This is the format for all interrogation reports. It is imperative that this document is as detailed as possible, given that these reports can and will be used as evidence in a tribunal.

In addition this will hopefully help interrogators identify leading questions, in order to better interrogate witnesses who may be foggy or unclear on details.

Please post your reports in the comments below.

The Blank Template

Date: (Use the OOC date of the RP)

Full Name of the Subject:


Position in the Imperium:

Accused Crime/Event Witnessed:

Analyst's Full Name:

Interrogator's Full Name:

Interrogation Tactics Used:

Damage Dealt to Subject:


(The following should include a detailed account transcript of EVERYTHING said during an interrogation, including the questions asked, and when any interrogation tactics were used.)

Example Form

(This example is based on an acutal tribunal, however no formal interrogation took place.)

Date: April 1, 2014

Full Name of the Subject: Darth Lykaas Valoron

Ministry: Imperium Military

Position in the Imperium: High Councilor, Supreme Commander of the Imperium Military, and Prince of the Imperium

Accused Crime: High Treason--Conspiring to Overthrow the Lord Emperor

Analyst's Full Name: Lord Maladii Blackheart

Interrogator's Full Name: Grand Moff Alette Drayton

Interrogation Tactics Used: None

Damage Dealt to Subject: None


DRAYTON: Prince Lykaas, do you know why you are here?

VALORON: Apparently someone thinks I want to kill Ama'[cee']s father. I recruited him, blast it!

DRAYTON: Lykaas, we have a witness who claims they saw you AND your wife plotting with Darth Iax to overthrow the Lord Emperor.

VALORON: Yes. I know. But Shaurine wasn't there for the entire conversation.

DRAYTON: Then what exactly happened?

(etc, etc...)


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