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Gethzerion Profile

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Gethzerion was born from Augwynne Djo of the Singing Mountain Clan of Dathomir.  Having shown force sensitivity, she was taught the ritualistic ways of the Witches of Dathomir.  Her power was great as she had sought to learn as much of this power as she could, she had soon stumbled upon the forbidden darker magics. 

After some years of preparation, she had sought some members of the Singing Mountain Clan to overthrow their Queen in an Assasination attempt after an encounter with Mandalorians on Dathomir, however it failed. 

  • The Assasination*

Gethzerion and some followers had plotted the death of their Queen. The Singing Mountain Clan Queen had allowed some Mandalorians who had crashed on Dathomir go as they had proved their warrior skills when the Queen initially thought it was an invasion.  The council members had all agreed but a few including Gethzerion who thought they would return in greater numbers to enslave them. Gethzerion then summoned her closest allies to Assasinate the Queen.

As the assasination attempt had started, only Gethzerion and her mate would be the final ones to face the Queen.  As the fight insued, Gethzerions mate was about to perish, in a last desperate attempt to save himself, he poisoned Gethzerion and begged for his life from the Queen who spared him.  Gethzerion now posioned, was taken to the wilderness by her only warrior who survived, Selena, where upon she found an Ancient temple with the ritual to summon an ancient demon. Selena bound Takhisis to her own body and saveing her Queen from death by the poison, Gethzerion then returned to her Clan where upon every male was Slain.

Gethzerion had found others who were banished across Dathomir and had a small following who had claimed her Queen of the Nightsisters.  Over the years, her clan continued to grow, now knowing of the Mandalorians, she realized there might be greater power beyond Dathomir, power that was ment to be hers.

Now bound to Gethzerion, she had sent Takhisis off to find new and greater power so she may exact her revenge for her banishment on the Queen of the Singing Mountain Clan and to her former mate for his betrayal.

Takhisis has since discovered the Sith Imperium, sending for Gethzerion, they now study the Dark side of the Force under Emperor Willerick and Empress Dhanilich.