Lynn'nodow, generally referred to as Laelynn, is the eldest of the triplets born from the union of Fo'nodow and Iclyn Wynters. Born prematurely, the young girl was born with pink hair which is a 'gene' from her mother's side. Force-sensitive, Laelynn cannot learn about the Chiss Ascendancy. The young girl is known to be quite inquisitive, blunt and hot-tempered. She is quite bright for her age (maybe a genius).

Due to her parent's training, notably her father's, the young girl is proficient in three languages Sith, Cheunh, and Basic. Her 'grandmother', Valezcia, is also very present when it comes to teaching her about history, ancient knowledge, and science. Her godmother, Rhalae, has been quite present in the young girl's age being their babysitter when her parents are tremendously busy with work. She wants to be a researcher and an inventor when she grows up, but she also wants to follow her mother's and Rhalae's footsteps. She also looks up to the women on her father's side especially Ka'nodow.

Her mother gave birth to her siblings and her soon after the Battle of Solaria on the Bledhaevn. They were 28 weeks old. Their grandmother made sure that her siblings and her would not be a citizen of space, which is why their homeworld is Solaria on their birth certificate. Since their father (the Minister of State) owns personally a planet, she has dual citizenship as a citizen of the Sith Imperium and one of Cantonica.

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