Intel report & profile regarding "Fo'nodow"

As of the current date we do not have definitive answers to some questions but felt their inclusion in the report to be important.

Early Life

  • Fo'nodow began life as an orphan, records do not indicate who his biological parents are/were.
  • The first record of his existence begins at age 3 on Csillia, an unnamed orphanage under Chiss governmental control lists a young child as Fo. This is believed to be the Fo'nodow currently serving with the Imperium.
  • The records of his time from age 3 to 12 is documented closely, mostly they seem to be mental and physical charts detailing his growth.
    • Records obtained from the remains of this orphanage reveal it to be a training ground for chiss soldiers.
  • Fo'nodow disappears from the orphanage along with all 30 other children, all at the similar age of 12.

Young Adult & Military Service

  • We have yet to uncover much of Fo'nodow's time serving the Chiss Ascendancy, however it is known he was a special operations commander working alongside his former orphanage family.
  • Six years after Fo'nodow's service began with the Chiss Ascendancy he was moved to assist, along with his orphanage compatriots, a sith expedition.
    • (Notes on this expedition are both spotty and contradictory) The mission, at some point, devolved in a sith feud resulting in the execution of 26 of the chiss soldiers.
  • Records of the remaining 5 chiss soldiers falls apart after this expedition. Fo'nodow is the only one known to have returned to either Imperial or Chiss service.


  • We have learned that Fo'nodow has been funneling extremely large amounts of credits across the galaxy. Many terminate oddly on "dead" worlds. The few actual trails that didn't go cold ended on either Nar-Shadda, Korriban, and Correlia.
    • The way that he has obtained these credits and what they are funding are most suspect, as are their hidden nature. We recommend a full investigation into these money trails.
  • It would appear Fo'nodow has been given ownership of a cantina and renamed it Wine & Chiss
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