House Imperior was the ruling house of the Sith Imperium from 20 ATC to 26 ATC, and has long been one of the many great houses of Alderaan. Founded circa 4000 BTC by Valdarion the Great, House Imperior has served as a influential figure in Alderaanian politics since it's inception. Recently becoming affiliated with the Sith Imperium, it's place among the great houses has only been strengthened. House Imperior is currently led by Grand Duke Veldarius I, and was founded by Grand Duke Valdarion I.


House Imperior's city of Valendras, the capital and source of their influence.


House Imperior is an ancient house hailing from the planet of Alderaan resurrected from ashes in 7654 BBY by the house's founder Grand Duke Valdarion Imperior. Being a Sith within the Sith Empire, he decided to align his house with the order he served. House Imperior continues to be officially aligned with the Empire to this day.

Many decades later, House Imperior came into contact with the Sith Imperium, after Veldarius was introduced to Willerick of House Roderick. Willerick, by name of Arestenax within the Sith Imperium, extended an invitation to Darth Veldarius and his father, Darth Arkam. Arkam joined, followed by Veldarius several years later.



House Imperior owns a large expanse of unaligned land on the planet of Alderaan, including the city and central spire of Valendras which serves as the seat of House Imperior's power. Valendras is the ancestral home of the Imperior family, built by Valdarion many centuries ago. It is a architectural marvel, host to art and sculpture in equal measure. Standing on equal footing to that of the Thul Palace, it is an envy of much of the planet.


ImperoCorp was established by Grand Duke Arkam in an attempt to revitalize the economic and political standings of the house. Initially Arkam invested into the weapons business, predicting that the war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire would result in a boom. The investment was well-placed, as the prices of weapons and ammunition went soaring almost immediately. As a result, ImperoCorp became House Imperior's greatest asset and moneymaker.

Currently ImperoCorp has offices on many of the major trade-worlds, as well as warehouses scattered throughout the galaxy. The company services those who are willing to pay the price for top-of-the-line weaponry, armor, and war machinery. Additionally, ImperoCorp works in the precious metals and gems industry, procuring and providing kyber-crystals to the Sith Empire and smaller partners in exchange for heavy profit.

ImperoCorp is headquartered in Valendras, the seat of House Imperior. The company also has corporate holdings on the planets of Dromund Kaas, Amgarrak, Coruscant, and Korriban.

Leadership of ImperoCorp

The ImperoCorp organization is currently under the jurisdiction of a board of directors led by Kieross Xal, Chief Executive Officer of the company. While he does oversee the function and day to day activities of the organization, it ultimately belongs to the Grand Duke of House Imperior, Darth Veldarius I. Due to his service in the Sith Imperium, Veldarius delegated the task of running the business to his closest advisor and friend.


ImperoPMC is a subsidiary of ImperoCorp. It works as a mercenary platform from which clients may rent private military forces. Currently standing at just under 20,000 active soldiers, it is a force which can turn the tide of a battle that sways in and out of balance... for the right price, of course.

Military Services:

  • Infantry (Heavy/Light)
  • Armor (Tanks, Armored Vehicles)
  • Artillery (Plasmacannons, AV-7 Antivehicle Cannon, Anti-Air)
  • Medical Servicemen and Support Troops

Relationships & Members

The Royal Family

Ruling over House Imperior is it's Duke and Duchess. The current ducal monarch is Darth Veldarius I of House Imperior.

Other members of the Ducal Family include the following individuals:

  • Count Aritarus I, firstborn child and son of Veldarius and Azu'lae, Lord of Valendras.
  • Prince Willerick, second child and son of Veldarius and Azu'lae.

Other Members

  • Baron Kieross Xal, cousin to Veldarius, Chief Executive Officer of ImperoCorp Holdings.
  • Vacrun, cousin to Veldarius

Known Deceased Members

  • Vindictivus, brother to Veldarius

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