Darth Belleva Athan, born Belleva of the Shad Hariz clan, was a Cathar born to its native world of the same name. She was known to have been adopted by Darth Ray'ak in her youth and served the Septus Mirtis witch clan. Darth Belleva is now known as the Successor of Styrak, Corruptor of Worlds, a Dread Master of the Union.

Early Life

One of the clans to recuperate after the Mandalorian Wars on Cathar, the Shad Hariz were a group of Cathar who used black magic, and were exiled from the main colony since most Cathar gifted with the Force were sent to be Jedi.

Belleva's father, known to her clan as the Muo Iya'ri dom Shad Hariz Tep, which translates to King Shaman of the Black Magic Tribe, was the tribe's most fearless warrior. Their prophecies stated that his lineage would lead their people for millennium. With his wife passing during childbirth, Belleva was made their Ven'mayu--Catharese for Queen.


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