Though most known occurences happen naturally, it is possible to leave a Force Memory through patience, training, and meditation

Force Memories

A Force Memory occurs when an event involving a significant amount of Force energy leaves an imprint of said event on the inanimate objects in the immediate vicinity. These places become known for strong connections to the Force and are often used as training grounds or places of meditation.

Old Souls and Force Memories

In Makhzor's home universe, Bakar Souls (Old Souls who absorbed energy through possessing mortals) would use Force Memories to keep them on-track. Living a mortal life has many distractions and temptations. To combat this, a Bakar Soul finds a secluded place in the galaxy and creates Force Memories there of the need for balance and self-control. The Soul, whenever it feels tempted to give in to mortal eccentricities, travels to this place to calm its body and restore its mind.

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