Kill'nodow, generally referred to as Killian, is the youngest of the triplets and the only boy born from the union of Fo'nodow and Iclyn Wynters. During the pregnancy, Killian nearly died after a fight between his mother and his aunt, Ell'valan, caused his mother to lose control and to use force drain. He gradually rebuilt his force power back up and, for some time, his parents thought that he was not force-sensitive. Like his sisters, he is unaware of the Chiss Ascendancy and, as a male force-sensitive Chiss, he will never be allowed to learn more about the Ascendancy.

Killian is notably short-tempered and takes on his father's personality quite a bit looking up to him and his 'uncle' Drossix. He wants to grow up to be the strongest although he does not quite understand that there various kinds of strength. He also has a dream to become a pilot when he is older. With his parents' training, he knows how to speak Cheunh, Sith and Basic. He is quite proficient in combat even at his young age.

His mother gave birth to his siblings and him soon after the Battle of Solaria on the Bledhaevn. They were 28 weeks old. Their grandmother made sure that his siblings and he would not be a citizen of space, which is why their homeworld is Solaria on their birth certificate. Since their father (the Minister of State) owns personally a planet, he has dual citizenship as a citizen of the Sith Imperium and one of Cantonica.

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