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A house founded by Darth Vaguest Orion. Originally an Echani orphan on the streets of Coruscant, he was taken in by Darth Gritis after the sacking. Long did he serve in the Empire as Gritis' apprentice before killing him in a rage next to his dead wife. After such events, Darth Vaguest met Darth Vi'kirr'naam on Korriban and joined the Imperium, forming a house a few years later. Many events have occurred since the House's founding, including Darth Vaguest's ascension to Executor and Grand Admiral, his possession by Tulak Hord and ultimately, his death, at the hands of Andrekios Shay, at the time Andrekios Roderick.

Orion fell into a state of decay after Vaguest's death, staying out of the Civil war between S'rahnia and Vindictiva, the rise and fall of the Xenocide and the Asavianic war. However, in the five years following the Asavianic war, the Orion House grew stronger as Zaffand, Vaguest's son and only child to stay in the Imperium after his death, grew past his grief, hiring back mercenary groups once imployed by his father and ultimately restoring his house little by little. Recently, the Orion house has absorbed House Kora, a prestigious house deemed no longer noble and house Olesya, as Zaffand had a daughter with and plans to marry their leader, A'nna Olesya, soon to be A'nna Orion. Their daughter, Khordelia Orion, upon discovery of her from her father, has officially been named Heir to House Orion and due to her sensitivity in the force, has taken up Tulak Hord's armor. House Orion now stands as a large Militery House, loyal to House Roderick and the Imperium and Ready to take up arms at a moment's notice.



Zaffand Orion- Former Lieutenant of the 109th, Son of Grand Admiral Vaguest Orion and Lord of House Orion

A'nna Orion- Fiancee of Zaffand and Lady of House Orion

Khordelia Orion- Daughter of Zaffand and A'nna Orion, Heir to House Orion and Wearer of the Armor of Tulak Hord

Misa'soma Orion- Ambassador of HOuse Orion, adopted sister to Zaffand

Lannalia Orion- Daughter of Misa'soma, adopted Niece of Zaffand

Kaz'bolja Orion- Son of Misa'soma, adopted Nephew of Zaffand, Head of Orion Honor guard

Salkoro Thul Orion- Husband of Misa'soma' adopted brother of Zaffand, leader of Orion armed forces

Non blood Members

Lucindia- Spy of House Orion

Tae'lo'ren- Enforcer of House Orion

Jubei-yagyu Kryze- Foremost Commander of House Orion's naval forces.

Firaxan- Headhunter of House Orion

Additional Information

House seat- TBD

Leader- Lord Zaffand Orion

Heir- Khordelia Orion

Symbolic Animal- Zakkeg

Words- An Orion always pays his Debts

Allegiance- Sith Imperium, House Roderick

Age- 30 years