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Terror Stricken

Involved: Erasis/Belleva/Vemara/Anthauge/Coven Sith/Zorget/Santificus

Location: Successors Dread Enclave, New Amgarrak

Preface: Erasis' long-time kept secret was out in the open. His deceased son, Santificus Citadel, Had been slain by his other Son, Zorget Citadel in a duel that disturbed the ghosts of the Citadel Tombs. However, Santificus had tricked Zorget, enacting a secondary ritual that moved the dying Son's entity back in time. It was revealed that it was the deceased Santificus who had possessed Erasis under the guise of the Sith Entity, and now drew on him for sustenance. Erasis was now periodically falling comatose, requiring the full attention of the Union, which created quite a strain.

Previously, Erasis had in his Nightmares conjured Belleva and Senna, And using the landscape of Darvannis, Conveyed the time had begun to prepare for his possible expiry. He had already recorded his knowledge into the Holocron of the Masters, but more political aspects had to be managed. After careful Thought, Belleva was selected to lead the six forward, in Erasis' absence. Preforming a ritual on her, Erasis crated a hexagon on her arm, which only his successor and himself could interact with. When his successor had found the interaction, Belleva would relinquish her power. Senna however, Erasis could see had a different future. He forsaw she would be the one to train his Successor, and the two of them conversed lessons to pass on, and ones to avoid. Then the dream ended.

Summary: Belleva, quick to assume her power, called a convocation, to which only Vemara answered. Meeting in the Room of Recovery, near the Abode of Vindictiva, Vemara and Belleva found the frail Erasis, out of uniform, scarred, comatose on a medical bed. Zorget appeared from a side entrance, bitter, But resolute to protect his father. Eying the masters, he nodded greeting, but it was iced with his own stress.

Belleva quickly summarized the situation and the dream, and said she had found one last hope of safety for Erasis, the Grand Matriarch, Darth Anthauge. As if on cue, the frail crone hobbled into the corridor, supported by a member of the One Sith Order. Zorget now took the lead, telling the Sorceress the affliction of Erasis, with Belleva quickly taking over,in eed to assert her leading position. Anthauge assured those present she did have a ritual, one which would direct Erasis to a pool that could restore his youth, to before the time when Santificus possessed him first. She however did have a price, A relic or some means to protect herself from the powers of Dread. Vemara grew suspicious, but Belleva stepped in, reminding that this could be Erasis' last chance. Vemara relented.

At this moment, Santificus chose to manifest inside Erasis, prompting the ere of all present. But his news was all too similar to the past: He feared Anthauge, the one who would rip him from Erasis' body. Zorget and Belleva considered that all too convenient, but Santificus added that Anthuage could in turn do harm to Erasis, and he was not going to stand for inaction against the health of his host. When no one made a move, Santificus drew Erasis' purple blade, and lunged at Anthauge. Her bodyguard was faster, and ended up taking the stabbing thrust to the chest. Santificus rips the body away, and threw him against the throne of Erasis himself, then turned to Anthauge. She merely flicked her wrist, and Santificus fell down against a torrent of lightning. Anthauge sighed, dragging the dead One Sith through the force, and hobbled out, saying Erasis would soon wake. Zorget, without the notice of the others, slipped away.

He did soon rise, and Belleva and Vemara Filled Erasis in on his situation, as he called a simple robe to him. Happy for a solution, though still prepared for the rest, Erasis lead the others to the Corridor outside the abode of Vemara. Pulling out a dagger, Erasis set his right hand on the table, and in a swift cut, dismembered it. Putting on a prosthetic, and struggling, Erasis explained he would rather a relic be taken from the time of his age and wisdom, not his youthful past. He dismissed them both, and told Belleva to continue her duties, for he had other conflicts to get in order. Belleva nodded, and all departed.


Balance Nevermore

Involved: Kataret/Carget/Zorget/etc, Senna, Erasis

Location: Tatooine, Erasis’ Cave, Desolate Moon in Wild Space

After many days of traveling from destination to destination, from contact to contact in an attempt to determine Kataret’s whereabouts, Lord Erasis and Darth Senna found themselves returning to the Dread Cavern. Having recovered coordinates of a fallen vessel in Wild Space, they were now prepared to journey into hostile territory to discover what had become of the once proud Dread Master.

Entering the cavern, the pair approached the prison unit positioned near Erasis’ desk and gazed inside at the prisoner, Carget. The man had had a checkered past with Erasis and was now at his mercy. Senna spoke first, informing Carget that their time was limited and his usefulness had run its course unless he had any further information to offer them. This pleased Erasis who longed to subject the man to a slow and bloody death. Carget had nothing left to offer them and was ripped from his cage, electrocuted and thrown back in to rot. Senna spoke once again saying that if they returned empty handed, there was no way his imagination could prepare him for what would await him. As further insurance, Erasis trapped the man within the cage with vines that wound tightly around his body. Content that the prisoner was going nowhere, the two left for Wild Space.

Hours later, their ship erupted from hyperspace with a bang and began its descent to the moon below. It was dark, cold and barren. They put the shuttle down in a canyon and followed it, by foot, until they discovered a large downed ship that was half-submerged in the ice. They exchanged a look and paused. At the beginning of this mission, Erasis had been hesitant about Senna’s motives, but had decided gradually to trust her. It was here and now that he bluntly questioned her loyalty asking whether they would be enemies or allies upon entering the vessel. She assured him that she meant no harm to the union and that there was no reason they had to be enemies. That being said, they moved for the ship entering through the wrecked side of the hull.

Every so often, the crushed metal would creak and exposed panels would spark, but they found the vessel abandoned. They proceeded cautiously; both sensed that something was off about the situation. As Erasis and Senna arrived on the lower decks, they found Skytroopers led by a Knight of Zakuul, they had not anticipated that they would have competition in their hunt, but quickly dispatched the opposition and continued on their way. The further they moved into the ship, the more something seemed to be wrong until Erasis and Senna entered a large chamber covered in ice. At the other side of the room, to their surprise, was Kataret. The former Dread Master approached them saying that he knew his old allies would come for him. He went on saying that he had shed his allegiance to both the light and the dark, proclaiming that light, dark and grey were all meaningless. He had discovered much in his time communing with the force and they could too. Caught off-guard by the man they had discovered, Senna and Erasis exchanged a look before Senna launched a pulse of dark energy at Kataret in an attempt to awaken the darkness that had once been there. Believing this to be an attack, Erasis captured the darkness and began to move on Senna. The Harbinger was ready however, she called out the name Santificus and sent a second pulse at Erasis who found himself under the control of Santificus, once more. Senna informed Kataret that he had no allies in the room and that his existence could not be allowed to continue. Kataret retorted, stating that he was not ready to become one with the force and that he would fight. Senna told Kataret that he had two options: He could either take his only life while maintain his purity, or give in to the darkness and die at her hand. He drew his saber and blasted lightning at her and she responded with several waves of dark energy,which caught Kataret by surprise, but that he was able to deflect.

The two charged eachother, their lightsabers meeting in an explosion of sparks, spinning, lunging and swinging in a blur of color. They danced around the room twirling their lightsabers with masterful strokes until Senna eventually claimed the upper hand launching Kataret back. Using the distance, Kataret used the light from his aura to strike Senna who stumbled back as it seemingly effected her. Ultimately, it merely enraged her as she had allowed herself to be fully consumed by the darkness. She screamed and fired lightning at Kat striking him bolt after bolt before forcing his saber from his hand and commanding him to bow.

Kataret stubbornly refused to bow and finally tapped into the repressed dark power within launching a final attack against Senna who was blasted back with surprise. As she was forced back, her fury ignited and she threw Kataret back once more with a final blast of dark-side energy. Kataret landed on his feet, still not kneeling and waited for Senna to strike.

Senna paused staring at Kataret muttering to herself “Kataret lives. The darkness is still there….” She lifted her head and with glassy eyes said “You are not dead. Kataret still lives.” Her expression changed to one of pure wickedness as she coldly stated “And that cannot be allowed.” Senna reached out with the force and pulled Kataret across the room into her lightsaber while reaching out with her other hand to drain whatever dark energy remained within him. Kataret looked down at Senna from her blade as he was drained and fell back onto the floor. His essence began to leave his body and Senna spread it around the chamber proclaiming that the place was to be marked as the resting place of a Dread Master. As Kataret began to fade, Erasis sliced off one of the Architect's wings from his fallen brother's back to retain as an artifact of his.

Outside the downed ship, Erasis confessed to Senna that he had been hardened by the events that had transpired within. She replied "Then things are as they should be." They returned to the Dread Cavern where they met Zorget and, to Erasis' rage, discovered that Carget had once again escaped, leaving behind cut vines and disappointment. Together the three traveled to the Dread Palace where Erasis began to mourn his fallen brother.


The Dark King: Titan of Shadows

Involed: Kataret / Zarmir / Voss Mystic, Erasis, Vemara, Nolus, Senna, Vindictiva

Location: Successors' Dread Palace (Yavin IV), Gorma-Koss (Voss)

The end was coming. Against the formidable adversary, Zarmir, the Dread Masters had been brought to the brink of defeat. Their hour of destiny was approaching. During an expedition to Belsavis, Lord Kataret had been captured, drained of his power, and was now seen as a failure in his comrades' eyes. His mistakes on Belsavis had cost the Dread Masters their precious Fragments--numerous artifacts that had the potential to unlock ultimate power. Zarmir now had gained everything he needed to gather all the Fragments together, reform them into a Tablet, and summon the immense power. And it was all due to Kataret's mistakes. Seeking to stop Zarmir before he unleashed the ancient power, Lord Kataret summoned the Dread Masters to the Dread Palace. There, they would make their final preparations, until they were finally ready to launch their assault on Zarmir and stop his insidious plans. Of those summoned, Lords Erasis, Vemara, Vindictiva, and Nolus arrived at the Palace, along with the powerful Dread Guard, Darth Senna. As the group gathered in the throne room, Kataret entered as well, and knowing they had very little time to confront their rival, he began to speak to his brothers, sisters, and servant. Kataret spoke quickly.

He first thanked the group for coming, knowing his personal feud had distracted their attention long enough. Kataret then jumped into the battle plan. According to him, Zarmir's true body was on Voss, at work assembling the Fragments into a Tablet to unlock its ancient strength. In previous confrontations, Zarmir had hid behind his Force Phantoms, physical projections of himself that allowed him to stay safe while he used the phantoms to progress in his plans. But now that the Masters had learned the location of his true body, he was vulnerable, and could potentially be killed, at last. Kataret hastened in his discussion, saying he had prepared a shuttle to take the group to Voss, where they would confront their rival, prevent him from unleashing the ancient power, and end his life, swiftly. But the Dread Masters were wary of Kataret's plan. Vemara recalled that Kataret's mistakes had failed them countless times before, and his plan my fail them yet again. Erasis continued on that thought, reminding Kataret that he would receive a just punishment for his failures, but only after Zarmir had been defeated. Nolus silenced his siblings concerns, stressing that their time was limited, and they should not let their petty arguments hold them back. The group agreed, and they prepared to leave. However, before their departure, Lord Nolus regrettably stated that Salvatus had already tasked him, and he would not be able to assist on the mission. The rest of them set out to Voss.


The Dark King: Countdown to Doomsday

Involved: Kataret/Zarmir, Nolus, Vemara, Senna

Location: Command Post (Belsavis), Ancient Vault (Belsavis)

It appeared that the Dread Masters were on the verge of victory. Having dealt with the Imperium's formidable enemy, the Kingdom of Centaras, and with the Imperium back under the leadership of Emperor Salvatus, there was stability once more. Nevertheless, the Masters still had one enemy to deal with: Zarmir. The powerful rival had plans of taking the Dread Masters down and gaining unstoppable power. On Taris, the Dread Masters uncovered Zarmir's sinister plot to gather up several Fragments and form them into an ancient Tablet, which would unleash untold destruction on the galaxy. However, thanks to the enigmatic Thermophilus, the Masters had an advantage over Zarmir. Thermophilus had granted them a datapad, which consisted of locations and coordinates throughout the galaxy where the Fragments could be found. Lord Kataret, using this new information, had independently traveled across the galaxy with a legion of Dread Guards, visiting over a dozen planets and recovering a Fragment on each one. His travels went well, until, mysteriously, he disappeared on his expedition to Belsavis. Kataret had been looking for another of the Fragments there, but during his time on the planet, his mental connection to the union was blocked, and he had gone silent. The Dread Masters could tell he was still alive, as their mental bond had not shattered, but were unsure of what had happened to Kataret. Seeking to investigate, Lord Nolus and Vemara, along with Dread Guard Commander Senna, set out to Belsavis to look for clues.

