Formerly known as The House of Shadows, House Celestus has rose to some level of importance after the Asavanic War using it's connections to fund and support a variety of programs. Founded by a unknown Sith Lord, the House specializes in assassination and intelligence, one of the few houses that do.


House Celestus was founded under the name House of Shadows, the exact time of founding is unknown but information on the house suggests it has existed for a significant amount of time. Originally, the House specialized in solely intelligence gathering, which they would then sell on the Black Market, before the Asavanic War, staying out of public light, used a variety of Companies, mainly construction and military development, to act publicly when necessary. But after the Asavianic War, the House under went a leadership change, with the new leader, code-named Echelon, believing that the House could greatly benefit by allying with the fractured Imperium. Through it's Construction Corporation, Echelon secured major contracts to help rebuild shattered Imperium in rebuilding cities and military installations that were destroyed during the War. As with their construction company, House Celestus also began to synthase new military adrenals to supply the Imperium after the taking of Quesh by the Hutts took away the Imperium chemical refineries. Using these corporations to fund it's underground operations, the House moved into assassination, eliminating competitors and resistance fighters who threatened their companies and the Imperium reconstruction in an attempt to gain more favor. House Celestus will accept any contract against anyone, as long as the person pays.

House Celestus is unlike many other Houses as in not many of the House is actually blood-related, although the leadership is, as the House welcomes all who display enough skill to be useful in the House's operations.

House Information:

House Seat: Nar Shaddaa

Leader: Echelon

Heir: Trixis

Symbolic Animal: Ysalamir

Words: "Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception"

Alliance: Itself, Imperium

Age: Unknown

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