The Divine is the leader of the Chantry organization at large, based out of the Grand Cathedral in Solaria City. The Divine of the Chantry of the One Sith is always female. It is important to understand that within the Chantry of the One Sith, there are two different types of divines: The Dark Divines and the Chantric Divine. The Dark Divines are the gods of the One Sith religion, and conveyors of its philosophy. The Chantric Divine, referred to simply as Divine followed by her appropriated name and holding the titles of "Most Holy" and "Your Perfection", is the living leader of the Chantry of the One Sith. This page is dedicated to the Chantric Divine which shall be referred to as Divine forthwith.


The duties of the Divine include ensuring the well-being of the Chantry of the One Sith and the organizations which are affiliated with it as well as the further spreading of the Chantry's message. However, if a Divine is too senile to rule, then her role is largely ceremonial.


In the Imperial Chantry of the One Sith, it is customary for a Divine to name her successor before her death, but this does not guarantee their ascension. If a Divine fails to name a successor before her death, every Grand Cleric is required to travel to Solaria City for the Grand Consensus. There, they elect a new Divine from among themselves, or choose another member of the Chantry. The vote must be unanimous for a new Divine to be properly elected. Once crowned, the Divine takes on a new name as a symbol of her office.

Chantric Divines of the One Sith

Again, these are not the Dark Divines. It is entirely possible that a Divine may ascend upon death, but that is not is not the purpose of this list.

  • Victoria: The first Divine. Appointed by Lord Emperor Veldarius I Imperior in 3630 BBY || 23ATC. Her name is symbolic of the constant fight for justice that the Sith Imperium took to the Eternal Empire in that time period, as well as the Imperium's victory over many of its challenges throughout recent history.
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