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Artur Lockwell was the Vice Commandant of the Sith Imperium Military Marine Corps, serving for fifteen years under Commandant Idrin Bailiss.

Following the death of Bailiss during the Battle over Solaria, Lockwell took over as Commandant of the Sith Imperium Marine Corps. He serves in this position to this day.

Early Life

Raised on the planet of Nar Shadda, Artur had a difficult and challenging childhood. When he was fifteen, his parents abandoned him and left the planet, heading to a distant moon to seek better fortune. Artur was left on the streets, forced to fend for himself. At the age of seven, Artur had mastered the art of theft and persuasion, using those skills to his advantage many times as he was growing up. On his fifteenth nameday, Artur joined a gang called the Crimson Blades. This swoop gang specialized in swoop races, training their members the art of the bike as well as that of the blaster. After a period of approximently four months, Artur had mastered a succinct version of both of them.

Eventually, service in the gang brought him off world, running spices from Nar Shadda to major plants and systems including Alderaan, Dromund Kaas, and Coruscant. This was fairly profitable, and Artur earned himself a decent wage that allowed him to live relatively comfortably while not on a job.

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