Main Backstory

Atheane was born on a Republic-controlled world. Her clan was a minor clan in service with one of the major clans. Being the explorers that Hiigarans are, they set off from Hiigara and settled in republic lands. After finding a place to stay, they settled in for a few generations. Atheane's family become jedi, and Ath was brought up around that lifestyle. When Atheane was 4, Sith attacked the village and forced her from her home and clan. But unknown to her, Ath is one of the last few in Clan Umbra. She had no idea where she was from.

One of the Sith lords decided to take Atheane in, instead of killing her. He forced her into combat training, day by day. He taught her to be a stealth operative, forcing her out on dangerous excursions. When she was 16, Atheane escaped the imperial fleet in a small ship. She was tired of being pushed around, and was done with The Empire. She found the Imperium, and joined their ranks...

After completing her academy training within the imperium, she was quickly taken in as an apprentice, by Darth Tyrol. She began as an apprentice young, being 16. Wanting to go into the Ministry of War, she trained, and mastered many different styles of combat. She learned the Hiigaran language from Tyrol and also learned about the culture as she did not know anything about them, let alone that she was one.

After her apprenticeship as completed, and she became a Lord of the Sith, she went on a few different excursions with the Ministry of War. The most notable, being the Vault under the city Vaya'vilial, and the campaign on the world Geroon.

A Vision seen by Atheane of two Hiigaran Children:

"Atheane was now in a field, or it seemed so. She looked around. In the distance was a group of trees, and there was childish laughter coming from that area. She walked through the field to the tree grouping. The trees surrounded a pool of water, next to the pool was a woman tending to a small campfire. Behind her, two children, about the age of 9, chasing each other with sticks. Atheane watched this and smiled. A large gust of wind came over the field. The fire was blown out, and the children stopped playing. The sky turned dark, and it began to rain. Lightning struck one of the trees, making it catch on fire and fall. Behind the fire, stood a cloaked man. The man began laughing as he activated a blood-red lightsaber. The two children screamed....."

Atheane later took an apprentice by the name of Orion Dragnos.

Prelude To: The Flight Of The Avril, And Atheane's First Time to Hiigara in 23 Years.

This story all started with the two Siblings, Adalia and Jarrus Keldar. After the fire, and the storm, the both of them escaped the grasp of the man in the shadows. They made their way Northeast, towards Umbra Territory, Sheltering In caves, or makeshift lean-to's. Jarrus hunted for the food to feed them, but did not eat any himself, because he did not feel hungry, at all. Day by day, he continued to not feel hungry, but his body said otherwise. He began to get skinnier, more sickly and pale, but he did not want to eat the food. Adalia continuously tried to get him to eat, but the answer was always the same. "I'm not hungry right now, I'll eat later."

They reached the East gate of Clan Umbra's village 2 weeks after they escaped. Jarrus, once his feet touched the path, collapsed. People on the streets looked their way, and saw a little girl yelling around, getting peoples' attention. Once they figured out what was going on, they ran to the boy, and brought him to their hospital. The doctors tried everything to heal Jarrus. They used medicines and they fed him, but he stayed the same, If anything, he was getting worse..

The issue later caught the attention of one, Kayda Umbra. The Leader of Clan Umbra and Protector of their territory. She did the only thing that she saw fit, To call the king of Hiigara, King Tyrol Marec of House Marec and the Sith Imperium. Tyrol got the message and came as quickly as he could, with his brothers and former apprentice, Atheane, behind on the HMS Armageddon.

Kayda walked out of the Chief’s Building with a staff in her hand. Upon seeing Tyrol approaching, she Brought her fist to her chest and took a bow. “Greetings, Tyrol”

Tyrol bowed back to Kayda "Chieftess Kayda, apologies for being late i came as soon as i could. What information do you have about the incident?"