Upon arriving on the planet, the trio decided to start their investigation at the command post that Kataret had set up on the planet. When they came to the outpost, they were immediately discouraged. The place was desolate, and seemed abandoned. There was no visible sign that anyone had been there. The group began to individually search around the command post, until Senna discovered an active terminal in one of the rooms. The three regrouped in the room, and Senna activated the terminal, hoping there would be some indication of where Kataret was and what had happened to him. As the computer came online, a holographic image was projected. It was Kataret, dressed in his classic Dread Master robes. The recording began its playback. The holographic Kataret stated that Zarmir had arrived on the planet before him and his guards, and that they needed to move fast if they were to obtain the Fragment before their enemy. The recording continued to acknowledge that the Fragment was in one of the planet's vaults, which was guarded by corrupted Esh-kha in forced service of Zarmir. As the message ended, Senna noted that there were coordinates attached to it, presumably the location of the Fragment and where Kataret had disappeared. The trio agreed they should investigate immediately, and prepared to head out. But as they were about to leave, a figure confronted them, blocking their path.

It was Zarmir. Having dealt with him before, the Dread Masters were able to recognize it was another of his phantoms, so they could not kill him there. Zarmir taunted Nolus and Vemara, saying that they missed their lost brother, who was weak and pathetic. But the two Masters replied by calling Zarmir a coward, too afraid to face them in his true body, as he hid behind his phantoms. Zarmir laughed, admitting that he could not defeat the Masters in combat yet, but would soon have enough power to crush them with ease. The group then demanded for Zarmir to reveal the fate of Kataret, and the rival stated that he would not kill Kataret, but would punish him for his meddling. Zarmir gave the trio a final warning, before the phantom disappeared in a flash of light. Nolus cursed, saying Zarmir would be crushed within time. The group then proceeded to the coordinates from the terminal, soon arriving at one of Belsavis' ancient vaults. At the entrance of the chamber stood corrupted Esh-kha, prepared to challenge the Sith's power. But the defenders were no match, as Senna, Nolus, and Vemara ravaged through their ranks and made their way deeper into the vault. As the group descended, they noticed the floor of the chamber was littered with the bodies of Kataret's Dread Guards, so they hastened. At last, the Masters made it to the deepest chamber of the vault: a small room filled with stasis chambers and ancient consoles. At the end of the room stood another phantom of Zarmir, and above him was another man, trapped in stasis: Dread Master Kataret.

As Nolus, Vemara, and Senna entered the room, Zarmir turned to confront them. Senna stated that Zarmir's phantoms were boring her, and she was looking forward to fight his true flesh and blood. As the three approached their enemy, Vemara demanded for Kataret to be released, but Zarmir naturally declined. He then went on to mock the Dread Masters for his weakness, as he had single handedly defeated one Dread Master and an entire legion of Dread Guards. Nolus replied that it didn't matter, and Zarmir would fall to him. Zarmir then turned to look at his prisoner, and the Masters wondered why Zarmir had not chosen to kill Kataret. The rival explained that all of Kataret's power belonged to him, and that the weak Dread Master did not deserve any power nor strength. The trio was unsure what Zarmir was planning to do, but did not want him to hurt Kataret, and they drew their weapons and readied an attack. However, just before they could make their assault, Zarmir reached out with his hands, and suddenly, Kataret's power began to drain. Vemara and Nolus fell to their knees as they experienced the pain their brother was going through. Zarmir was ripping out Kataret's life essence and force power, and taking it for himself. The Dread Masters all experience agony in the process. In a matter of seconds, the ritual was over. An empowered Zarmir laughed triumphantly, as the drained Kataret remained trapped and helpless. Nolus and Vemara claimed that Zarmir would pay for disrupting the union. The rival drew his weapon and prepared for a duel.

As the Masters recovered their balance, Zarmir looked at Senna, who had been watching from the sidelines. Zarmir stated that he could sense her doubts of the Masters after watching Kataret being leeched, and offered her a place at his side, to join him and rise with him to power. Senna pondered the thought, seeing how pathetic Kataret was in his defeat, but eventually decided she would stay loyal to the Masters, and see to it that Zarmir was vanquished. Zarmir scowled, just as he turned his attention back to the Masters. While he had been speaking with Senna, Nolus and Vemara had been preparing their defenses, as Vemara was now in a meditative state and empowering Nolus. At this, Nolus began his first attack, channeling a maelstrom of debris and energy, and launching it at Zarmir. Despite his new strength, Nolus' attack was too much to handle, and Zarmir was forced back to the wall. As Zarmir recovered, Nolus began his follow up attack, preparing and launching another maelstrom at Zarmir. But the rival was prepared now, and using the force, he countered the attack and pushed it back at Nolus. As Zarmir advanced on his enemies, Senna blasted him with a sphere of lightning. Zarmir roared as the attack stunned him, yelling that Senna would never hold a place at his side. He began to channel his lightning abilities at Senna, but was interrupted as Nolus created fires under Zarmir, which engulfed the rival in flames. Despite the intensity of the attack, as the flames cleared, Zarmir stood standing, though he was heavily bruised and battered.

Zarmir laughed at Nolus saying he was impressed. But as the rival recovered he channeled a massive amount of force energy, and blasted it at Vemara. Vemara had been meditating and channeling her powers to Nolus, so she was defenseless, and the attack sent her flying into the wall. As Vemara's meditation was disrupted, Nolus' additional strength was lost, but he stated that he could finish this on his own. Zarmir laughed as he charged at Nolus, skillfully attacking with his lightsaber and beating Nolus back. Zarmir continued to advance against the Dread Master and soon brought his enemy to the brink of defeat. Zarmir smiled evilly as he boasted that the Masters were no match for this new power. However, just as Zarmir was boasting at Nolus, he did was not able to defend himself as Senna skillfully approached him from behind and stabbed him in the back. Zarmir screamed in pain as he lost his footing and fell to the ground. Nolus took this opportunity, casting his infamous Death Mark ability onto Zarmir. The rival screeched in agony, but reminded the Dread Masters that this would not be the end of him. Lord Nolus then empowered the effects of the Death Mark, which consumed Zarmir and turned the phantom to dust.

Now that the battle was over, the Dread Masters regained their bearings. Senna helped Lord Vemara back to her feet as Nolus approached the imprisoned Kataret. Senna and Vemara crowded around Nolus as he pondered on his next move. Vemara advised Nolus to release Kataret immediately, as Senna silently looked upon the incapacitated Dread Master, thinking of how weak he was. Nolus told Vemara that Kataret would be released, but not without being punished for his weakness. As he said that, Nolus began punching commands into the console, and Kataret was painfully electrocuted. After Nolus had his fun, Vemara demanded that Kataret be released, as his torture gained them nothing. Nolus reluctantly did so, and the stasis field was deactivated, as Kataret fell to the ground. Kataret slowly regained consciousness, but when he awoke, he looked up and immediately attempted to attack Nolus for the torture. But he was unable to, as all his energy had been drained and he was nothing but a shell of himself. Nolus insulted his brother, saying that his status brought disgrace to the union. Kataret recalled that Nolus had once been in a similar status, when Nolus had been nearly killed by Asavian. Despite this, both Senna and Vemara sided with Nolus, calling Kataret a failure. Vemara said that Kataret had once again proven unworthy of his titles, and Senna stated that Kataret should be punished for his mistakes. Kataret prepared to defend himself, but stayed silent, acknowledging his weakness.

Kataret finally admitted that the Dread Masters were right. He had made so many mistakes, he truly wasn't worthy of being a Dread Master. Additionally, his mistakes on Belsavis had allowed Zarmir to gain an extreme advantage. When Zarmir had captured Kataret, he had taken all of the Dread Master's Fragments, and now had everything he needed to rebuild the ancient Tablet and unleash its power. At this, Nolus became concerned. Vemara stated that Kataret would receive a justified punishment in due time, but Nolus stated their current priority was to regain their strength and stop Zarmir at all costs. Kataret then went on to reveal that there had been benefit to come out of the experience. When Zarmir had siphoned his power, Kataret was able to briefly enter his rival's mind and see the location of Zarmir's true body: Voss. Kataret explained that Zarmir was reassembling the Tablet there and that's where he would be stopped. The trio agreed that they would make their assault on Zarmir soon enough but had to focus on regaining their strength. If Zarmir does unlock the power of the Tablet, it would take the union's full strength to stop it. Nolus and Vemara left to return to the Dread Palace, but Kataret spoke to Senna briefly before they left. He stated that the Masters may exile him for his failures, and if that was to happen, Kataret wanted Senna to be prepared to succeed him. Senna stated she was confident Kataret would remain in the union, but Kataret told her to be prepared for whatever the future brings. The two then went back to the Palace to prepare.


The Dark King: A Step Towards Glory

Involved: Kataret/Zarmir, Nolus/Thermophilus, Vemara, Belleva, Vindictiva, Senna

Location: The Architect (Kataret's Dreadnought), Republic War Camp (Taris)

The battle had nearly arrived. Lord Vindictiva, as the newly proclaimed Supreme Commander of the Sith Imperium's military, was making the final preparations for the March to Centares. However, despite the war being only a few days away, the Dread Masters received a priority alert message. After reviewing the message, the Masters learned that Lord Kataret had taken his personal Dreadnought, the Architect, to Taris, where he had requested his brothers' and sisters' presence. The Masters knew that the mission to Centares was of most importance, but understood the urgency of Kataret's mission, and hastened to Taris. Four of the Dread Masters, Vemara, Nolus, Vindictiva, and Belleva, along with the loyal Dread Guard Commander Senna, arrived on the Architect. They made their way to the departures hanger, where they found Lord Kataret himself, waiting for them. As they approached him, Kataret acknowledged his visitors, and then admitting that the timing of his mission was extremely unfortunate. Kataret then asked if the Masters knew why he had summoned them, and they immediately responded that they had come for the Monarch. Kataret stated that they were correct, as he had used his connection to the Monarch to track him to the swampy world of Taris, where he was now.

Lord Vindictiva stated that the Monarch's games had caused enough of a distraction, and that they should wipe him out quickly before his meddling could affect the Imperium's war. Kataret agreed, saying that the Monarch would stand no chance against the five of them together, as they would easily be able to crush him. Kataret then went on to theorizing about the Monarch's purpose on Taris. Recalling the situation on Dromund Kaas, Kataret reminded his comrades that the Monarch had been searching for an artifact--a mysterious and ancient fragment with unknown potential. Lord Vindictiva and Nolus both remembered the experience from Dromund Kaas. Kataret then guessed that there were multiple of these "Fragments", and that the Monarch was attempting to recover all of them for some insidious goal. The Masters understood Kataret's implications, assuming that the Monarch was searching for another of the fragments on the world below them. Kataret confirmed their assumptions, saying that, whatever the Monarch's plans were, they had to be stopped immediately. The Masters understood the situation, so Kataret gave them coordinates of the Monarch's supposed location. Before they departed, Lord Vindictiva stated that her brothers and sisters could accomplish this task without her, and then returned to Imperium space to continue preparations on the Imperium's coming war. The others, excluding Kataret, took a shuttle to the Taris' surface.

Upon landing on the planet, the Dread Masters quickly reviewed the coordinates given by Kataret and sped off. They soon arrived at the location, and as they did, they could immediately sense the Monarch's presence. However, along the powerful presence of their rival, the Masters could also sense several lesser beings--those that had no force sensitivity. As they peered passed their landing point, their eyes finally showed what they had been sensing. They were staring at a decent sized military camp, surrounded by Republic soldiers and personnel. In the center of the camp was a tent, and the Masters could sense the Monarch himself was inside. As they made it to the entrance of the war camp, the Dread Masters saw that the Republic personnel in the area had been corrupted, and now appeared to be serving the Monarch by force. The Sith Lords realized that the possession of these soldiers was a visible sign of the Monarch's growing power, knew that he needed to be vanquished immediately. The strike team, consisting of Nolus, Belleva, Vemara, and Senna, drew their weapons and harnessed their powers in the force, charging at the corrupted guards defending the war camp. The soldiers kept coming, but the combined powers of the group were far superior to the soldiers, and they massacred their way through. As they slaughtered the last of the guards, the Sith Lords approached the command tent in the middle of the camp, their weapons ready.

