Carnim Armaan was born along with his little brother, Cornim, in the slave pens. Prodigiously powerful in the force, his ability was recognized and he was sent to be trained as a Sith Acolyte.

Carnim's first introduction to the Imperium would be through Demial Enax while running an errand for his Sith master. Entranced by the ideology and power of The One Sith, he would join them unquestioningly to become a loyal instrument of the Emperor and those who served him.

Hate for Jedi

Carnim and his brother's hate for the Jedi is almost unstoppable and their primary source of rage that fuels their power in the Dark Side of the Force.

A small group of zealous Jedi invaded his first master, Sith Lord Armaan's home and would proceed to free most of his slaves after defeating and killing him. However, they were left behind, because they were, "destined for the Dark Side" being pure blooded Sith, despite being slaves.

The brothers would later take Armaan as their family name, more as a symbol of hate for the Jedi than their love for their former owner.

Carnim would later find and kill every single one of the surviving members of the group to show that their own folly would become their downfall.

In the Imperium

He would study diligently to read and understand all lore that he could under the tutelage of Darth Bahr've'ahz B'Makhzor to serve as a fellow historian and debate partner for his beloved master.

As expected he would choose the Inquisitor caste in a choosing officiated by his Majesty Arestenax, and would join the Ministry of Mysteries and Ancient Knowledge under Bahr, becoming the Overseer of Chronicles, Holder of Truth, serving as chief historian for the Imperium.

Carnim would later be appointed as the Knight Captain of the Order of Truth in the Knights of the Praetorium.

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