Madder Kaen (11/14/2019)

Full Name: Carne'acal Preferred Name: Ne'acal Aliases: Toy Titles: none Gender: Male Race: Chiss Appearance: Thin with prominent cheeks bones and scars on right side of his face. Hair and skin are a medium gray in color. Age: 14 years Height: 6' Weight: 175 lbs Player class: Assassin Occupation: acolyte Language: Huttese, Sybisi, Chuenh, Basic Religion: (Beliefs) Organizations: Hutt Cartel - Garatha the Hutt (previous owner) Relatives: Mother: Carne'ahra (deceased) , Father: Tarsaen (  A force sensitive exile killed before Ne'acal was born. ) Allies: Cah'vai (childhood friend also a slave of Garatha). Lord Selt'ah discovered him as force sensitive. Adversaries: Garatha the Hutt Biographical Summary: Born on Nar Shadaa to a pleasure slave owned by Garatha the Hutt. His mother taught him everything she could and attempted to soften his initiation into the sex trade. His mother sickened and passed away when he was 4 years old. He was put to work to earn his keep. At 5 years old he began using the force to heighten the clients pleasure and became popular with clientele. Lord Selt'ah a human male sith became curious when he sensed the force use coming from the hutts establishment. He spent a few months trying to find the force sensitive. Once the sith lord identified Ne'acal he spent some time negotiating with the hutt for the boy. After acquiring Ne'acal there was a transport was scheduled for Korriban. The young chiss escaped from the Imperials sent to escort him. He had been to the home of two of his clients and that was his only option so he went knowing he would have to be a playtoy again. Two years later the man married and the wife allowed him to purchase his freedom. Free of the collar at last he started looking for a place to learn and work in the force.<time>(edited)</time>

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