Arsakul was trained from birth to become a master assassin. He was taught no remorse, and was beaten severely for failures. This trauma still haunts him during his time in the Imperium.


Arsakul, a nameless young sith. All he knew was his training. He had no family. No friends. No one. For his entire childhood, he was alone.

Arsakul was raised by a mysterious figure who referred to themselves as “Dread Master”. Arsakul’s childhood was spent on Agamar, a rocky barren planet with an inhospitable atmosphere. His first year he learned to walk, and that was the most comfortable year he had ever had. Age two he learned to run, jump, and climb. Age three, and he was reading and writing, along with grueling exercises. All of this was being overseen by hooded figures that were silent, every day. They communicated through basic telepathy. There was no noise except for the occasional chatter of Arsakul. But even that stopped after the figures beat him for it.

On his sixth birthday, the Dread Master arrived. It marked the beginning of Arsakul’s training. The Dread Master accepted nothing but total perfection. Arsakul quickly learned this lesson after failing an exercise and being shocked by the Dread Master. The silence in the compound was eerie. There would be days that no noise would enter the forsaken place.

When Arsakul turned ten, his lightsaber training begun. It started with electro-staffs and moved on to vibroswords, one handed and two-handed. It was brutal. He would be dueling with the Dread Master’s underlings, and if he lost or was hit, he would be beaten. As he grew, his skill began to increase, and he dropped one handed sword and exclusively used staves.

Age fourteen, and he was taught how to talk. This was perhaps the hardest part of his childhood, since he could read but not speak. The figures were horrible. Their voices were raspy and unclean, and Arsakul feared them. They would scar him with acid, torture him with knives and other utensils. Pain became part of his life, and it soon was numbed away. Arsakul did speak, and during spars he would speak to the figures asking them why. They never replied.


One his fifteenth birthday, the Dread Master approached him. It was the closest he had ever been to the man who had caused him this suffering. The Master lowered his hood. Underneath was a Kaleesh man, much taller than Arsakul, with blood-red eyes.

“Fight me.” Was all he said. Arsakul picked up his staff as the Master ignited his lightsaber. Arsakul was no match for the Kaleesh warrior. Within seconds he was disarmed and on the floor. “Pathetic.”

The dark Disciples came around Arsakul and chained him up. They took him to a large room with a tub of acid in the middle. “Failure is not tolerated,” the Dread Master said, and signaled to the disciples to drop Arsakul in.

Screaming, Arsakul struggled against the bonds, but it was no use. He was submerged in the acid, it ate away at his skin, his flesh. Then, a moment later he was taken out, but the pain was too much and he passed out.

Arsakul awoke in a med bay, submerged in a kolto tank. His skin was grown, but ugly and grotesque. Using pure anger, he burst open the tank, and destroyed everything in the bay with an explosion of lightning. Heart pounding, he grabbed some robes and his staff. He centered his rage and used it as blanket, covering him and turning him invisible.

He reached out with his mind, searching for the Dread Master. A small flicker of Force energy at the top of a staircase notified Arsakul of the master’s position. He creeps into the Master’s office, where the Kaleesh sits at his desk, writing in his journal as it seems.

Arsakul did not breathe, his footfalls gave no sound, and when he unsheathed his vibroblade, the metal did not hiss. He didn’t hesitate. The blade protruded through the Dread Master’s chest, and Arsakul left it there. He took the Master’s lightsaber and proceeded to leave the room, but then something caught his eye.

The data pad the Master still held in his hand. He took the pad; it was a journal with recordings of Arsakul throughout his childhood. He scrolled all the way up to the first entry. It read this:

The Disciples did their work well. They caught the young sith Ahamkara. He will make a fine assassin. Lord Ahamkara was a fool, couldn't even protect his own son . . .

Arsakul heard the footsteps of approaching Disciples. He ignited the lightsaber and slaughtered them all in a fury of lightning and blades. He then searched the complex for a ship and found an old, rusty freight hauler. It was very low on gas, but it was able to get him to Dromund Kaas before breaking down. Arsakul abandoned the ship and went in search of Lord Ahamkara.


