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The CEDF also known as the Chiss Expansionary Development Force was formed on their home

Chiss Sith

world of Cslla in an attempt to expand their culture as well as species through colonization and operations being deployed to different outposts across the galaxy mostly on snow planets such as Hoth and or the new planet that has been placed as the main Base Of Operations for the CEDF Jeiliv the planet filled with life but covered in nothing but ice and snow with strange creatures that attack during the night

Leading this group was Cekka'Kitarn'tar (Kitarn) For short and Cekka'rein'tar her brother the two began their operations of creating their settlement

During this they were contacted by the leaders of the Ascendancy about cooperating with the Sith Imperium empire in an attempt to help rebuild their order and in return they would receive the help they needed in order to expand their people.


Cekka'Kitarn'tar - Leader

Cekka'rein'tar - Second

Cekka'sabine'yagyu- (TBD)

Cekka'llen'nuruodo- (TBD)

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