“We have almost no information... According to the girl, they were attacked by someone with ‘Lightning powers’. The boy is sick. He gave his sister all of the hunted food, and left none for himself, which made him skinny. They came here, but since then we have made no progress with the boy. He has not gotten any healthier, if anything, he is getting worse.. Something is.. keeping him sick..” She began walking to the medical building. Behind them, Umbran soldiers followed in formation. “The girl, Adalia, says that the man who attacked them is following them.. ‘in the shadows’, as she says it..”

Tyrol became concerned upon hearing this news. the thought of someone attacking children on his home was disturbing enough but the fact that a dangerous person who shouldn't be on planet wandering around was even more disturbing. "I'll take a look at him and see what I can do, sounds like someone is using the force to keep the boy sick but I'm not too sure. I'd also like to find this shadow figure. If we have an enemy, or enemies on Hiigara, he or she needs to be dealt with immediately. We need to keep Our people safe, as our highest priority"

Kayda agreed full-heartedly. “I will send out regular patrols in all sectors of our Territory. There is already a patrol on the Southern outskirts, now.” She began walking to the hospital. “The boy is right inside.” She led Tyrol to where Jarrus lay in a medical bed. Doctors and nurses stood around the bed, talking. In a chair next to the bed, a small blonde girl sat quietly.

Tyrol kneels down and places his hand on the boy's forehead. "You'll be alright young man I'll do what I can to assist." Jarrus moaned, he was not fully conscious yet, even though it had been weeks. He opened his eyes slowly, and not all the way. The whites of his eyes were red, and his pupils were large. Tests had been run on Jarrus, but none had come up with anything. To the scans, he was perfectly healthy. Tyrol turns his around slowly in mix of shock and disbelief, his eyes wide open. "This is anything but healthy. I've seen Rakghoul plague victims healthier then this"

Kayda readjusted her standing position to be more comfortable. “As have I.. We assumed that it was something more.. supernatural. That is why I contacted you. From what I know, nobody from any other clans have suffered anything like this yet.”

Tyrol then began his attempt to use the force to heal the boy, and stop the sickness. He tried many times, some 20 minutes at a time, but nothing seemed to work. Once Tyrol was about to give up, Atheane, Orion, and Karas arrived. Tyrol turned and looked at ath with a neutral face. "I thought they might have been the ones you were talking about". He then changes his expression to that of a concerning nature. "Unfortunately I wish I had good news. A strong dark side user is causing the young one here to have an affliction that is immune to medical treatment. I'm trying to cure him or at the very least hold the affliction at bay. But I'm barely making progress".

Atheane slowly walked over to the boy and placed her hand on his forehead and Kayda walked past her to tend to other things in the village. Atheane turned her head to Tyrol. “He’s burning up.. he needs a cool, wet cloth.” One of the nurses grabbed a cloth and soaked it with ice water. She folded it up and handed it to Ath, who placed the rag on the boy’s head. “Do you think it would slow down if we tried together?” She said as she wiped her wet hands on the edge of her coat.

Tyrol nodded "it's worth a shot. As long as we can keep it stable until we can find the person that caused this issue or fix it ourselves". Atheane kneeled down next to the bed and placed her hands on Jarrus. She, with Tyrol, began their attempt to stop this sickness. After a long 45 minutes, Jarrus finally woke up. "Dalia...Dalia" He said quietly many times. Adalia jumped off of her chair and hugged Jarrus. "I'm here! I'm Here!" She said quietly, half in tears. The sun was now setting, and Kayda walked back into the hospital.

Tyrol stood vigil over Jarrus while he recovered. He turned to see Chieftess Kayda and bowed to her in respect. "Chieftess Kayda....the boy seems to be doing well. He's now stable and appears to be cured for now".

“For now? With all due respect, Tyrol, I don’t think for now is enough. We have not received word about any other citizens of any clan with this.. disease of sorts.. If it is inflicted by a force-user, would they need to be in a closer proximity, or would they not matter?” Kayda looked down to the boy who was now sort of awake, and was quietly talking with his younger sister. “On another matter, so we know of these kids’ origins? What clan are they of?”

