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How to join?

In order for an individual to join the Sith Imperium RP Guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic, they must be either recruited in-game or through the internet. Luckily, you're in the right place.

To join the Sith Imperium through this platform, the first step is to join the Sith Imperium Discord Server! Discord is very important to the guild for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it serves as a location where we can publicize RP announcements and schedule further engagement between characters. In order to know what is happening, when, and where, players must be in the discord. On top of that, Discord is also host to numerous different channels through which we do "Discord RP". This medium of Roleplay does not require the individual to be online on SWTOR. This is great, because if the player is away, travelling, or busy they can pick up and RP as easily as opening the app on their phone! Finally, discord is the place where players generally just hang out and socialize in between RP events. Get to know people. Build relationships!

Please note: Joining the discord requires a verified email address attached to your discord account. Furthermore, once you have joined, gaining access to the chat channels requires you click the check-mark in #welcome-and-info to agree to the rules.

Step 1: Join the Discord by clicking <<HERE>>

The second step of the joining process is to get in-game and join the actual guild. Once you're in the discord, someone should help you out almost immediately. If not, we advise asking for an invite in-game using the #request-help discord channel.

Step 2: Join in-game!

Once a player has joined both the in-game guild and the discord, they should begin preparing for a Citizenship Ceremony. Citizenship Ceremonies, or CCs, are mandatory introductory RPs for your first character. In this small event, your character should have a backstory ready to go in the case that there are questions asked that pertain to that topic.

Step 3: Complete your Citizenship Ceremony!

Once you have completed your Citizenship Ceremony, you are free to delve into the world of the Sith Imperium. Immediately after your CC, you will be introduced to the One Sith Academy. Enter into this academy, and begin developing your character and reaching for the stars!

Step 4: Jump right in!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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