Much mystery surrounds the pureblood Sith scholar, Belachria. A shrude and intelligent woman, Belachria joined the Sith Imperium after her quest for knowledge could go no further under the guidance of her Imperial masters. A pledged 'student of the force', Belachria is wise beyond her years and always seeks to gain knowledge that would better her understanding of the Dark Side of the force and its history. No matter the scenario, Belachria holds forever true to her quest for knowledge - knowledge above all else.

Academic Prodigy

Despite rising to a prominent position at the Sith academy on Korriban, Belachria's will for knowledge was never sated. Often ridiculed by her overseers and being passed over as a common 'bookworm' and 'forever student', she was able to elude the tutelage of more severe instructors. Her quest for knowledge and secrets did, however attract the attention of more elusive onlookers. 

It was not long before Belachria drew the attention of a mysterious and often forgotten Darth known as Martarus. Darth Martarus had risen to power some years ago, and played a key role in the battles of Alderaan, Ilum, and many other Imperial engagements, as well he was a key part of the Dread Masters' release from their prison on Belsavis. After a swift ascension to Darth-hood, Martarus recluded to study and research for nearly two years. During his seclusion, Darth Martarus created what is now called the 'Shadow Manifesto' - a unique account of his commune with the entities within the Dark Temple on Dromund Kaas. This 'Shadow Manifesto' is one of many curriculums that are forgotten by Academy instructors. Only the most persistent students are able to locate its place within the Academy archives, let alone understand its secrets. Belachria, however, was one such student. This, of course, was the first step in her dark ascension, and while she studied furiously, Darth Martarus watched from the shadows.

Eventually, near the end of her term at the Academy, Belachria was approached and recruited by Darth Martarus to join in his own quest for forgotten knowledge. It remains unclear what the elusive Darth Martarus wants of Belachria, but wherever she goes, his eyes will follow. 

Path to Power

Belachria's eternal quest for knowledge continues to lead her further and further down her destined path. [More history to come... Please standby...]

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