House Kressh is a prominent noble house of the Sith Imperium. Specializing in biotic science, it seeks to further empower the Imperium through alchemy, cybernetic augmentation, and various other forms of physical enhancement.

The original Kressh bloodline was a decorated family of Pureblood Sith who served the Old Sith Empire over a millennium ago. However, the Sith Emperor eventually came to brand the Kressh name as an affront to the Sith and commanded that any remnants of the bloodline be exterminated.

Despite the decree, a handful of Kressh descendants survived. In recent years, the Kressh family was revived and reformed to serve the Sith Imperium by the mysterious Darth Cynerus.



Members of the Original Kressh Bloodline

Members of House Kressh

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