise to greatness through their action, and training. A new Mandalorian must not only provide a use to the enclave and its clan, but to the Imperium as well, under the watchful eye of their senior Mandalorian's as well as the Council. They will be given tasks and duties to carry out as well as be expected to find their own ways to help.

For a convert the road is much steeper. Aruetiise (Outsiders) are considered soulless until they become one of the people. They have no place or voice in the collective consciousness of the over-soul. As such any outsider seeking the honor of calling themselves Mandalorian must prove themselves through action and deed, as well as seek a clan to sponsor them, and allow them a place within their clan. If one manages to impress a clan and secure a sponsorship, the clan will bring the issues before the council where it will be debate. If the council agree's to allow the person into their family, they will be given a final task to perform. This task will usually result in death if the person fail's, however if they are successful they must swear upon the Resol'nare, and will be welcomed to the collective.

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