Entering the tent, the Masters immediately saw their rival, the disgraced Monarch, apparently reading some texts. As his visitors gathered around him, a smile formed across the Monarch's face as he turned to face them. Tension rose quick as the Monarch claimed the Masters would not stop his plans again, and that their attack on Taris had been pointless. Lord Belleva called the Monarch out by name, but he then revealed that he had shed the name of "Monarch". Seeing the name "Monarch" associated with all his failed plans and recklessness disgusted the rival, so he claimed his new identity: Zarmir, the King of Darkness and Bane of the Masters. The group reported that Zarmir was hardly worthy of being their bane, causing the Monarch to begin boasting about his supposed superior strength. By now, Lord Nolus was done listening to the rival's boasting, and drew his weapon. Using his powers, Nolus teleported behind Zarmir, and made a quick slash, scorching the enemy's back. Zarmir yelled in pain, but quickly recovered, blasting Nolus with the force into the back of the tent. At this, Lord Belleva joined the battle, attacking with dark energies and lightning. But Zarmir was swift, evading her attacks. Belleva then commanded Senna to kill the rival, who blasted him with a sphere of electricity. The Monarch was momentarily brought down, acknowledging that he was not yet strong enough to stand against the completed union.

The Dread Team began to surround Zarmir, preparing for a powerful combined attack. Seeing his inevitable defeat, Zarmir blasted Vemara, Belleva, and Senna with the force, blowing them away from the entrance of the tent and giving him an escape route. Zarmir exited the tent and began to flee from the group. Senna attempted to stop Zarmir with the force, but he was able to resist her attack and continued to run. The four Sith quickly regrouped and began to chase down their enemy, with Lord Belleva leaping with the force and bashing her lightsaber blade on Zarmir's own saber. The rival dropped his weapon at the power of the attack, and was briefly subdued, but forced Belleva back and continued to flee from his predators. But Zarmir was injured now, and he did not go far before his enemies caught up to him. As the distance was closed, Senna skillfully threw her lightsaber blade, causing a devastating hit to Zarmir's legs and forcing him to the ground. But even as his legs were crippled and his entire lower body was bleeding, Zarmir continued to crawl from the Dread Masters and their servant, determined not to be defeated yet again. Yet, it was to no avail, as the Dread Team surrounded Zarmir on all sides, cornering him. The Masters stated that it was the end of the line for him, but Zarmir deviously smiled, as he was not nearly finished. He screamed in the ancient Sith language, forcing the ground to shake. Lord Nolus understood the imminent danger, and called his companions to step back, just as a massive K'lor'slug emerged from the ground.

Zarmir pointed to his enemies, and the giant beast charged and attacked the group. As they fought, Zarmir unleashed his force powers, channeling a massive force storm of lightning on the Nolus, Vemara, Belleva, and Senna. The battle was brutal, as the beast's strength was incredible, and pushed the Masters to the brink of defeat. But, together, the Masters used their magnificent force powers, bringing the beast to the ground, where Lord Vemara then slayed the powerful creature. Zarmir's mouth widened in awe as another of his pets had fallen to the Masters' strength. The Dread Team turned their attention back to their rival, quickly moving and surrounding him. Zarmir was on his knee, his strength depleted, and the battle was all but lost. Belleva declared Zarmir had no more tricks, just as Nolus raised his blade for the death blow. But before the blade was swung, Zarmir laughed defiantly, stating that this "game" was far from over. He then revealed that he had been making deals with powerful people, and was prepared for this moment. Nolus, now annoyed by Zarmir's constant boasting, swung the blade at the defeated enemy, but something miraculous happened. Just as the blade came in contact with Zarmir's body, he disappeared. His force presence was gone, and it was as if he had never been there in the first place. The Masters immediately recognized the technique: Force Phantoms.

The Dread Team had dealt with this technique before. During the Asavianic War, the monstrous Darth Asavian had used Force Phantoms to replicate exact duplicates of himself across the galaxy, which made his real body safe from harm. Lord Vemara was stunned by Zarmir's use of the technique, saying how she had no idea how Zarmir had mastered Asavian's exact technique in such a short time. The Masters contemplated, wondering how Asavian and Zarmir could have been connected. But then, one piece of evidence revealed itself. Where Zarmir had been "struck down", laid a small, ancient-looking piece. Nolus picked the strange piece up and identified it as a Fragment, one of the ancient pieces Zarmir had been searching for on Taris. This fragment was nearly identical to the artifact Zarmir had recovered on Dromund Kaas, and believed it must hold some answers. Nolus handed the fragment over to Vemara, who immediately began examining it. Vemara quickly determined that it was impossible to know what the fragment's true purpose was, but did deduce a few things. The fragment was ancient looking, and was a puzzle piece of something far greater. Vemara arrived at the conclusion that if all the different fragments were brought together, some type of power would be unlocked, and Zarmir wanted that power. The Masters realized they should return to Kataret, who may provide some insight.

The group returned to their shuttle and piloted it back to Kataret's Dreadnought. As they arrived, Kataret was furious. He stated he could sense Zarmir was still alive, and that the Masters had failed their mission. Despite this, the Dread Team revealed what they had encountered on Taris, that Zarmir had been making deals with powerful people, and that he learned the infamous phantom technique. Kataret pondered at this report, agreeing that Zarmir's phantoms would make him incredibly difficult to find and kill. Kataret too wondered about Zarmir's connection to Asavian, but did not dwell on the thought. Nolus then presented their next discovery: the Fragment. Oddly, Kataret eagerly grabbed the fragment and began looking at it very closely. He smiled widely as he stated his "research" all made sense with the discovery of the fragment. Kataret recalled events from the past. According to him, several years a go, Darth Ryshias of the Imperium had used a powerful and ancient tablet to defeat the former Sith Emperor. However, when Ryshias had unleashed the tablet's power, it was overwhelming, and had forced the tablet to shatter into several smaller fragments. Due to this story, Kataret believed that Zarmir had been searching for the fragments of the tablet, so he could repair it and unleash the tablets ultimate power. Nolus seemed worried at this theory, stating that Zarmir would not be able to contain the power of the tablet, and unleashing it may be a problem on a galactic scale. The Masters agreed that it would be imperative for them to stop Zarmir's plans. Kataret then returned to his research on the fragments as the other Masters returned to Imperium space to prepare for the upcoming battle.


After the mission on Taris, Lord Nolus told Kataret about an enigmatic man that may be able to help in locating the fragments before Zarmir. Kataret later came in contact with this man, who turned out to be Thermophilus, a being of immeasurable power and knowledge. Thermophilus granted Kataret a datapad of locations and coordinates of the fragments, which had been hidden throughout the galaxy to prevent the tablet from being reassembled. Kataret used this knowledge and began hunting the fragments, racing to each one before Zarmir. His next one to find would be on the ancient prison world of Belsavis....


The Dark King: More Than Meets the Eye

Involved: Erasis, Nolus, Vindictiva, Kataret / The Monarch

Location: Successors' Dread Palace (Yavin IV), Ruins of the Former Dread Palace (Dromund Kaas)

War was coming. The Dread Masters had finally recognized the threat of the Republic as the Imperium's territory was on the verge of invasion. Recently each of the Dread Masters had been doing their best to cooperate with the Imperium government, massing their surviving naval and military power at Yavin IV and preparing to lead a full-scale charge back into their territory to combat the Repbulic. Yet during their preparations, a message sent out by Dread Master Kataret called his brothers and sisters to their Palace on Yavin IV, where he hoped to address a potential threat. After individual contemplation, Lords Nolus, Erasis, and Vindictiva finally agreed to meet Kataret at the Palace. They soon arrived, Nolus and Erasis briefly talking with each other, before the four Dread Masters took their seats in the throne room. As soon as they were seated, Lord Vindictiva demanded for Kataret to be hasty with the meeting, reminding him that they still had many preparations to do in order to defeat the Republic. Kataret acknowledged this, understanding that war was coming for them and the Dread Masters could no longer avoid it. At this, Kataret revealed his reason for summoning his brothers and sisters. He had recently sensed a mysterious looter's presence in the wreckage of the Dread Masters' former Dread Palace on Dromund Kaas.

However, as Kataret explained his reasoning, the other three Dread Masters were quickly annoyed. They stated a puny suspicion was no reason to distract them from the matter at hand with the Sith Imperium's war with the Republic. But Kataret begged them to reconsider, saying that if they ignored the threat now, it may come back to haunt them later. Erasis only sighed, calmly saying that the timing of this suspicion couldn't be worse. Lord Nolus then questioned Kataret, asking why he could not go himself. Kataret replied saying he had personal business on Dromund Kaas, and the secrecy of this "personal mission" immediately made the Dread Masters suspicious of Kataret. Lord Vindictiva further went on that the Masters should be attending to much more demanding priorities, but Kataret made one last plea for their assistance on the matter. Nolus demanded that Kataret would reveal his secret actions later, but acknowledged that a looter at their former Palace could become a more formidable threat in the future. Kataret spoke very little further, only telling the Dread Masters leave him to their privacy and attend to their mission on Dromund Kaas. There was very little argument afterwards, as Lords Erasis, Vindictiva, and Nolus departed their Palace and headed to their personal ship. They then went to Dromund Kaas.

Upon arriving on Dromund Kaas, the Dread Masters landed their ship just outside the planet's jungle. They then continued into the deeply infested environment on foot toward the ruins of the former Dread Palace. On the way, the Masters discussed certain issues and held different conversations, agreeing and disagreeing, making statements and questions. They continued their talks as they walked through the jungle to the ruins. Eventually, they made it to the former Palace. The Successors' First Dread Palace was once a tall standing structure of ancient design. It had been the Masters' sanctuary for so long, but the monstrous traitor Asavian had brought it down as a sign of his supremacy over the Masters. Now, all that remained was a single chamber that had survived, deeply buried under the rubble from the destroyed Palace. The Dread Masters have scavenged the ruins before, but found nothing of substantial value, and left it as it was. Now, the Masters had returned, and as Erasis gazed upon his fallen sanctuary, memories rushed him of his near-death experience when he had been caught in the Palace's downfall. As the Masters scanned the entrance to the surviving chamber, they could sense the slim presence of another being inside. Wasting no time, Lords Erasis, Vindictiva, and Nolus entered the cavern, attempting to prepare for whatever they were about to face.

As the Dread Masters descended into the cavern, they finally arrived at the surviving chamber. They observed their surroundings, noticing ruined artifacts scattered across the floor, and the ground was uneven. However, the Sith Lords' eyes soon met the center of the chamber. They saw a mysterious masked figure in deep meditation. In front of him was an altar emitting blue fire, and above him was a floating Fragment that looked of ancient design. As the Masters approached, Lord Vindictiva stated that this mysterious being was the looter that Kataret had sensed, and that they should kill the man quickly to return to more prominent duties. Erasis agreed, saying the distraction had wasted enough time. But before they attacked, the man at the altar finally spoke, saying it would be unwise to attack him now. Vindictiva disregarded that statement, drawing her lightsaber and replying that the man held no importance to them. But Lord Nolus told his sister to wait, curious as to who the man was, what he had to say, and why he had disturbed their former Palace. Despite disagreeing with Nolus, Vindictiva did not attack the masked man. Nolus asked questions to the man, but he avoided them with cryptic sayings. His refusal to answer their questions rapidly drove the Masters to impatience, as Nolus and Erasis soon agreed with Vindictiva that they should kill him. But the mysterious man laughed at that claim, saying the Dread Masters had already tried and failed to kill him countless times. At this comment, the Masters immediately understood the man's identity. The figure reached up to his face, ripping off the mask and revealing a Zabrak face identical to that of Kataret's.

