House Kaldar was a prominent noble House among the Noble Houses of the Sith Imperium. Serving as a Vassal House to House Roderick, House Kaldar was a former noble house of Dromund Kaas during their allegiance to the Sith Empire. Founded but a short 1400 years ago, the family was one of the first to settle after the rediscovery of Dromund Kaas. Later, it is known for it's medical insurance, KALDARCARE.

Kaldar Crest





  • Lady Ruu'san Kaldar - Countess of House Kaldar.
  • Her husband, Darth Ryshias Valeus(deceased) - Count of House Kaldar, Hand of the Emperor.
    • Her son, Lord Aden Kaldar, Heir to House Kaldar.
    • Her son, Lord Orren Kaldar.
  • Her brother, Agent Teldann Kaldar, Ministry of Intelligence(former).
  • Her feudal cousin, Adr'iah Kaldar, Rising Sun Trade Syndicate.
  • Her feudal cousin, Vel'arra Kaldar, Ministry of War(former).

Deceased Blood Members

  • Admiral Aarrik Kaldar, Late Baron of House Kaldar, Commander of the 91st Fleet, Father of Ruu'san Kaldar.
  • Lady Thalia Kaldar, Late Baroness of House Kaldar, Darmanda of Clan Skirata, Mother of Ruu'san Kaldar
  • Dame Ny'reen Kaldar, Member of the Imperial Knights, Heretic, Sister of Ruu'san Kaldar.
  • Darth Jaesari Kaldar, Shadow Hand of Empress Candicia, Dark Lord of the Sith, Daughter of Ruu'san Kaldar.

Additional Information

House Seat - Lianna (Capital), Kaldar Estate on Dromund Kaas (Former)

Leader - Lady Ruu'san Kaldar

Heir - Lord Aden Kaldar

Symbolic Animal - A Blue and Brown Acklay

Words - Honour, Duty, Salvation

Allegiance - Sith Imperium, House Roderick

Age - 1457 years (30 in the service of the Sith Imperium)

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