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Enyo Kek was born Dubheasa de Vil. She is the sole member of the third branch of the Deliveryan line to have proved herself to the first branch. While she has bent the knee to the Imperium, Enyo's true allegiance will always lie with her family, her interests and their interests. Before joining the Imperium, she was one of the seven generals of the [Underground|Hellfyre Underground]. Now, she is a member of the Ministry of State as per contract.

[Trigger Warning: Violence, Mentions of mature topics, Drugs, Statutory rape.]

The Third Branch.

When House Devileryan was still a powerful Sith noble house, a huge conflict broke out which led to the family being divided into two. Each side of the family supported their champion for the title of patriarch. In the end, the original and true heir of the family came out victorious. Those who supported the victor along with the victor's family became the Soti (High Sith for “Pure”) branch or first branch of the Devileryan line. Those who supported the loser along with the loser's family became the Tzitsia zûta (High Sith for “Disgraced”). Both line still coexist even after House Devileryan's fall through the emergence of the Hellfyre Underground. Enyo was neither. She is part of the unofficial third branch, the Mirsitja (High Sith for “bastard”). Although she bears the de Vil family name, she is a descendant of a bastard child. Often frowned apart by the older members of the family, she paid it no mind, because her father had been recognized and acknowledged by his father. She bears the de Vil name.

For Power.

Early life.

When Markos de Vil recognized Lorcan de Vil has his son, he brought the boy into his world of vices. The father preached the greatness of hedonism to his son and pushed him to indulge in women and everything that money could buy. Lorcan did just that. After years of living in poverty, how could he resist saying no. That was his mistake, because he fooled around with the wrong woman and was forced into marrying her. The problem was not that he had slept with her. The problem was that she was pregnant and that, if he did not marry her, they would have a child out of wedlock. Perhaps some would believe that he was being considerate; however, if it was true, he would have not continued to sleep around. Violet de Vil (née Pierce) prematurely gave birth to Dubheasa alone in a cold apartment. Her husband was out partying just like any other day.