Jhaffon'el was born deep in a slave pit to a Hutt family who thought it would be entertaining to kidnap a pregnant Sith woman and keep her child. All through his life, Jhaffon'el only knew pain, be it at the torture masters hands, for his masters entertainment, or in the pit fighting for his life against beasts. It was into his teens that Jhaffon'el began to feel the call of power, as it almost seemed to resonate with his pain. His attitude changed towards his masters, becoming wild and combative receiving more and more punishment in turn. as the feel of the resonance became nearly addicting. Finally one day, to end their trouble making Sith they sent Jhaffon'el into the pit to fight his greatest challenge. A rancor nearly took his eye, but he took its life instead, channeling for the first time power that had been building up in the form of a lightning bolt that burned through the creatures face. That night, using his new found power Jhaffon'el led a revolt of his masters home and along with stealing a shuttle offworld, stole his masters prized antique lightsaber. The next few years were a blur as the slaves traveled trying to find a place where they could start new lives, and soon after Jhaffon'el left them to find his own way. Soon after he found his way into becoming a citizen of the Imperium Empire, where he is now.

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