Erasis identified the man: The Sith Monarch, Kataret's corrupted altar ego that have rivaled the Dread Masters for a decade. The Monarch commended Erasis for finally putting the pieces together. Vindictiva still seemed confused, as unlike the other Dread Masters, she had never directly dealt with the Monarch before. Erasis briefly summarized that the Monarch was a threat worth their time, and Vindictiva understood well enough that he needed to die. Nolus questioned how the Monarch could be alive as he should still be securely imprisoned within a mental prison in Kataret's possession, but the Monarch revealed Kataret had been keeping secrets from the Masters. According to the Monarch, Kataret had lost the crystal, but never revealed he had lost it to the others. Erasis pushed these thoughts aside, done talking, and prepared for a fight. He blasted lightning at the Monarch, who skillfully dodged it. But the lightning hit the altar which was behind the Monarch, and he immediately seemed concerned. Nolus saw the enemy's concern, and set the altar a blaze with his inferno attack. Before it was covered with fire, the Monarch grabbed the ancient Fragment that had been levitating and stored it in his robe. He then turned to the Dread Masters, saying he had learned from his past mistakes and had prepared for this confrontation. The Monarch then raised his hand, as a powerful Sith Spawn crashed through the wall and engaged the three Dread Masters in a duel.

The large beast charged at the Dread Masters. Its force-resistant nature, combined with its size and strength, made it formidable against the Masters. The three Sith blasted with lightning and attacked skillfully with their lightsabers, before finally bringing the beast to its knees with their dark side abilities. As the beast was defeated, the Masters turned their attention back to the Monarch at the altar, only to find that he had disappeared. Erasis claimed the Monarch had once again failed to kill them with his beast, but Nolus suggested that the Sith Spawn was just meant to distract the Masters while he escaped. But now that the confrontation had ended, the Masters left the chamber and returned to the jungles of Dromund Kaas. There, they briefly argued, Vindictiva stating that Nolus' curiosity had allowed their enemy to escape, among other discussions. They verbally battled back and forth, the union's own stability becoming seemingly threatened. Vindictiva soon silenced her brothers, warning them not to argue further or the union may be undone. Afterwards, the Masters did agree that they needed to confront Kataret, who had apparently been keeping secrets from them, according to the Monarch. They returned to their Palace on Yavin IV, finding Lord Kataret mediating in the Palace's throne room.

Kataret immediately noticed the Masters' return, asking them if they had discovered anything on Dromund Kaas. Erasis wasted no time, quickly revealed that they had found and confronted the Monarch, still alive. Kataret cursed, asking how that was possible. Nolus and Vindictiva redirected the question at him, saying that they knew he had been keeping secrets from them and it was time for a full disclosure. Kataret sighed, and seeing no way to further hide the truth, revealed everything. He confirmed the Masters' suspicions that he had lost the crystal artifact, which had been imprisoning the Monarch's personality. It had slipped Kataret's grasp when mercenaries raided his sanctum and stole it from him. But Erasis was not satisfied, demanding to know how the Monarch could have a new equally powerful body. Kataret went on to admit he and his scientists had bioengineered a brain-dead, cloned body of himself. The body was supposed to be a fail-safe if Kataret's primary body was ever critically injured, but he assumed the Monarch had transferred his own consciousness into the body, claiming it for himself. Erasis, Nolus, and Vindictiva were disgusted by Kataret's mistakes, as those mistakes have now allowed an old enemy return to power. Kataret admitted to his mistakes, but reminded them that they could do little against the Monarch now, and should return to assisting the Imperium in their war. They all agreed, but Kataret reminded them that the Monarch would strike back eventually, and they would need to be ready for his return. They then went their separate ways.


The Dark King: Settling the Score

Invovled: Erasis, Vemara, Senna, Kataret / Corinus / Mercenaries

Location: Successors' Dread Palace (Yavin IV), Kataret's Sanctum (Nar Shaddaa)

With the Republic on their borderline and the Sith Imperium still plagued with distrust and grief, the Dread Masters prepared. They had all but recovered since the events on Oricon, and were unifying their naval and army strength with the Imperium's own to make a powerful stand against their enemies. And with the defeat of the Sith Monarch at the hands of Erasis Citadel and Dread Guard Commander Senna, nothing would interfere with the Dread Masters' plans. The Masters decided to hold a meeting in their Palace on Yavin IV to discuss one loose-end: The final fate of the Monarch. Erasis and Senna had contained the Monarch's corruptions and personalities within a unique crystal prison but were unsure of their next move. Kataret recommended and immediate termination of the crystal so its corruptions could never return to haunt the Dread Masters further. However, at the time, Erasis and Senna had opposed that idea, stating the combined powers of the Dread Masters could dominate the corruptions inside the crystal and absorb its ancient powers and knowledge. So the Masters decided to hold a final meeting to decide the final fate of the crystal prison and it special contents.

The Dread Masters met at their Palace. The Lords Kataret and Vemara, along with the decorated Dread Guard Commander Senna, met Lord Erasis at a secretive temple on the grounds of the Palace. Erasis stated that the repositories of the Dread Masters--ancient artifacts with lost power--were inside the temple, and after talking with the three, Erasis proceeded to unlock the sealed door to the temple, where a large statue stood in the middle of the chamber. Erasis seemed to perform some type of ritual, as the statue rose through the ceiling, revealing a second floor above the group. Kataret, Vemara, and Senna followed Erasis as he leaped to the second floor. However, when they landed on the second floor, something seemed to be wrong with Dread Master Erasis. He stirred, as his classic Dread Master robes burnt up into flames and he was seen in an ancient form from over a decade a go. Erasis then spoke to the group, but he was not himself, as Senna pointed out he too had additional personalities that threatened his supreme one. Kataret recalled the enigmatic personality that currently had control of Erasis' body was a being known only as The Entity. The Entity had attempted to steal Erasis' body and powers twelve years prior but had been absorbed. Now he appeared to have returned and sought freedom. As Kataret prepared to engages the entity, it disappeared, as it had strangely just been an illusion of Erasis losing control over his personalities.

After the confrontation, Kataret led Vemara and Senna to a cavern at the edge of the Dread Palace's temple grounds. Inside the cave they met Erasis, who was not an illusion. Kataret question Erasis about who had confronted them inside the temple, and Erasis confirmed Kataret's suspicions. Erasis stated that Sefran's betrayal on Oricon, combined with the corrupting influence of the Sith Monarch, had unbalanced himself. And now that he was weakened, Erasis' own personalities had grown powerful and resistant, and were attempting to claim control over Erasis' powerful body. After he spoke, Erasis demanded that the group rid him of the crystal, before it unbalanced him further. Vemara stated that she should take the crystal, as she had learned methods of studying artifacts like it from her father, Asavian. But Kataret refused, saying he could contain the crystal's corruptions. Vemara scoffed at that comment, saying he had failed more than once in trying to contain corruptions like the Monarch. Kataret soon saw reason and agreed that the crystal would be most secure and best managed in Vemara's possession. However, before he gave up the crystal to Vemara, he asked for one day to hold onto the artifact, so he could meditate and reflect on his past contained within the crystal. Despite being against it, Vemara agreed that Kataret could hold on to the crystal for a single day and then give it up. Afterwards, the group parted their separate ways.

Kataret returned to his personal ship with the crystal prison. He soon arrived at his sanctum on Nar Shaddaa where he planned to immediately begin his work on deciphering the crystal's strange secrets and study the powerful corruptions inside. However, as Kataret landed in his ship outside of his sanctum, he could oddly notice smoke emitting from the building. He quickly made his way inside to find two armored men with a variety of weapons. As they saw Kataret, the two immediately drew their rifles and began attacking. But Kataret was faster, sending a wave of force energy at the mercenaries, throwing them back into the wall behind them and leaving them unconscious. The Dread Master continued further into his sanctum, and as he walked through it, he noticed burnt marks and trashed rooms. Kataret soon made it to the sanctum's inner chamber, finding a crowd of six mercenaries. The Sith yelled at them, demanding to know the mercenary's reason for attacking his own sanctum. Then, the seemingly leader of the mercenaries stepped forward, a Mirialan pirate. Kataret recognized the man as Corinus, a skilled looter he had hired to find him an artifact. But recently, Erasis had met Corinus and murdered his Wookiee companion, so Kataret assumed the pirate was our for revenge. Corinus soon confirmed Katarets suspicions, saying the Dread Masters would pay for crossing him. Kataret drew his lightsaber and prepared for an attack, but Corinus simply smiled as he brought out a detonator. Before Kataret could react, Corinus activated the detonator, causing an explosion right next to Kataret, rendering him unconscious.

In a few hours, Kataret awoke, as if from a bad dream. He looked around the room, noticing an enormous crater in the wall that had exploded. As Kataret explored his ravaged sanctum, he noticed that Corinus and mercenaries had done considerable damage. The sanctum's armory and weapons had been stolen. Many of Kataret's priceless Rakata artifacts had been looted. And his sanctum was a mess. He began to look through the rubble of the destroyed rooms, soon enough finding his still intact workstation. As Kataret cleared the workstation of rubble and metallic pieces, he revealed the workstation's hidden cache where he stored his most valuable of artifacts and treasures. Kataret was relieved to see the mercenaries had not discovered the cache and its contents remained. As he looked through his safe treasures, the Dread Master remembered the crystal prison artifact he was responsible for guarding. Kataret opened his cache and reached into his robes, wanting to preserve the crystal in the safety of his cache. But, strangely, as he searched into his robes, he found nothing. Not his own lightsaber, not any relics he carried with him, and not the crystal. Kataret quickly recalled that he had been unconscious for several hours, which had given Corinus more than enough time to loot his own robes and body. As Kataret ravaged through his inventory with no sign of the crystal, he screamed in frustration, unsure of what to do next....


The Dark King: Corruption Rises (Prelude)

Involed: Kataret/Corinus/Mercenary, Erasis, Senna

Location: Kataret's Sanctum (Nar Shaddaa), The Promenade (Nar Shaddaa)

Deceit was in the air. Following the tragic events on Oricon, the six Dread Masters had begun their work on recovering their power and cooperating with the Imperium's government. However, in the midst of their work, a mysterious message was sent out by Dread Master Kataret to his brother, Dread Master Erasis, and the decorated Dread Guard Commander, Darth Senna. Following the message's instruction, both Erasis and Senna met at Kataret's personal sanctum on Nar Shaddaa. When they arrived, the two briefly discussed the nature of Kataret's message and why he sought them out so mysteriously, then they proceeded to the throne room. As the two entered, they found a deranged Kataret sitting at his throne. He was visibly shaking, his anxiety could be felt by the two. But Erasis saw something more. Deeply buried within Kataret's normal power and abilities, Erasis could sense a familiar presence: The Sith Monarch. Before Erasis could ask questions, Kataret noticed his visitors and thanked them for coming at such short notice. Erasis brought up his suspicion of the Monarch's presence within Kataret, and the deranged Dread Master confirmed Erasis' claims. Kataret, seeing Senna did not fully understand, briefly summarized the Monarch. He stated that years a go, powerful corruptions had turned him against the Dread Masters, and during that time he was known as the "Monarch". Kataret recalled that Erasis had suppressed these corruptions before but over the last decade they had regrown and now threatened Kataret.

Kataret explained that the betrayal on Oricon had fractured his mind, as he had been so blind to Sefran's true goal. And now that he was weakened, the corruptions in his mind were threatening to take control. Erasis claimed he could oppress the corruptions again, but Kataret stated he had another idea that would rid him of the corruptions forever. Kataret revealed that he had been studying certain texts recovered from Asavian's strongholds after his defeat, which had led him to discover an ancient crystal that could act as mental prison. He planned to acquire such am artifact and use it to imprison the corruptions inside, which would securely trap them. Senna brought up that an artifact like that might be found on Belsavis, but Kataret disregarded that, saying he had already located the prison. The deranged Dread Master said that he had hired a skillful looter known as Corinus, who had successfully retrieved the crystal and had been handsomely payed. Erasis and Senna's job was simply to meet Corinus at a rendezvous point where he would give them the crystal. Kataret also described the crystal, telling how it was bright red in color and radiated with the force. The two Sith understood their job, and using the force, they clothed themselves with the average ensemble of a Crime Lord. Before they departed to meet Corinus, Kataret gave them one last tip, stating that Corinus was notorious for fooling his handlers with fake treasures. Erasis and Senna nodded, then left for the Promenade.

