Role playing consists of an intermingling of stories between player characters. But what happens when the continuity of the PC stories don't match up? Roleplayers frequently try to figure out how much time must pass before various projects come to completion. This could involve periods of hospitalization, construction projects, pregnancies, marking anniversaries or even maintaining a personal journal. This is where the house rule of of Game Time comes in. By agreeing to a standard unit of Game Time, players can coordinate the stories of their characters in a simple yet effective manner. So how does it work?


In simplest terms, Game Time passes 12 times faster than Real Time. By taking the number of minutes, days, weeks, months or years and multiplying by 12, you get the amount of Game Time that has passed.

If you wish to convert Game Time into Real Time, simply reverse the process by dividing by 12.


1 Game Year = 1 Real Month

1 Game Month = 2.5 Real Days or 60 Real Hours

1 Game Week = 14 Real Hours.

1 Game Day = 2 Real Hours

1 Game Hour = 5 Real Minutes

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