He found the sith lord in an apartment in the capital. He slaughtered the man from stealth. Lord Ahamkara was dead, he payed for failing his son with blood. As Arsakul prepared to leave, he saw some notes on the table. Apparently, his father had been looking for a lightsaber that belonged to his ancestors. He had narrowed the search to Tatooine but from there was stumped. Arsakul took the research and left.

But there was a problem. Arsakul did not have a ship. And he was NOT going to use a passenger ship. No, he would have to steal one. When he got to the Dromund Kaas spaceport, he snuck past the guards and looked at the ship terminal. He found the one he wanted: The X-70B-Phantom. It was new technology, and as far as Arsakul cared, it was fast, had firepower and lots of space inside. Perfect.

It was quite simple for him to steal the ship. Whoever owned the ship was gone, and the personnel surrounding the ship were easy to kill. He left the systems before the authorities knew the ship had been stolen.

Ahamkara Bloodline

Arsakul looked over his father’s notes. Somewhere on Tatooine was very broad, and Arsakul was desperate for a new lightsaber. He used some spare parts and built himself a slightly curved duelist saber. He used his father’s purple crystal with it. Of course, once he had the ancient lightsaber, this new one would no longer be necessary, but Arsakul did not know when he was going to find the lightsaber. Might as well have a backup.

Arsakul first found a mask to put on his face. To hide the dreadful scarring. Then he found robes to cover everything.

His next objective was to find the lightsaber. He decided that he would need a Jedi archive for that. He knew of two, one on Rishi and one on Coruscant. Coruscant was out of question, so he went to Rishi. Infiltrating the enclave was quite simple. The Masters were having lunch and Padawans were training. No one expected a sith assassin to enter.

Arsakul extracted the specific tome and left.

Aboard his ship, he examined the archive. To his surprise, it was written in the Sith language. For the next 6 months, he learned to read, write and speak Sith. However, the archive gave him no new information as to the specific location of the artifact. But it did mention that native sand people knew where the artifact laid. And, it had a partially completed map of the location.

Abnormal Problems

Arsakul traveled to Tatooine. He slaughtered a group of Tusken raiders in a camp near some mountains. On a wall, they had a detailed carving of the second piece of the map. He takes a picture and returns to his ship.

At the spaceport, three Imperial officers stop him. One of the demands a face ID. Arsakul said nothing, and the officer got frustrated, even going so far as to call for some troopers to arrest him. Then, Arsakul showed him the lightsaber, and the officer went pale. They let him through immediately to his ship.

Arsakul quickly gets off Tatooine so the authorities don't discover the stolen ship. He leaves the system and gets into orbit around a moon in a nearby system. He grabs the picture and looks for his stuff on the holocomunicator in the ship. Except the research is gone. All of it. Someone must have snuck in. Those officers must have been a distraction! Arsakul would kill the person who did this.

He enters the Tatooine system again but puts his ship down out of Imperial controlled area. Arsakul decided that he would use the Force to find this artifact. Lord Ahamkara had said in his writings that the artifact was of great power. Arsakul left the ship and meditated for three days, until he felt a small, tug of power in the mountains. There.

Arsakul got up and left to the area.

The Artifact

The artifact was in the tomb of the first Ahamkara. Two semi-large doors bearing the crest of a Krayt dragon. There was blood smeared on it. The blood seemed familiar, somehow. Arsakul looked at the doors, unsure of how to open them. Perhaps with blood. He cut into his skin and smeared it across the doors.

With a loud rumble, the doors open. Someone was already inside. A robed man, holding the saber ignited.

“Drop the lightsaber, thief,” Arsakul snarls. The robed figure is at the top of a staircase looking over a sarcophagus.

“This saber is mine by birthright,” the hooded figure replies.

A thought passed through Arsakul’s mind. Could he have a brother? “Pretender,” Arsakul growled. He can’t have a brother. That couldn't be possible. “Well, at lease I warned you first.” Arsakul stepped forward, igniting his lightsaber. Suddenly he leapt into the air, flying towards the warrior, he attacked. The swing was deflected, and the warrior counter attacked. It was obvious to Arsakul that the man was no duelist.