Tyrol stood there and sighs. "I know it's not enough but I'm not making promises I can't keep. I'm sending hunting parties to find who did this. Hopefully we'll find the person. As for the kids' origins I'm not too sure. We're gonna have to run DNA tests and compare it via the clan records of each clan".

Kayda turned around as the captain of her guard entered the room. “Tenol, you’re here.. Good.” He put his fist to his chest and nodded to her. “I came as soon as I could, Chiftess Umbra. What can I do for you?” She turned to Tyrol, and motioned to him. “Tyrol this is Captain Tenol Rasheer, the captain of my guard. Captain, I assume you know who this is..” Tenol looked from Kayda to Tyrol. He was very surprised at the sight of Tyrol. He put his fist to his chest once again, and took a bow. “My King, I apologize. I was not aware that you were here. How can I be of service?”

Tyrol stands and bows his head. "Tes I know you Captain Tenol. I would like you to take several group of your best trackers and try to find this person that caused this. I've asked a few trackers from Clan sanguine to assist as well and Clan Kurze as well. I pray you have good fortune. I'll stay here with Jarrus as a precaution". Tyrol looked back at the boy. This attack wasn't just an attack on a person on his home world. This was an attack against one of his own. To him an attack on a member of his Kingdom is the same as an attack on his own children.

“My men are ready." Tenol Said briefly. "I will have them out as fast as I can, My King.” He put his fist to his chest and bowed  to the both of them, and he left the building. 30 minutes later, tracking teams and patrols were sent out everywhere.

Kayda walked out of the medical building and found Tenol, who was readying himself to set out on foot. “Captain, I want you and your team of riders to bring the Tusk Cats out. All of them. They may be able to help even more.” Tenol nodded. “We will be out soon, Chieftess."

Atheane turned to Tyrol. She eyed Adalia as she laughed at something Jarrus had said, and then turned her eyes back to Tyrol. “Is there anything I can do? Obviously it isn’t a good time to go introduce myself to the Chieftess..”

Tyrol chuckled happy that Jarrus was being bright despite the difficult time he and his sister had, he then replied to Ath. "You should be able to introduce yourself Ath. Kayda is a nice person, unless you get on her bad side".

“I think I will.. No reason why I shouldn’t.” Atheane smiled and turned to leave the medical building to talk to Kayda. “Orion, You may walk around for awhile. If Tyrol needs you, you know your duty.” She nodded to everyone and left the building. After talking to some people, She found Kayda at a large building that was sort of like a barn. Inside we’re stables, but there were ponds and wildlife inside it.   Large tusked felines walked around the area. Some drinking from water and some doing other things. One of the Tusk cats was laying down, with what seemed to be its newborn babies suckling from her. Near this mother risk cat stood Kayda Umbra, who was watching. Atheane walked up to her slowly, looking to the tusk cats as she walked over, and trying not to provoke them. “Chieftess Umbra, are you busy?” Atheane stopped a few feet away from her. The Chieftess looked to Atheane. “Ah, so you’re the one Tyrol told me about. Well, I would like you to know that you are very much welcome here, Atheane. After all, this is your clan. We are your family.” Atheane was slightly surprised by this. She looked to the tusk cat mother with the babies. “I half-expected you to not believe me. The story does seem pretty crazy..” Kayda smiled. “Atheane, to be completely honest, I did not believe it at first. When we had search teams out to find your exploratory group, we found only dead.. It was a sad day for us. I only believed it once Tyrol assures me that it was true..” Atheane’s smile dissipated. “I do not remember them very well. My parents and the group. But I cherish the memories that I do have with them.” Kayda set her hand on Atheane’s shoulder. “That is perfectly fine, Atheane.” Kayda dropped her arm. “I am sorry to cut this short, but I have pressing matters to attend to, Atheane.” Atheane nodded and crossed her arms. “Is there anything I can do?” Kayda shook her head. “At this moment, no. But there will be if we catch the culprit to the boy’s sickness.” Atheane smiled. “Alright then, thanks for the talk.” She set her fist to her chest and bowed to her. “I will be ready, Chieftess.” Atheane stayed in the room. Moonlight came through the large open roof. She sat down next to the mother with the babies and snapped her fingers quietly, to call the babies over. 3 of them slowly walked over and started sniffing Ath, and rubbing against her. They were all the size of a medium sized dog (irl comparison). She smiled and pet some quietly. She later Set out to meet the Sanguine trackers.

