Desh'al was born within the Empire. His parents were Imperial slaves that were tasked with building various buildings and structures. He grew up working with them day after day, doing the usual slave things. Cleaning, cooking, working on things, etc. When he was 17, he enlisted for the Imperial Navy to be a pilot. Though most did not have confidence in him. He went through the Imperial Naval academy, and graduated with flying colors. He was then assigned to Desolator squad with 4 other men.

When He was around 20, he met Nera'ti, another Twi'lek, and they married when Desh'al was 24. They had a child together, whom they named Rela'ni. Nera'ti took care of Rela'ni when Desh was out on his missions, and when he was able to, he would go back to them and spend as much time as he could with his family.

Desolator squad ran many kinds of assaults and defenses of various planets and cities within the Sith Empire.

He later broke through ranks and became the leader of Desolator squad. On one of his first missions as leader, the Admiral of the ship that they were protecting, ordered their squad to fire and destroy 3 different commercial, Civilian transports that were going into an Alderaan spaceport ,that the Empire didn't want anyone going in because of some Republic soldiers that had stormed it. The pilots were being stubborn, thinking that no republic soldiers would be dumb enough to do that, so they were not listening to the orders given to them. Each transport had about 30-35 people aboard, and were en-route to the Alderaan spaceport. Desh'al Could not live with taking that many lives, so he sent this message to his squadmates, and only his squadmates.

"I have decided that I am not going through with this order. There's no way I can live with this kinda' thing on my mind for the rest of my life. I know you're all my friends, so tell the Admiral that my ship went down and I am not alive."

Desh'al then shot a missile at a piece of debris to make an explosion, and flew off to neutral space in his small fighter to escape. For all the Empire knew, He was killed in action.

Desh'al was able to get himself to the sand-covered world of Tatooine, making many stops on other worlds, and he landed near a small town. He contacted Nera'ti and his daughter, and told them to come there. His wife and daughter were happy to see that he had escaped, so they did the same. One night, a freighter was leaving a spaceport that they had worked in. They snuck aboard within a crate full of fruit, and then they were off. The freighter flew From Droumund Kaas, to Hutta of all places, and the cargo was dropped off. Nera'ti and Rela'ni then used their money, all of it, to buy a small ship to get them to Tatooine.

Once they arrived, they bought a small Moisture farm with the money that Desh'al had from his military pay. And they lived free for the first time ever, away from the commands of an evil force. The next few years went great, and the family made money from their farm, and from Desh'al's job as a Lizardbat Breeder. All things turned sour when Nera'ti fell ill, of the Rakgoul plague. Desh'al had been able to afford 2 vaccines, and Nera'ti told Him to use one, and to give one to Rela'ni. She died 3 months later, leaving Desh'al and his daughter to live by themselves.

A year later, Rela'ni was working as a waitress at a cantina, which was not something that Desh'al liked, but it was a way for them to get some credits. One evening, two large men were in the bar, and they had more than a few drinks. They decided to kidnap Rela'ni in their ship. Desh'al did not come to know of this until the next morning, as Rela'ni usually worked nights. The owner of the bar had come to their farm to let Desh know that Rela had not returned since she was 'Taken by the large men' as one of the witnesses told it. Desh'al was furious, and he sold his farm, and all but one Young Lizardbat that he had named Calue, to buy a ship, and find his daughter. He followed many leads, but ultimately came out empty handed, and empty hearted. After 2 years of searching, and coming up with nothing, he gave up. "She has to be dead", he had thought to himself over and over again.

Desh'al later came upon some military officials in the Sith Imperium, while working a freighting job. They stopped him to check his cargo, and he decided that he wanted to join with them. It would get his mind off of his daughter and Wife. He later joined the Sith Imperium Navy, and the Officer's academy. After a long time of training, he became "Captain Desh'al Ate'kar", Commander of Task force 11, of the Sith Imperium's Navy.

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