This page is the Sith Imperium's designated library of Force-powers, ranked by levels of progression.

Please note that player characters will not immediately learn every one of the abilities for their rank when they rise to that level. This page serves as a guide that allows people to develop their character in a fair and regulated manner.

It is important to note that powers of higher ranks are not necessarily restricted to lower-level characters. This page serves as a reference, indicating when the player-character will have an experience-level high enough to master an ability. In other words, player characters are allowed to begin developing that are above their experience-level, but must acknowledge that, until they achieve the designated rank, they will be unable to master the ability.

Example: As an apprentice, a player character begins to learn Force Healing, which is taught by their master. The player character would have a basic grasp of the ability and how to use it, but will be unable to utilize it's full effect. Upon rising to Lord, it will be accepted that the player character has mastered the ability, and will not be hindered by negative modifiers.

Disclaimer: The Sith Imperium recognizes the Legends definition of most* Force-powers. If the ability has two different definitions, players must default to the Legends version. Furthermore, if an ability is missing from this list, please contact an officer or utilize discord's #request-help channel for assistance.

*circumstances may occur when the canonical version of the ability is favored over the legends variety. Please check with an officer if you are unsure of which version is used in the Sith Imperium.

Learning New Powers

Learning new powers is simple. The most effective way is to be taught by a master who has an understanding of the ability. This remains the only way for characters to learn abilities above of their power-scale. For example, if a character is of Lord rank and wishes to learn Battle Meditation, a teacher is required. Additionally, If a character wishes to dedicate themselves to learning a new ability within their power-level, they need to dedicated themselves to study. This is relatively easy, although it will take more time.

To self-teach a character a new ability, players must locate a holocron, directory, training area, or teacher with knowledge of the ability. Self-taught skills must be from the section of the list that corresponds to the rank of the character (or lower). Players must then roll a single d20. Rolling 11 or higher results in a success, with progress being made towards the character's learning. NOTE THAT THE MINISTRY OF MYSTERIES AND TRUTH CAN TEACH YOU ABILITIES THAT YOUR MASTER DOES NOT KNOW.

Five successful roll are required to teach a character an ability, along with practicing and testing RPs in discord if possible. Characters are limited to a single roll a day (OOC).

Force Power Limits

As it is in star wars lore it is impossible for any single individual to learn every power there is out there. There is a limit to the amount of power a character can learn based on their current power.

Apprentices may begin to develop 3 Lord-level skills and 0 Darth-level skills which they will master when they become a Lord.

Lords can master a maximum of 5 Lord-level and begin to develop 1 Darth-level skill.

Darths can master a maximum of 6 Lord-level and 3 Darth-level.

Councilors can master a maximum of 7 Lord-level and 4 Darth-level

Emperor can master 8 Lord-level and 6 Darth-level.

Please note Generic or Innate Powers do not count towards your total skills.

There is also talk of ways for only the most Loyal and Dedicated of Imperium members to gain further power beyond these limits...

Darth Level Powers

Included here You will find a list of powers require one to attain the rank of Darth before they can be used in a RP setting.

Lord Level Powers

Included here you will find a list of powers requiring one to attain the rank of Lord before they can be used in a RP setting.

Generic Force Powers

Included here you will find a list of powers available to all force user's regardless of their rank that can be used in a RP setting.

Innate Force Powers

These are Force Powers that cannot be taught and are only acquirable by being born with said ability. Everything in this list is subject to DM or Councilor approval to prevent God modding.

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