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Sith Imperium HQ on Ry'llara

The Sith Imperium is an RP-guild for Star Wars: The Old Republic. We're located on the Star Forge server. Our primary focus is character-driven RP with an over-arcing guild storyline. Although we have been known to get together for other activities (Flashpoints, Operations, PVP, etc), these are not the focus of our guild.

The Sith Imperium Wikia is our go-to location for all character and guild lore, RP logs, short stories, and logistical information.

Recently, our guild relocated from the Bergeren Colony server to Ebon Hawk. Following the server merge and the establishment of megaservers, we now function on the Star Forge server. We used this opportunity to create an event which would allow us to redefine our characters and our guild. We're calling this "The New Beginning."


These links will give information to all members (old and new) about our guild and set up the new status quo.


Information about the Imperium before the New Beginning can be found in the Historical Database.