The two Sith soon arrived at the public facility, taking note of their surroundings. Both Senna and Erasis seemed to be disgusted by the locals' way of life on Nar Shaddaa, but nonetheless proceeded to their meeting place. The pair made it to the meeting place, finding a Mirialian dressed in pirate gear, presumably Corinus, talking with his Wookiee companion. As Erasis and Senna approached the pair, they heard the two talking. The Wookiee seemed to be against a deal with Sith, but Corinus assured his companion that they would be fine. Erasis and Senna confronted the two, to which Corinus surprised them by being a cheerful and open-minded man, not the professional looter they expected to find. Under the impression that Erasis and Senna were not Sith, he talked very casually with them, occasionally attempting to flirt with Senna. The Dread Guard was quickly annoyed by Corinus' charm, and demanded for him to give up the crystal he had been hired to find. The Wookiee told Corinus the same thing, that they should hurry this deal and not dawdle too long. The Mirialan sighed, saying he never got to have a little fun, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a bright red stone. Corinus tossed the stone to Senna, who caught it and began examining it. Erasis noted how the crystal was red just as Kataret described it, but Senna immediately realized that the crystal did not radiate the force like it should have.

In her fury, Senna crushed the stone in her hand, saying the smuggler had made a bad mistake trying to trick them. Before Corinus could say anything, Senna stuck out her hand and began to force choke the man. At this, the Wookiee intervened, grabbing his vibrosword and attacking Senna. He initially took her by surprise, knocking her backwards with his strength. But the Wookiee's brute power was no match for Senna's finesse and power in the force, allowing her to quick defeat the Wookiee in combat with several severe attacks. The Wookiee fell from his injuries. He was unconscious yet not dead. Erasis demanded that Corinus give up the actual artifact or Senna would finish off the Wookiee, and then kill Corinus next. The smuggler, trying to cover his companion's wounds the best he could, revealed that the Cartel's Security had initially inspected his cargo beforehand, and had discovered and taken the actual crystal from him. Senna and Erasis were both angered by the fact that Corinus had lost their treasure. The smuggler then yelled at the two Sith to leave he had his Wookiee alone, or he would force them to. Erasis was amused by a threat from a mere looter, revealing to Corinus that he was a powerful Sith Lord. But Corinus claimed he had dealt with Sith before, and was not afraid of Erasis. The Dread Master, eager to have a little fun of his own, attacked Corinus with his powers of fear, but the Mirialan skillfully resisted it. While the duel began, Darth Senna used her powerful dread abilities to create fear and agony within the minds of the locals on the Promenade, so they would not realize the battle. Meanwhile, Corinus drew his blasters and made several attacks against the Sith. But Erasis was no longer messing around, and brought the smuggler to his knees with lightning.

In defeat, Corinus begged for mercy, pleading that they let him and his Wookiee companion go. Senna demanded that Corinus tell them where they would recover the lost crystal. The smuggler stood up and guessed that the mercenary who took the crystal would likely be in the Promenade's cantina. Erasis sensed that Corinus was telling the truth, and decided that he would let the smuggler live for his honesty. But, as punishment for his initial lies, Corinus would have to endure a loss. Before Corinus could ask what the two Sith wanted, Senna lifted the unconscious Wookiee with the force and, with one quick slice, killed him. Corinus yelled in denial, cursing the Sith before running to his companion's corpse. Now that the confrontation had ended, Senna stopped creating fear in the minds of the locals. Erasis and Senna then left the saddened man and went to the cantina in hopes of finding the crystal. When the pair arrived at the cantina, they immediately were surprised. As soon as they entered the room, they could sense the radiating energy of the stone. They went in further into the cantina to discover the artifact in the hands of a relaxing mercenary. Erasis decided he wanted to have a little fun, and utilizing their disguises, he and Senna acted as rich, drunk, wealthy people. While acting, he and Senna made their way to the mercenary, to which they questioned him about the crystal. The mercenary showed them the crystal, boldly saying that it was a unique gem. Erasis, still acting as a wealthy buyer, asked the man the cost of the crystal. The Mercenary replied by saying he would sell it to them for a shocking price of ten million credits. Erasis, toyed with the Mercenary's mind, showing him an illusion of the credits. The Mercenary threw the crystal for Erasis before excitedly taking the credits and running off with them. Erasis laughed as the foolish mercenary left them.

Now with the artifact in their possession, Erasis and Senna hurried back to Kataret's sanctum on the planet. When they returned, they immediately sensed something was wrong. They quickly made their way to the throne room where they hoped to find Kataret. They soon reached the throne room, and as they entered they were immediately rushed by immense dark energy that filled them with grief. The pair looked on the ground, seeing the corpses of Kataret's two personal Dread Guards, and then their eyes reached the throne. Sitting calmly on the seat was a dark robed man. He looked up at the two Sith to show a pale Zabrak face with dreadful red eyes. Senna questioned who this was, to which Erasis revealed the man's identity: The Sith Monarch. The Monarch smirked at Erasis, excited to destroy the Dread Master. Erasis claimed that he had already defeated the Monarch twice before and would do it again. But the Monarch laughed at Erasis' claims, reminding the Dread Master that he had singlehandedly brought the Dread Masters to their knees. Senna stood back and observed how to two rivals reacted to each other. The Monarch explained to Erasis that he was now in control of Kataret's body, and would use it to finally exact his revenge. But Erasis stated he was prepared to fight the Monarch, revealing the crystal mental prison. The Monarch disregarded Erasis, reminding him that he was in control now, and the crystal would absorb Dread Master Kataret's mind instead, as it was the weaker of the two. At this comment, Erasis put the crystal away, saying he did not need it.

The two rivals then engaged in a fateful duel. As they fought, Erasis remembered their past battles on Korriban and Ilum, where he had his Dread Master allies to help him. Now, he stood to fight alone. The Monarch summoned his powers, blasting Erasis with enormous amounts of lightning. However, the powerful Dread Master used his shielding techniques to defend, absorb, and recover from the assault. Erasis then began attacking with his own dark abilities, pushing the Monarch back and injuring him. The Monarch yelled in denial as Erasis began to gain the advantage, saying he would not accept defeat again. Drawing on Kataret's connection to Erasis through the union, the Monarch unbalanced the Dread Master, then proceeding to attack with lightning again. Erasis was unprepared for the attack, and was blasted against the wall abruptly. The Monarch then used the force to lift Erasis and slam him back into the ground, before crashing him into the throne. As Erasis landed he knelt, seemingly in defeat. The Monarch then turned to Senna, who had been spectating. He offered for Senna to become his apprentice, to which he would teach her his infinite knowledge, powers, and unique abilities. Seeing Erasis in defeat tempted Senna to join the strong Monarch, but she refused his offer, stating she would not betray her loyalty to the Dread Masters. The Monarch was infuriated by her decision, drawing his weapon and preparing to attack.

But just before he struck, Erasis caught his attention. The Monarch turned back to look at Erasis, who was now on his feet again. The Monarch, unfamiliar with this technique, became concerned, and damanded to know what Erasis was doing. Suddenly, four red beams appeared in the room, representing the absent Dread Masters Nolus, Vemara, Belleva, and Vindictiva. A fifth beam appeared around Erasis, and a sixth came out of the Monarch's body, representing Dread Master Kataret. The Monarch, realizing Erasis was calling on the power of the full union, began attacking Erasis with lightning, attempting to disrupt his ritual. However, an empowered Erasis stood up from the throne, with a shield surrounding him that deflected all of the Monarch's abilities. The six spoke in unison, saying they were Pacifying the Monarch. Erasis then unleashed his ultimate power, blasting the Monarch with unlimited electricity, bringing the rival to his knees in defeat. The Monarch was in awe by Erasis' full power, and in his defeat, lost control. Soon enough, Dread Master Kataret returned to be in control of the body, commending Erasis for defeating the Monarch. He then looked at the two, saying they had to use the crystal to imprison the Monarch's corruptions quickly, before they took control again. He instructed them to lay the crystal on the ground, and then channel their powers into him so he can repel the corruptions out of his body and into the crystal.

Senna laid the crystal on the ground as told, and Erasis prepared to channel his powers into Kataret. But just before he could, the Monarch took back control, demanding for Erasis to wait. He then made an offer to Erasis, saying that Erasis give him the power to remove Kataret from the body. Before Erasis could instinctively reject to offer, the Monarch reminded him that he was far more powerful and knowledgeable than Kataret. Erasis thought and pondered the choice, just as Kataret came back in control, asking how Erasis could ever consider the option. The Monarch soon took over again, appealing to both Erasis and Senna, claiming to give them personal rewards if they let him stay in control. The two personalities then began to shift control over the body, as Erasis and Senna were left with the difficult choice: Allow the trustful, loyal, Dread Master Kataret stay in control, or let the untrustworthy, corrupted, more powerful, more knowledgeable Monarch to take control of the body. The pair knew either choice had its benefits and drawbacks, so they contemplated. At last, they made up their mind, boldly declaring they would not be betrayed by the Monarch again, and would save the one they trusted. The Monarch, who was in control at the time, demanded that they reconsider, but Erasis and Senna channeled their powers into the loyal Kataret. And in a flash of light, the ritual was done.

Standing tall and in control of the body was Dread Master Kataret, who immediately felt relieved of an enormous burden. And within the crystal was the imprisoned corruptions and personality of the Monarch. Kataret ran up and thanked Erasis and Senna, saying he was finally himself and was no longer restrained by the corruptions of the Monarch. He decided he would never doubt Erasis' judgement again, and then spoke to Senna. Kataret revealed that he knew Senna held a portion of Dread Master Brontes' power, and was originally planning on taking it back from her. But after the choice Senna made, Kataret decided to let her keep it, as she had earned it. Senna, after having an emotional tear drop, left the sanctum while Erasis and Kataret discussed loose-ends. They agreed that Erasis would hold onto the corrupted crystal prison and would decide its final fate later. Afterwards, as Erasis was leaving the sanctum, he thought to himself about Kataret's new, corruption-free personality troubled him, as Kataret now acted and spoke almost like a Jedi. Erasis quickly disregarded his thoughts, saying that it was a better decision than having the untrustworthy Monarch in control. He then returned to his Dread Palace on Yavin IV.


The Battle of Oricon

Involved: Erasis, Kataret, Nolus, Vindictiva/Sefran, Belleva, Si'alla, Rampage (As Dread Commander), Senna, S'renx/Togruta, Praelus, Vuldranaii, Candicia, Eliasara

Location: Oricon - Orbit, The Black Arrow (Ziost Shadow), Palace Courtyard, Dread Palace

((While this RP is in the traditional RP Log, it is also recorded here as it has major effects on Dread Lore))

The time had come. After months of planning on both sides, the Sith Imperium and Dread Masters were about to enter the first, and last major battle of their war. With the Dread Masters claiming to be carrying out the Emperor Salvatus' will without proof, and refusing to kneel before Empress Candicia in Salvatus' absence, conflict has arisen, and the day of destiny had finally arrived. Led by the Empress and Praetor, a massive Sith Imperium invasion force arrived out of hyperspace near Oricon's orbit. Their naval force included 25 Harrower Dreadnoughts and 50 Terminus Destroyers, along with several support ships. The Imperium's victory seemed inevitable as their force was nearly five times the Dread Masters' defense fleet, which included only Five Harrower Dreadnoughts and Twelve Terminus Destroyers. The Imperium Fleet approached the Masters' own fleet, which was entrenched behind a field of ship debris from the Republic and Empire's first invasion of the planet. The Imperium's plan for defeating the Masters involved a strike team landing on the surface to take out the Masters' shield generator. The generator was housed inside the Dread Palace, and once it was brought down, the Imperium fleet could bombard them from orbit. After reviewing the mission, the battle began.