3 members of clan sanguine meet up with Atheane and the scouting party from clan Umbra at the meeting point. Their bright red cladded armour revealing their position immediately as they made their way to them. The 3 stood firmly in front of the party, the center party member removes his helmet revealing a grizzled middle aged member, scarred by many battles. The second member to his right removed his helmet afterwards. This man a seasoned hunter and tracker, not quite as honoured as the one next to him however has still seen his fair share of action. The one to the left of the grizzled hunter removed his helmet, revealing a young hunter. His face still smooth and not decorated yet, showing his inexperience. The centre member steps forward, slaps his fist into his chest and bows. "Greetings Umbrans....I am Mephiston, the one to my right is Baal, the new fry here is Zuriel. We're here to assist in your search".

Atheane came up through the group of Umbrans to the front. She had new armor on, some that matched the style of the rest of her clan’s. “I am Lord Atheane Telohen of Clan Umbra and the Sith Imperium. I was sent by King Tyrol Marec, to lead this scouting group...” She cleared her throat. “We do not know who or what we are looking for. From a witness account, he is a tall slender man in a long black coat. His eyes are orange, and he is strong with the force.”

Mephiston bows at Atheane and starts to come up with a plan. "People like that can't hide in populated areas they'd have to hide in the environment. 2 areas stick out in this section of the planet. We have the mountains in Marec territory to the east and the Forests of clan Kurze to the south and south west. If I was the target I'd head to those areas lots of places to hide."

“Adalia said that they came through mountains to get here.. they must have gone east to get out of the forests of Kurze, and looped back through the mountains in Marec Territory, to come to our village at the east gate. Our best bet is in the mountains at this point, but I will bring my party back into the forests to make sure he hasn’t gone that way... You bring your party and search through the mountains.”

Mephiston nods his head "very well. Baal, Zuriel go with them and Zuriel listen to Baal. I'll head over to Marec Territory". Baal and Zuriel group up with Atheane and her group while Mephiston heads off with his group.

Atheane nodded. “My party consists of many Tusk Cat riders. Some will be on them, so if one of you find this man, we can get over quicker.. On that note, if you find him, keep him alive.” “Let’s move!” Atheane turned back towards the Village and began walking. Once they were there, the Tusk cat Riders went in and mounted their animals. Atheane watched as this happened, slightly jealous that she couldn’t do the same. As if she asked for it, Chieftess Umbra walked back in to get her own. “Atheane, mu dear, are you alright?” She grabbed a saddle and set it on a large grey Tusk cat, that was different from the others. “I’m ok, Chieftess. I was just acting like a child, being jealous over the riders..” Kayda jumped and mounted the large cat. “Why don’t you take one?” Atheane was suprised. “Really? Oh thank you, I will.” Kayda turned her cat towards the door with the reigns. “And once you return, you may choose out of our young ones to keep for yourself, My dear.” Atheane was filled with excitement. She walked to one of the adult tusk cats and put a saddle on it. Once she strapped it on, she mounted it. Once she sat on it, she remembered going on these as a child with her parents behind her.(on the saddle). It was a memory she didn’t know that she still had. She walked the cat out and put her fist to her chest and nodded to Kayda. “Thank you, Chieftess.” Kayda nodded back and she had her cat trot out to the left, towards the chieftain’s building. Atheane nodded to the rest of her party. “Let’s catch outselves a Sith..”


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