This is the Story, of Her Excellency Lady Kaieera Midicoil of Clan Midicoil, Voice of the Emperor, High Queen of Zelos II, Prelatess of the Dark Divines, Headmistress of the One Sith Academy, Minister of Religion and Education and Dark Lady of the Sith


Our lady Kaieera was not born by traditional means, Lord Qurrim created her. He used the Augmentation Plague that he perfected and his own DNA to create her, a lifeless Zabrak female floating in a tank, it took him years to perfect her.

Qurrim tried to use the ritual that he used to bring back our Emperor Arestenax to life, to give Kaieera to life. The only problem was, she had no force spirit because he was not a living being. So when the ritual was preformed Qurrim's spirit in the force was pulled from him consuming his entire being and into Kaieera giving her life. When she awoke, a programming Qurrim had installed into her started to slowly feed her basic information as to who she was and how she came to be.

 The New Beginning

Years later, after giving birth to her son, Qurrim II, the Emperor of the Imperium changed the past, transporting Kai into a future where she did not exist. She appeared in a flash of light where she was imprisoned with a girl named Jevicca, she was taken to see the King of the world, Qurrim, her father. After explaining the situation to her father she was given her rightful position as Princess of Zelos II, she then freed Jevicca and soon after began to see visions. As these visions got stronger she decided to act on them, taking Jevicca and a few ships to the planet Ry'alla where she met up with her former Imperium comrades and began her new journey in this universe.

After a few months Vindictiva Roderick of the Sith Imperium proposed a marriage proposal between Zendrasa Roderick and Kaieera. After informing her father, Qurrim accepted Vindictiva's proposal and so the two were engaged and Zelos II would become a vassel of the Sith Imperium, however Kaieera was quite unhappy with the arrangement. She began to become disobedient and defiant, going so far as to get into a fight with her fiance, and she was banished to Tatooine for a period of 5 years where she met the future Queen, Ra'maki.

After her return to the Imperium she fell in love with another woman, and future queen, Shoila Midicoil. She was then resolved to leave the Imperium. She split off her engagement to Zendrasa and married Ra'maki and left with her and Shoila to Zelos II where she convinced her father to give the throne to her rather than Telia, her half sister.

Rise and Fall

Qurrim abdicated to Kaieera and she was proclaimed High Queen of the Midicoil Kingdom and her wife Ra'maki was proclaimed Queen. Her rise to power was swift and popular. She quickly consolidated power and, with her experience in the Imperium, formed a new system of governance, The Midicoil Covenant. She quickly proclaimed Shoila as Queen of one of the planets, Nirn, in the Zelos system and married her. She then began a rapid expansion outside of the Zelos system which enriched and empowered the Imperium. She fought and defeated many enemies and embraced many friends. However this all came to a swift halt when Ra'maki, Queen of the Midicoil Kingdom, died.

Kaieera was severely depressed after her death and leaned quite heavily on Queen Shoila for support. She had many more children with Shoila and the Covenant stagnated for years. Unrest began forming and alot of the lower classes began to call for Telia's return, Kaieera began harsh responses and even began executions. Disaster didn't strike until two years later when both Qurrim and Shoila died within months of eachother, shattering Kaieera's mental and emotional stability, only able to control herself for short periods of time. Rebellions broke out across the covenant and her responses were iron fisted and genocidal, the Covenant was pushed back to the Zelos system where the people of Nirn and Zelos have been calling out for change.

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