The battle started with the Empress, who was on the Sovereign, attempting to hail the Dread Masters with their communicators. The Masters, however, responded by appearing as apparitions on the Capitol Ship's Bridge. Lord Erasis, as leader of the Masters, stood in front of the others, telling the Empress to speak bluntly. Candicia replied by giving the Masters one last chance to surrender and kneel, or be wiped out. Naturally, the Dread Masters declined, and Erasis promised the Imperium would soon feel a taste of their power. The Dread Masters disappeared from the bridge and the invasion fleet began to head towards the moon through the ship debris. But then the trap was sprung. As soon as a large portion of the Imperium fleet had made it within the ship debris, they noticed power generators emitting from the different pieces of ship wreckage. They realized it too late, however. The generators soon revealed themselves to be powerful laser defense weapons, which began blasting through the Imperium navy that had foolishly fallen into the trap. In only a few seconds, nearly half of the invasion force had been obliterated, but the surviving ships, still more than double the Masters' fleet, joined together and pressed forward. They were soon confronted by the Black Arrow, the defense fleet's flagship helmed by Dread Master Nolus, a brilliant tactician.

As the Imperium navy began to fire at the defense fleet, the Masters revealed their next weapon. Attached to the Black Arrow appeared to be a large super weapon. The weapon turned out to be an inferno gun, as it fired a massive blast of energy destroying another of the Imperium ships in one move. The space battle raged on, with the Masters able to gain a heavy advantage with their inferno gun. More Imperium ships fell to its power, but the invasion fleet was able to destroy two of the Masters' Harrower Dreadnaughts and several Terminus Destroyers. By this time, the Imperium ships had come close enough to Oricon's surface, and deployed fighter squadrons to the planet to weaken the Masters' ground defenses. However, the squadrons proved to be very ineffective, as the Masters released winged Hydra beasts to combat them. The fighters put up a valiant effort, but the beasts were able to quickly destroy most of them. Meanwhile, in space, the Imperium ships had finally disabled the Black Arrow's inferno gun, but it had done enough damage to make the space battle an even fight. On the Sovereign, the Praetor, Darth Si'alla Va'lenn, gathered a small strike team to board the Black Arrow and take out Dread Master Nolus, whose death would lead to the downfall of the Masters' fleet.

Si'alla and her team were able to board the Black Arrow, and after fighting through some guards, arrived on the bridge. There, Si'alla met her rival, Nolus, who had been preparing for the duel. Ever since Si'alla and Nolus clashed verbally on Yavin IV, they had both been expecting this inevitable confrontation. Additionally, Nolus had kidnapped Si'alla's daughter in an attempt to bring out her fury and unbalance her. Si'alla and her team fought valiantly against the Dread Master's waves of droids, while Nolus himself refrained from engaging in battle. After the fight against the droids, Nolus saw the Black Arrow was doomed to fall upon the moon's surface, and hence, decided to retreat from his capital ship. Before leaving, Nolus dispatched a Togruta who was with the Praetor, and then managed to escape on a pod with Si'alla's daughter. Not long after the Master's departure, Si'alla and her group made their own escape from falling dreadnought. Si'alla's pod crashed on Oricon where there was minimal of the enemy. Nolus' pod brought him to the Dread Palace.

With the Black Arrow's destruction, the Imperium was able to gain an advantage in the space battle. Furthermore, their fighter squadrons had finally fought off enough winged beasts and secured a landing position. Empress Candicia, along with several powerful Imperium heroes, took a shuttle to the landing post on Oricon surface. When they arrived, Dread Master Kataret echoed over the sky, taunting the Imperium and claiming they had suffered too many losses. The group then met up with Darth Si'alla, who reported that the Masters' Palace would be vulnerable through a ground assault, where they would fight through the Dread Guards in the Palace courtyard and ultimately make their way into the Palace to reach their objective: the shield generator. Candicia agreed to this plan, and took her team, consisting of Si'alla, S'renx, Praelus, and Vuldranaii, to the Palace courtyard. The bulk of the Imperium's ground force took a direct assault on the courtyard, distracting most of the Dread Guards and allowing Candicia's team to sneak in. As they fought their way through some Dread Guards, Dread Master Kataret appeared in front of the Imperium team, taunting them further. The team persisted past his insults and made their way to the entrance to the Palace, which was defended by two Dread Commanders, Dread Master Belleva, and Belleva's pet, Kunta.

The Imperium engaged the team. The Dread defenders put up a powerful defense, but the Imperium's numbers began to overwhelm them, forcing them to retreat inside the Dread Palace. Candicia led her invaders further inside, to which she was confronted by the two Dread Commanders once again, one of them being recognized as Darth Senna. The Imperium attacked without mercy. The Dread Commanders were  strong, the chosen  last line of defense. However, the fury of the Empress was strong, And with her own around her, she outnumbered the two.The Imperium killed one of them, but Senna was able to flee into the throne room of the Palace. Si'alla recalled that the shield generator would most likely be in the throne room. She also guessed that the Dread Masters were also there, ready to make their last stand. Candicia acknowledged this, and then led the team to the throne room door. They blasted it down and made their way to the room's center, where they found the leading Dread Master, Erasis Citadel, seemingly meditating at a large holocron. S'renx pointed out that the holocron emitting a large amount of energy, inferring that it was the shield generator. Candicia then called Erasis out, and he turned to them. Candicia laughed at Erasis, calling him weak and abandoned. However, Erasis deviously smiled as the other five Dread Masters--Kataret, Nolus, Belleva, Vindictiva, and Vemara--appeared beside him. Nolus also revealed Si'alla's captive daughter at his side.

Candicia launched the first attack, throwing one of her lightsabers at Erasis, who easily dodged it. But the Masters flinched as the lightsaber drove itself into the shield generator and it was deactivated. The Masters enraged and then engaged the Imperium, their combined powers unbelievably strong. They used their lightsabers to defend against the Imperium Sith's physical attacks, but soon brought the Imperium to their knees with their immense force lightning and dark force attacks. But the Imperium team was quick, and adapted to the Masters ability, briefly pushing the Masters back. But, as the Imperium gained the slightest of advantages, the Dread Masters unleashed their true power. They joined together and unleashed their powerful mental attack on the strike team, bringing them to the ground. Yet, the Imperium would not accept defeat, and in a last effort, all the Sith in the group summoned their powers to strengthen Candicia alone. The Empress soon stood triumphant as the donated powers from her Sith companions allowed her alone to resist the Masters' mental attack. At this, Erasis claimed this would be the destined duel; leader against leader, him against Candicia. Erasis' five Dread Master companions stopped their fear attack and began channeling their energy into Erasis, which made him immensely power.

Erasis drew his lightsaber and attacked Candicia, the two empowered leaders immensely strong. Every time their lightsabers clashed, shockwaves emitted and shook the entire moon. The battle was even, both Erasis and Candicia's powers matched. They unleashed their most powerful force attacks at each other. However, abruptly, Si'alla screamed loudly and forced the two to momentarily cease their duel. Not taking her eyes off her opponent, Candicia demanded to know what Si'alla was talking about. Suddenly, she deployed a probe, which displayed the holographic image of Grand Moff Sefran, the Supreme Commander of the Sith Imperium Military. Sefran appeared to be broadcasting a speech, and both the Dread Masters and Imperium team listened intently, though still had their weapons drawn and ready to attack. As they listened, Sefran stated that oppression of the Sith in the Imperium was at an end. Sefran surprised everyone when he revealed that he was the leader of the seemingly small Anti-Sith movement in the Imperium, which had in actuality grown to be formidable. Sefran confidently reported that Salvatus was dead, and that the Imperium's chaotic civil war had left their core worlds vulnerable, showing the image of a Republic fleet invading Imperium territory. Sefran furthered his point that the Imperium's third Sector had seceded. He then finished by boldly declaring he would reform the Imperium into his Kingdom of Centares, and ended the broadcast.

The Dread Masters and Imperium team were taken back by this report. Si'alla confirmed what Sefran had stated, saying that the Imperium's territory was indeed vulnerable to the Republic's invading fleet. Nolus inquired that the Sefran's Anti-Sith movement had been the secret third party he and Si'alla had discussed. Dread Master Kataret was then able to piece the events together, saying that Sefran had played them all from the very beginning. He recalled that Sefran had been the first to call them out as traitors at the council meeting, drawing them into the war and conflict. Erasis soon told Candicia that they needed to reunite their surviving forces if they wanted any chance of opposing Sefran and the Republic. Si'alla agreed and reasoned with Candicia to agree to an alliance, but the Empress pondered at the thought. Lord Nolus released Si'alla's daughter back Si'alla, and Erasis claimed her freedom would be a token of a new peace. But Candicia finally burst from her silence, grabbing Erasis' throat. She demanded for the Masters to kneel to her authority of she would eradicate the Dread Palace. Belleva stated they would only work as equals together, and would not submit to anyone's leadership other than Salvatus. Si'alla begged Candicia to agree to an alliance where they shared the power of leadership, but Candicia did not call off the threat of bombing the Palace. She released Erasis and waited for his response. The five Masters looked to him for guidance. After several minutes of silent contemplation, Erasis finally kneeled to the Empress, and his companions followed in his example. Candicia smirked, telling them to remember this moment they had submitted to her supreme rule. The Dread Masters and Imperium then returned to their ships, returning to Yavin IV to plan their next move.


The Dread Commander's Gift

Involved: Senna, Santificus (And Erasis)

Location: Oricon, Belsavis

Summary: Days had passed since Senna had departed the Watchtower. To many things demanded her attention, many details that had to be sorted out as Oricon prepared for an attack that was sure to come. As she moved from console to console, she noticed that she was no longer alone. In the center of the room, a man was standing, waiting for her to notice him. She questioned his presence, demanding to know what he was doing in her tower. Without word, he struck at her and she responded. The duel was fierce, but did not last very long and when her enemy was downed with her blade directed at his face, the man shifted into a form she recognized: Santicifus.

The son of Erasis informed the Dread Guard Commander that his father had demanded the duel to take place as a test before a gift was bestowed upon her and that they were to leave for Belsavis immediately. Unquestioningly, she departed with her companion.

Upon landing on Belsavis, her disdain for the planet was obvious and made even more prominent by Santificus remembering her imprisonment on the planet many years prior. He reminded Senna that she was not the only one to have been imprisoned on the ancient world and they pressed on. They sped across the surface of Belsavis eventually delving deep into the Tomb, stopping only when they have reached an ancient lift descending into the gloomy unknown. Here, Santificus asked Senna if she knew where they had traveled to. She could sense it. Faint though it was, the echo of the Dread Masters was still present here and she relayed this information to Santificus who gave affirmation to her claims. They climbed onto the lift and were pulled down into the darkness.

As they climbed off the lift, in the dimly lit hollow, Santificus paused and cried out in fear. His father had taken possession and spoke through him. Dread Master Erasis reminded Senna of where she was and of how she was supposed to act in such a sacred place. When she remarked on the significance of the journey, he responded saying that only those destined for greatness were gifted with the honor she was about to experience.

Erasis released his son and the pair continued on. Reaching a massive set of doors, Santificus stopped Senna one last time. He asked her what she knew of former Dread Master Artcis to which she replied, "Very little." Santificus informed her that Arctis had been the successor to Dread Master Calyphus and that he had invented devices that could traverse time itself. The doors slid open and Santicus activated the orb sending them back to the moment the original six were released.

The Pair watched as Heart Rend was dispatched and one by one, his savants fell. Santificus noted each of the Masters and as he uttered his last words, the Masters were released. The vision further depicted the Dread Masters torturing their savior for his lack of decorum in their presence and it only ending when Raptus noted that the man's act of heroism on their behalf warranted mercy. They were then interrupted by incoming Republic soldiers who experienced great fear before falling to the ground, pale as ghosts. The show of power by the six greatly excited Senna who, for once, had trouble masking her emotions. The vision ended with the Masters and the Savior departing for the shuttle awaiting them.

As the vision faded, Erasis spoke once more. He said that the gifts did not end with the vision and that Senna was to take command of one of the Dread Legions, answerable only to the Harbinger of Fear and the Masters themselves. She bowed with great respect and moved to depart the prison as darkness fell on the remnant of the vision.


Death of a Former Master

Involved: Erasis, Vemara, Senna, Imperium Soldier (Nezzor), Si'alla, S'renx.

Location: The Six's Palace on Oricon

Summary: The deed had been done. Asavian had fallen, faded to ash before the Empress Consort. Si'alla and the other made there way to Vemara first on Oricon, and she confirmed the true, her father was gone. There would be no evasion of death again. Phantasmal powers had lost their grip. With her declaration, the others bowed out, and went to see Erasis.