Easily dodging the attack, Arsakul cut the warrior’s chest with a quick stroke. This renewed the warrior’s energy, and the duel raged on. Arsakul used a mixture of quick strokes and fast acrobatics to lower the warriors guard and attacked with heavy attacks and lighting.

At one point, Arsakul shot a barrage of lightning at the warrior, who’s blade absorbed the energy and shot it back at Arsakul, flinging him against the wall. He barely recovered when the warrior was on him with heavy hitting attacks and strong force abilities.

Arsakul force pushed one of the main pillars in the tomb, causing a collapse. He backflipped away from the warrior and out of the tomb. As the warrior realized what was happening, Arsakul was already stand at the tomb entrance.

“Check-mate,” he said, and blasted the warrior with force lightning and sending him flying into the cavern which promptly collapsed on top of the opponent.

Arsakul looks at his lightsaber. “The past is unimportant.” He then leaves to his ship.


After sitting around, Arsakul realizes that he has nowhere to go. He meditates, hoping the Force would show him where to go. After meditating for 13 days, he had a vision of the planet Amgarrak. If the Force wanted him there, then he should go.

So Arsakul ventured to Amgarrak, and that was when he joined the Sith Imperium.


Arsakul joined the Imperium quite uneventfully. He graduated the academy, usually only appearing before instructors when mandatory, and doing other research on his own time. Avoiding other students, it seemed that his life was plateauing. No master appeared before him, until he met Deputy Minister (at the time-- now minister of war) Alexandus Rex. He took Arsakul in as an apprentice.


The first major mission Arsakul was a part of was the Geroon expedition. The Imperium had found a resource rich planet named Geroon to which they decided was good to conquer. However, the inhabitants of the planet, simply known as 'natives' were not so enthused. Arsakul was the first to touch down on the planet, and was sent as an advanced scout. During the mission, he was badly wounded, and a squad was sent to retrieve him. Some natives found him and captured him. This particular clan were cannibals, and Arsakul was saved just barely by Phoenix squad.

Geroon 2nd Expedition

After the camps were set up after the original invasion, the natives attacked again, catching the Ministry of War (now Ministry of Defense) off guard. Arsakul, Aurek squad, and Titan squad were sent to reinforce the garrison. Though advancements were made, the hordes of natives who had tamed gundarks and kell dragons, pushed the squads back.

The main base of the natives had been found, and Aurek squad was sent in to scout. There was an infestation of natives, one squad could not handle, so they retreated with multiple kell drakes and dragons in tow. Arsakul was sent down to reinforce their retreat, but was targeted by a kell dragon who knocked him out and took him to the native's lair, which was later raided by Alexandus and multiple squads.

Lightsaber and Force Abilities

Arsakul utilizes a mixture of form IV: Atari and form VII: Juyo. He is extremely acrobatic and uses his skills to get an advantage in combat. Arsakul minimizes defense by incorporating it into attacks. He would rather deflect a saber attack while swinging to push his opponent back.

Force Abilities:

Force Stealth – Arsakul can make himself practically invisible. This requires concentration and focus and is hard to pull off mid fight. (he does not know this yet-- he was once able to do this though, perhaps with some study he can re-learn)

Force Lightning – Arsakul can use a wide variety of techniques using force lightning including but not limited to:

-       Lightning barrage: summons a continuous stream of lightning towards an opponent.

-       Saber lightning: Arsakul can project force lighting onto his saber allowing him to more easily overpower opponents

-       Shock: sends a small shock through his opponent

-       And more: Arsakul can manipulate lightning very easily, and even he does not know everything he can do with it

Telekinesis – Arsakul can pull and push objects with precision. Though not huge objects like people, he can pull objects toward him or throw them at someone.

Force Rage – Though typically in control of his emotions, if angered enough he can imbue that rage into himself giving him increased speed, endurance, and strength.

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