"Those who betray are those most likely to be betrayed"

Early History

A young Mandalorian warrior born to house Vizsla she saw many different Mandalorian battles and wars.

First clan Wars

She participated in an early clan war between Clan Vizsla and Clan Ordo during this clan war she showed prowess on the battle field, and began to show force abilities and was asked to go to the academy.


She then wen to the Sith home world of Korban, and was a strong acolyte. She quickly went through the trials, and went on to be the apprentice of an unknown master.

Second Clan Wars

Soon after graduating she went off to help fight in a clan war, but soon got bored of the phony war that clans were fighting to calm their troops. She would eventfully give Clan Beyroa intel to help bring down Vizsla's dominance. This gambit failed as the people she gave the intel to were Vizsla spy's and became a Mandalorian fugitive.

After the Clan Wars

After she betrayed the clan she hopped from world to world and would mask her identity under the idea that she was bounty hunter she would gain infamy after capturing multiple high level Jedi that were on the Sith hit list. After she was found by Mandalorian death squad she would flee and eventually join the Sith Imperium to better train her weak force abilities. She also wanted to find a safe place to lie low of a while then leak the bases cords to a Jedi operation to take the Imperium down.

Time in imperium

After joining the imperium she served under Darth Veldarius and work hard to improve her skills. She investigated a traitor on Korban. She also worked to bring down Clan Organa in a few covert missions. She would quickly become a Lord and take on Ra’viin as an apprentice

Power and Force Abilities

Force Abilites

Force cloak

Mind Trick

Force Corrupt

Mind Twist

Light saber Skills

She use a mix of form I and form VII as she has not as much experience at using lightsaber combat

Bounty Hunter Skills

After years of experience she has the ability to accurately disarm and wield and explosive devises. She is not a powerful sharp shooter, but instead is skilled at laying traps to slay her enemies long before they know their being hunted.

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