He sat, his hands outstretched, a whirling vortex of energy in front of him, continuing the focus on his ritual while the others walked in and confirmed his feelings in the Force. He thanks them each, but was most watching of his aspirant Senna, who let Si'alla speak for her. The others sat and watched, mystified. Nezzor walked forward, telling Erasis he had brought a relic of Asavian: a bit of fabric, torn off the floor before Asavian faded. Erasis motioned him forward, only for Nezzor to vanish into the portal suddenly. Erasis laughed, saying it happens all too often.

All them suddenly appeared in the nightmare realm of Raptus, which Erasis has access to naturally. They were Confused, while of course Senna simply laughed and walked on. Erasis took the fragment, and said he would preform the test of authenticity. He gestured, and relics of other fallen masters appeared in slots all around the room. Walking to an empty slot, he placed the fabric, and immeditately it levitatated into place and glowed with arcane light: a sign that the relic was true.

Smiling, Erasis noted that the residual power in this relics would give him enough power to restore sanity to his body in a way that he could willingly leave oricon for a short time if needed. He thanks the others for their help, and returned to meditation, leaving the others to go which-way.


The Trial of the Elysium

Involved: Dread Master Emeritus Erasis, Senna, Unnamed Dread Guard (Alesis' toon)

Location: Oricon, Dread Palace

Summary: After the humiliation and dismissal of Senna by Erasis yesterday, Senna returned to the Palace demanding to see the Emeritus, but was barred access by a single guard in Nightmare's Arsenal. HE stated no visitors were being had, which prompted Senna's anger. However, the guard become possessed, and Erasis told Senna she would have to complete a trial on Alderaan to gain admittance again. He left the guard, and the two of them made their way to the Planet.

Upon entrance the guard told Senna to meet him at Elysium. He lectured her, saying the power she had taken was best when it was practiced in union. He showed this by demolishing the guards there. He turned to her, and instructed her to defeat the entire guardpost. Half through, he encouraged her forward, and vanished again.

Approaching the Jedi commander of the post, Senna only laughed and drained the jedi to a pale shell of a body, smiling as she demonstrated her devastation. The Guard said she should make her way back to the palace as to take some blood also as proof of completion, and she nodded, leaving him.

Back at the Palace, Erasis acknowledged completion, but told senna she had failed. Turning, she only offered sarcasm. Erasis sighed, realizing she had no indication of what had occurred she departed. To rectify that, Erasis pulled her into a nightmare, and she suddenly was back on Alderaan. She saw herself walk from the guard, then dozens of Jedi descend on him. She witnessed dozens upon dozens of forces engage the Dread Guard, and only saw dozens fell. Eventually, she saw him fall.

Suddenly the nightmare shifted, and the guard rose, drew his blade and attacked Senna. She held her own, but eventually the guard pushed back, shocking her out of the nightmare. Senna looked to Erasis for an explanation, and he told her she had missed the vital lesson, that she would need to master the childish concept of teamwork before she could draw on the powers of the union. Accepting her dismissal, senna bowed and left again.


The Meeting

Involved: Dread Master EMERITUS Erasis, Senna

Location: Original Dread Palace.

Summary: Senna, the one who had gathered a void of darkness on Oricon, had finally been freed by The Voice of Dread Master Emeritus Erasis. She did not know why, or what purpose and business Erasis could have with her, but she arrived at the abandoned Palace in full spirit. She found Erasis meditating in the Sanctuary of Nightmares. Senna found him impassive. Untroubled.

In a casual pace, she solemnly thanked Erasis for her rescue and added her indebtedness. Erasis responded that she had a great much to atone for, saying she had taken powers that were wrongfully given. He told her she would have to prove her worthiness, and Senna quickly asked what had to be done. The only answer was an explosion of lightning; the battle was on.

The Emeritus grinned, as the battle was heavily weighted in his favor. Within moments, he knocked her to the floor, and made it appear as if they were in Bestia's Throne room. Senna was not daunted, and threw Erasis hard into the Throne behind him. He countered, changing the envoirment again to Tyrans' "chessboard," This time with him looking down at her. Senna charged at him, knocking him from the control of the envoirment. It changed to Calphayus' Sanctum, and Senna was quickly trapped by the tendrils of the Eternal Roots. From there, Erasis shifted the vision a final time. He took her to the Throne room, and, surrounded by darkness, he proceeded to fill her mind with such horrors that he forced her knees to bend under sheer terror's power.

The Vision ended, and once again they were in Raptus' Sanctuary. Gasping, Senna acknowledged defeat. Erasis said little, and simply turned and returned to his Meditation. Senna was angered at such a dismissal, but she accepted it and walked out, swearing to return for answers once her power regenerated.



Involved: Dread Masters Erasis, Kataret, and Nolus, Si'alla, Emiko, Eliasara, Arctis

Location: Kaas City (Dromund Kaas), Jungle (Dromund Kaas), Dread Palace Ruins (Dromund Kaas), Dread Fortress (Oricon)


Everything was falling apart. A few days earlier, as anticipated, the powerful force-user, Asavian, assaulted the Dread Masters' Palace on Dromund Kaas. Asavian and his overwhelming force of soldiers had taken the Palace with ease and slain through the Dread Masters' guards and defensive forces. Imperium reinforcements were sent to help but they were too late. They defeated Asavian's invading army, but were forced to retreat from the Palace, learning that it had been rigged with bombs. The Palace was destroyed, burned down to the ground into a pile of rubble. Additionally, Dread Masters Nolus and Erasis did not escape the Palace when it had fallen, and were presumed dead.

Now, days later, an event occurred. Dread Master Kataret, believing there was something of value among the wreckage, called for an assortment of Imperium personnel, hoping they could help him sort through the rubble of the Palace for any treasures still there. Few answered this plea for help, as it was of little significance. Among those were Colonel Eliasara, Sergeant Emiko, and Praetor Si'alla Va'lenn. Kataret also enlisted the help of a former friend of his, Darth Arctis. Arctis was grateful for his rescue from the Dread Masters days earlier off of Ilum, and gave his help to the Imperium. Using his authority in the Sith Empire, Arctis was able to permit landings of Imperium personnel on Dromund Kaas. Since the Empire was now more than ever frustrated with the Imperium warring on their territory, Arctis' help was valued.

When the Imperium arrived, Kataret reported what he wanted: The Imperium to search the wreckage of the Dread Palace for anything of value. The Si'alla agreed for the group, considering it would be best to help the Dread Masters in this favor since the Imperium had failed to save the Palace. The group set out. Emiko and Eliasara cleared a path through the jungle of any wildlife for the Imperium to reach the ruins of the Palace. Upon arriving in the jungle ruins, Kataret sensed something familiar, and had the group investigate the area for any signs of the disturbance he sensed. Emiko and Eliasara quickly came across a pair of fresh humanoid footprints, implying there was a living being in the area. The group followed the footprints, which eventually led them to a simple stream of water. Kataret broke down, once again sensing a disturbance. Kataret demanded that the group search the water and they did so. But their findings were interesting. Upon searching the simple stream of water, they came across the damaged body of a man: Erasis Citadel, the Dread Master thought to be killed in the Palace.

With haste, the group moved the man out of the water, and sat him on rocks nearby. Kataret and Si'alla together worked to resuscitate him, but as they saw his face, they realized he had taken a turn for the worst. His face was scarred, his body had been thrashed about and burnt. his hair was nearly gone. Erasis began speaking oddly, musing about the Force, not really paying attention to the group. Eventually he acted as if he was on fire, and attempted to drown himself under the water, which prompted Kataret to retrain and slap his obviously fragmented brother.

It was becoming obvious Erasis would be of no help, so Kataret made the decision to evac everyone off planet, and Skull  Squadron  began to make for Dromund Kaas at Elisara's direction. Erasis protested, saying Nolus was alive as well! He continued, stating Nolus was on Oricon and they needed to get there ASAP. Emiko and her "Big Mama" assured they could secure transport, but that prompted Erasis to ask how they were going to land without angering the Empire. Kataret retorted there was no time, and fervently asked Arctis to fix whatever issue they caused. Arctis nodded a simple yes, and the rest proceeded to Oricon.

Planet side, Delirium had gone away from Erasis' mind, and he felt much better, and explained Nolus had teleported to Oricon as the explosion hit. He said the most logical place to hide would have been inside the massive vacant Dread Fortress. They ventured to the monolithic structure and passed through where the monstrosity Nefra had fallen, And the navigated the maze leading to the resting place of Draxxus, and at last they came upon A large pile of Rubble.

In the massive amount of rubble, the body of the unconscious Dread Master remained there, damaged and his armor destroyed. Erasis entered a frenzy, using the Force to remove the rubble from Nolus time. Once the Master was freed, it was noticable the massive damage in his body. The armor was burned, scarred, and even one leg of the Dread Master was missing, though no blood or open wounds was noticeable.

As the dust settled, several members could note a small plate of armor, made of an unknown alloy. The plate was marked with the sign of a spider with two crossed swords. Emiko took the plate, intending to question Nolus later about it. As Si'alla recreated the leg of the fallen Master, Erasis ran off into the depths of the Fortress. As the Master awakened and got back on his feet, the group pursued the Citadel member into the chambers of the Dread Masters stronghold. Out in the shadows of the planet, two shuttles evacuated the Fortress, and they went into stealth before being noticed by anyone.

As they got nearer where Erasis was last located, the group noticed the amount of archaeological equipment and empty crates, wasted supplies and several generators powering the Fortress. Someone was here recently. As they fighted several security measures in the Fortress, they stopped on a corridor. It was the last location of Erasis.

Nolus decided to stop the search, as Erasis didn't wanted to be followed if he dissipated like that. As the group prepared to retreat, Emiko mentioned the plate to Nolus. As the Dread Master observed the plate, he recognized the marking, and dammed that they were the ones here. Nolus explained that the plate of armor belonged to a mercenary group employed by the Web of Shadows, an mysterious organization whose purpose is unknown, but they collect informations from all sources. As Nolus elaborated on the doings of this organization, Si'alla inquired about it's leadership. Nolus revealed the WoS, as it's known the Web of Shadows, is led by a Taskmaster. According to Nolus, the last Taskmaster was the Lord Hand, Darth Ryshias Valeus, and it was unknown to him if Ryshias kept at the lead of the organization, or this was the work of other Taskmaster.

Once the group returned to the Sovereign, Nolus mentioned this strengthened the ties of the Masters with the Imperium, and that he thanked them. Nolus then bid farewell to the Imperium, as he decided he would recluse himself into the Black Arrow, his ship, but would eventually rise to defend the Imperium if the time comes.


Destruction of the Dread Palace

*Let it be known that in an Imperium guild wide event, not a Dread RP, the Reborn Dread Masters' Palace on Dromund Kaas was destroyed and Dread Master Erasis was critically injured. While the RP will be recorded in the normal RP log, it is worth mentioning here, as it is a major event in the Dread Lore. If you are interested in reading about the actual RP, be sure to check the traditional Imperium RP log for when it is written there.*


Safety Precautions

Involved: Dread Masters Kataret and Erasis

Location: Dread Palace (Dromund Kaas), Phobis Device Core (Dromund Kaas)


Something was coming. Something big. Something unlike anything the Dread Masters had experienced before. Dread Master Erasis, seeking to prepare for this inevitable event, summoned Dread Master Kataret to their Palace and Sactuary on Dromund Kaas. Kataret arrived shortly, meeting with Erasis and questioning his reason to summon him. Erasis quickly conveyed the news that had been relayed recently by the Imperium: Asavian, a former Dread Master who was thought to be dead, revealed himself to be the leader of the Imperium's warring enemy, the Alliance. Both Dread Masters were devastated to learn that their once loyal brother and comrade Asavian, had betrayed them and the Imperium and now worked against them.

Angered by this fact, the Dread Masters were enraged. But learning of Asavian as the leader had put them on edge, as they now realized how much of a threat the Alliance and Asavian presented them. Asavian had already, with ease, defeated Dread Master Nolus and stolen his power. Erasis then relayed his reason for bringing Kataret to the Palace. Now that they knew Asavian was their enemy, Erasis found it extremely likely that he would target the Dread Masters specifically, or their Palace and relics. With these assumptions, Erasis convinced Kataret to aid him in preserving and protecting some of their relics and artifacts, or anything that Asavian could steal from them. While Kataret agreed to help, he also mentioned that Asavian could steal their powers as he did to Nolus, but Erasis pushed this fact aside.

