"Knowledge is the true power, From knowledge, There comes everything else."
-Eather Tenebrae

Early life:

The birth:

Eather was born on Dromund Kaas at the Kaas City. He had multiple siblings as considering that Tenebris Family is large. He was born with bright yellow eyes like all other Tenebris family users were born. His father is Sith pureblood warrior, At that time functioning as Darth in the Empire, His mother was Darth as well, Making his parents both a high rank in the Sith Empire.

Early childhood:

Eather was pretty much a normal child until his 6th year when he learned how to read and being taught by his pureblood father about Sith and dark side of the force. From that point. he was eager to learn, begging day by day for more lessons. Once his father declined to teach him and saying as always: "You are too young to be taught more.", He started to learn by his own will, Looking at holocrons he could find and read about the dark side Force and learn about the Sith. From his 8th year, he started practicing with vibrosabers, Eventually giving him more thirst for knowledge. He went to close range with a dark temple, Attempting to find more holocrons.

Life in the Academy:

Eather in the academy was considered as one of the students who were thirsty for knowledge, From all teachings, he has seen he immediately became one of the most powerful students in the Academy at that time. When the time was right, His father was looking for a new apprentice, Hoping his very own son will make it. By no surprise, Eather has become the last rival for the apprenticeship by the Darth Wulduum, Wulduum-His father took him as his own apprentice and then the "fun" began.

Rise for power:

From the point when Eather was just apprentice, Not just any apprentice but a very powerful one, His father made him a Lord. Eather had taken more apprentices, Sending the to find artifacts as well as he did. He was much more possessed to learn until one of the current Lords challenged him for Kaggath to see who is more powerful, The rivals fought for very months until it was the time when Eather had finished the other rival, Rissen to power.

(From this point more will be added later.)

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