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Growing up on Rattatak was not easy. But such is the way of life for gladiator-type clans such as the Rattataki. Life was no different for Hyrarr. Initially, he lived with his family in the Rattataki Village. At a young age, Hyrarr was recruited to join the forces of Sith Lord Darth Vich, during which Vich would attempt to craft a powerful army to gain considerable strength against the Dark Council. Constantly training for combat and gaining more power every day, Darth Vich took notice of Hyrarr, sensing some powerful force affinity. Hyrarr would come to be one of Vich's many acolytes. Soon after this, Hyrarr would train even more, extinguishing many of the vicious beasts on Rattatak.

Growing knowledge of Darth Vich's heresy toward the Anti-Alien traditions surfaced within the Dark Council, and they would put a stop to this. As an Acolyte to Darth Vich, Hyrarr had sworn himself to his new master, attempting to defend and ultimately being defeated and captured by the Dark Council which resulted in him being subject to YEARS of slavery.

In the more recent events of the Zakuulan Empire making huge moves on the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, the Sith knew if they were to regain control of the new found horror that was the Zakuulan Empire, they needed everyone they could get. With the Dark Council being destroyed, the remaining Sith decided to approach the slaves, offering them training and power along with their freedom, in exchange for their loyalty to the Empire's cause. Hyrarr, along with many other enslaved Rattatakians, was eager to join the cause and reprise his freedom. Further training and harnessing of the force would ensue.

The aftermath of the Eternal Empire resulted in slight chaos and power vacuums in the Sith Empire, and Hyrarr fled, fearing his own freedom being jeopardized once again by corrupt Dark Council members.

Hyrarr would continue to train and harness his Force abilities, slaying anyone who would question his motives. Alas, a mere Acolyte could not further train himself without knowing what to learn, so he set out to seek a proper master.

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