The two Dread Masters then got to work. They went to the relic room of their Palace, where their most desired treasures were help. Erasis quickly showed Kataret to the Relics of the Fallen, several sentimental items recovered from former Dread Masters after their apparent deaths. To ensure their safety, Kataret and Erasis split the relics between them. Kataret had his share of the relics brought to his personal sanctum on Nar Shaddaa, while Erasis wanted his share to be taken to Oricon. After that arrangement was made, Erasis then led Kataret to other treasured artifacts, the orbs of the original Dread Masters. These orbs were some of the most potentially powerful artifacts which the Dread Masters had in their possession. They held stored information on each of the original Dread Masters as well as the potential to summon power their holder.

Erasis sought to preserve these special artifacts as well, as their destruction could be very grievous to the Masters. Together, Kataret and Erasis agreed that these powerful treasures should be stored in their safest sactuary: The Phobis Core. Rarely used, the Phobis Core was the birthplace of the original Dread Masters' powers. It is where they first harnessed the powers of fear and their unique abilities of the force. Erasis believed Asavian, nor any enemy, could enter this area, and that it was exclusive to the Dread Masters. It was here where the orbs would be stored, to ensure no one would come in contact with them. Erasis and Kataret then traveled on foot from their Palace to an inner chamber of the Dark Temple, where the Core was located. Upon entering the core, Erasis and Kataret cautiously rested each of the artifacts. After they did so, they reminded each other to be prepared for Asavian's future assaults, and to stand united in the face of danger. They then departed.


The Architect's Experiment

Involved: Dread Masters Nolus and Kataret

Location: Kataret's Dark Sanctum (Nar Shaddaa)


Conflict was rising. The Imperium, still in an intense against war the powerful Alliance, was fighting their hardest in an attempt to protect their territories and worlds. Meanwhile, the Dread Masters, who now worked cooperatively with the Imperium, were looking for methods of increasing their power. Dread Master Kataret understood that the Imperium needed leadership in a deadly time like this, so he took on a daring new challenge. Kataret, in hopes of gaining personal power and preparing himself of leading Imperium forces on the battlefield, began experimenting. Believing he would need assistance on his project, Kataret summoned Dread Master Nolus to his personal Sanctum on Nar Shaddaa.

Nolus quickly arrived on the planet. He met Kataret, questioning the details of this experiment. Kataret quickly revealed that he wanted to rebuild the ancient Reach of Brontes. The "Reach of Brontes" was powerful technology that Dread Master Brontes, one of the original Dread Masters, had created to greatly assist her when she did battle. The Reach consisted of four individual tentacles that could be attached to one being and act as additional limbs as well as giving the wielder a wider array of abilities. Kataret wanted to create a replica of this technology so it could also assist him in combat. When Nolus heard of this, he understood why his help would be valued. Years before, Nolus had served under the original Dread Masters as one of their servants. He had the privilege of seeing Brontes' Reach firsthand and had a significant memory of it. He could help rebuild it for Kataret's use.

After they agreed to work on the project together, Kataret brought Nolus to his personal worktable. As they entered the room, Nolus noticed the different materials on the worktable: Shards of gold, wiring, and steel recovered from Oricon after the defeat of the original Dread Masers. Nolus believed that, using these materials, he could create a near-replica of the Reach of Brontes and then use it to empower Kataret. Nolus stated that the process would be very painful, but Kataret was convinced he could bear the pain. Nolus then began the process, having Kataret sit down and prepare. Nolus then went on the begin the construction of the individual tentacles that would be attached to Kataret's body.

Nolus then went on and finished the first of the metallic tentacles. Then, using the force and his lightsaber, Nolus cut open Kataret's back, gaining access to Kataret's spine and nervous system. Now with his back open, Nolus slowly began to move the one metal tentacle, putting it in the perfect position to connect it to Kataret. In one sudden movement, Nolus thrashed the end of the tentacle in Kataret's back. Kataret screamed, feeling the intense pain. But he quickly calmed down, remembering that the pain would be worth it for the power that would be acquired. Nolus quickly settled the first of the tentacles, wrapping its wiring into Kataret's spine and connecting it to his nervous system.

Meanwhile, as the first of the tentacles had finally been attached to Kataret, the three others had been completed, and were ready to be connected. Simultaneously, Nolus began fitting the three of them into position, carving the perfect placements into Kataret's back. Kataret once more yelled from the great pain of three sharp points being thrashed into his body. He shook from all the pain, but was held in place by Nolus through the force. Nolus then finished attaching the tentacles, connecting them to the spine and wiring them into Kataret's nerves. Kataret then went on to attempting to moving the tentacles. Even as his back was still bleeding and he was still under much pain, he laughed, feeling the power that this new technology was granting him.

Kataret then asked Nolus to make the placement of these tentacles permanent, so he could never lose the power. Nolus, understanding this request, did as was told. With the help of Dread Guards, Nolus pushed the metallic tentacles further into Kataret's body, and they were now so far in then ripping one out could result in Kataret's own death. Then, using lightning, Nolus and the Dread Guards infused the metal of the tentacles into Kataret's skin and nerves. With that the process was completed. Kataret, still soar from the intense process, decided it would be best to rest and recover his strength before he tested his new powers and abilities. He thanked Nolus, promising to repay the favor sometime in the future.

Later, after he had rested and recovered his strength, mastered the power of the Reach. He was able to frequently use them to levitate, and if he wanted, was able to retract them into his body.


The Dread Seeker's Pursuit

Involved: Dread Masters Erasis and Kataret, Dread Seeker Si'alla, Dread Guard Commander Santificus.

Locations: Successors' Dread Palace; Cave Under Tree, Belsavis.


After initiating two into the Imperium, Si'alla was summoned by the Masters to the Palace. It had been decided that Si'alla was to experience the ritual of the Break-Free, one of the most sacred rites to be offered. Erasis told Si'alla to meet his representative on Belsalvis. Kataret also added that he would be monitoring the Praetor's progress.

Santificus met Si'alla at the location where X'aan was executed. He asked what she knew of the place, and, getting a reading she knew little, explained the location, and even pointed out the spot where Fidelisis fell comstose so long ago. He added lastly, the spot where the Monarch, Kataret, first spoke to the Imperium.

He lead her out, to a cave, to which Kataret welcomed her. It was dark, and Rakatan, and looking to the others, Santificus donned his visage of Dread, and told Si'alla to do the same. They fought and trudged their way to the Entrance, and Santificus knelt low.

Kataret warned Si'alla to steel herself, as she would experience what very few did. Santificus raised his ancient sword, stating it was Terrorem's, and recovered for just this purpose. Strange darknesses wallowed around Kataret as his robes took form, and as his mask began to shine. Santificus caught a bit of this darkness on the blade, and thrust it into the ground, throwing darkness at the door, lighting up cracks in the floor, causing strange eruptions. Santificus then held an orb, stating it was Arctis' and gestured it out to the dark enegergies. Suddenly, a tear in space in time appeared in front of them, and they walked inside.

Kataret lead them forth, and the levitating bodies of the original six were seen in stasis. Kataret told their stories, and Santificus watched as his Father's master floated endlessly. He then turned to his favorite, Bestia, and knelt before her.

Santificus turned to Si'alla, and asked her if she wished to delve deeper, and she nodded, reminding loyalty to the Imperium came first. Santificus swore her to her role, and with Kataret's aid, preformed the ritual of Dread Touch, initiating her more fully into the Host of Dread.

Si'alla received a further blessing: She was able to see the release, and power of the six. Details are not to be disclosed of the specifics.

Finally, Si'alla was asked to choose a pyramid, a place where she would train under one of the masters. After hearing her options - Alchemy, Stratagem, Nightmares, Ancient Terror, Visions, and Architecture- Si'alla chose to learn under Erasis, stating it was time to bring the terror back. It is duly to be noted that Si'alla was even more pleased when she realized Raptus had been a Diplomat.

At this choice, the Ritual ended, Santificus gave a gift to the Praetor, and vanished as time corrected the anomaly.


Vemara's Ascension

Involved: Dread masters Vindictiva, Nolus, Kataret, Erasis, and Vemara, Dread Coffee Maker Andrekios, Dread Seeker Si'alla.

Locations: Successors' Dread palace, Korriban.


After a brief but invasive interrogation of Si'alla, the Masters met on the Balcony of the Dread Palace, preparing to open their strained union from four to five. Each Master took their throne: Nolus, Kataret, Vindictiva, Erasis. Si'alla, and Andrekios took up ceremonial positions.

When Vemara entered, she sported the full grandeur of the robes of the Dread Masters. Erasis rose, as did the others, and commanded her to kneel. They each gave a blessing, profound in the nature they aided, one for each aspect of terror. Erasis warned Vemara she would feel lacking, and that that was merely a lack of the presence of the Pyramid of Alchemy. When the blessings were complete, Andrekios and Si'alla were sent forth to prepare the Masters' way.

And solemnly, the Masters' made their way to Korriban, whilst Erasis instructed his servants to prepare for Vemara's return. Erasis arrived last, and thus, the masters made to welcome their newest sister. They told her circle would be repeated, but the cycle had to close. She understood and how her head, and Nolus walked her himself to the very platform he once was thrust off, and Kataret before him. with the final incantation, Nolus thrust her off, and she landed, the life falling out of her.

The masters made their grim approach down. Finally, they came to her lifeless corpse, and pronounced the end of Vemara as the world had known. Then Erasis held up a single amulet. Clutching it, he raised his hand, and crushed it slightly, and a faint black energy pulsated around him. Nolus and Kataret followed, and Vindictiva turned shades of crimson. The Masters released this dark energy into the void, and in return they summoned and bounced the soul of Vemara, linking her to them. Vindicitva caught the essence, thrusting it into the girl, who Rose a strong-heartened master and Successor of her father.

As Vemara rose, the others were satisfied, and parted ways, awaiting for the day to ignite the sixth. Vemara returned to the shadows.


The Memorial of Loret Occlus

Involved: Dread Masters Nolus, Kataret, and Erasis, as well as Dread Executioner Belleva.

Location: The Successors Dread Palace (Dromund Kaas.)


Erasis and Nolus, coming home from the Sovereign in Iego, were set in low sprits. They had felt the passing of Loret, and through them, Kataret felt it closely. The three of them met, with Erasis bringing Belleva to present to the others. They were dressed in robes not of the order, whilst Nolus stood silent, his crest and armament traditional. Kataret arrived, not gloomy, but not joyous. He was solemn, but Erasis showed the most pain at the Supreme Commander's passing.

Belleva arrived, quite confused at why Loret's passing would be of any significance to some of the most feared beings in the galaxy, to which Erasis promptly asked if she knew anything at all. When she replied in the negative, Kataret asked Erasis to let it rest in the past, prompting the latter to remind the former that without her he could have been dead. Belleva pressured further, and Nolus suggested a straight link.

Erasis and Kataret agreed, and drawing on the holocrons and powers around them, assumed their respective mantles. They gestured into different aspects of her, so they could tell Loret's story in multiple ways: Erasis took the mind to show thought, Nolus took the Eyes to show what the Masters saw, and Kataret the heart, to show feelings. In this way they recounted fragments of Loret's legacy: Her resurrection of Kataret, her capture, her cleansing, her departure from the masters, the Followers. All of this was a blur in Belleva's Mind, but it was made clear in unity she would comprehend.

With these words, Nolus said what summed it all together: In memory of her, they would do one last good act in her name. All of them followed Erasis, where a small pyre lay. Stooping down, he placed force-imbued ashes in between the unlit logs, and began the Canticle of the Circle of Life: Birth, Pain, Fear and Death. At this, all four lit the pyre in unison, and stepped back. Her face rose into the smoke, calm and serene, and it smiled, and faded into the rainy night.

Death of Loret

Erasis, ending the Ceremony, is quoted saying, "Farewell, Daughter of the Dread Masters."

Hours later, The Palace received a package from SIMCOM Addressed To Erasis, and the transcript is below.

Loret's wish

Erasis was taken aback. And now, prizes the saber of Zorget as an heirloom riviling those blades of Arrax and Alesis.

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