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House Vel'naz is a new House within the many ancient Houses of the galaxy and within the Imperium. Formed by S'renx Vel'naz after he was placed into power within the Imperium as Minister of Intelligence and as the Eyes of the Emperor.

For some time, he was the only one within the House before he recruited other members to aide him in his research and work to assist the Imperium further in it's glory. During such time of recruitment, he had hired a band of mercenaries to assist him in protecting the House from others, as well as deterring any nearby threats. Once the mercenaries contracts had ended, he had taken a liking to the mercenary leader, Cordaxia, his not-so-soon to be wife.

S'renx, being framed for poisoning the Emperor, had gone to jail for five years and had left the House Vel'naz to his lover, Cordaxia. Under her command, the House had recruited many new members and thrived more than it had under the control of S'renx.

Upon his release, he regained control of House Vel'naz and continued to improve upon it, becoming married to Cordaxia, making her nobility alongside him of the Vel'naz legacy. They held their position of power within the Imperium as Marquis and Marchioness of House Vel'naz as well as the members of House Vel'naz operating under them, ensuring the upmost efficiency of their operations.



  • Darth S'renx - High Councillor of the Sith Imperium, Eyes of the Emperor, Marquis of House Vel'naz
  • His wife, Cordaxia - Marchioness of House Vel'naz

Non-blood or Non-Sith members: Household and Retainers

  • Corrvinus - Ambassador of House Vel'naz
  • Tal'sun - Advisor of House Vel'naz
  • Ishtar'rie - Overseer of House Vel'naz
  • Zartan - Chief of Security of House Vel'naz
  • Emiko - Cipher agent (codename: unknown) of House Vel'naz
  • Mehsero - Cipher agent (codename: unknown) of House Vel'naz

Vassal Houses sworn to House Vel'naz

  • House Kressh (Biotic Science)
    • House Leader Baron Arctis

Additional information

House seat - Desevro

Leader - Darth S'renx

Heir - Cordaxia

Symbolic animal - Blenjeel sand worm

Words - Ever Vigilant, Never Forgetting

Allegiance - Sith Imperium, House Roderick

Age - 8 years

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