Darth Galic

Galic was born to Sixael, his mother, and Sunâz, his father. His parents were slaughtered when he and his brother, Khroend were 6. Galic had a harder time controlling his rage than Khroend and snuck onto a cargo ship to Korriban. The overseers knew that he came willingly and sensed great power in him. He trained on Korriban until he was 17 and became apprenticed to Lord Austluc. He served under his master for 5 years, carrying out tasks such as tomb looting, target killing, Acolyte training, search and destroy, squad leading and much more. His master would abuse his powerful apprentice, though. Use him as a slave. Galic knew he would get in serious trouble if he killed Austluc, and he couldn't go complain to the Dark Council. So he left. Without a trace, he left. Galic wondered aimlessly around the galaxy for months until it was time to take his revenge. He flew to Korriban and sprinted to the Sith Acadamy filled with rage. Shoving the Dark Honor guards out of the way, eyes filled with tears. Galic sensed Austluc had killed his parents, he just didn't have the guts to do confront him during his apprenticeship. He burst in the doors of Austluc's chambers and stared him down as his eyes turned a deep yellow. "You killed my parents and treated me like a slave! My life has been pure hell because of you!", screamed Galic. "Welcome back, Galic. Congratulations on finding out the truth, by the way. Now, are you ready to die?". "The only one who's going to be dying is you. I will avenge my family and make your head roll." Galic had a short lightsaber duel with Austluc, defeating him easily. As Galic was exiting the Sith Acadamy, he saw a man dressed in all white advertising a group of powerful Sith, Bounty Hunters and Imperials. Galic walked over to the man and introduced himself. "My name is Galic. What is it that you're advertising?". "My name is Darth Veldarius Imperior, and I am recruiting members to join our ranks in the Sith Imperium, a guild of warriors". Galic thought of the possibilities of being in the guild. "I could regain my honor and become more powerful than ever.". Galic accepted the invitation and was now a member of the Sith Imperium. Galic is now a Darth of the guild, and leader of Titan Squadron. He has come far on his journey and hopes to continue it for the rest of his days.

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