Warrant Number: 0002

I, Grand Inquisitor Xaketh, present with great sadness the following reason for the arrest of Dowager Empress S'rahnia :

Maintain the Emperor's Order - During the introduction of the new governors, The Dread Masters, to our Imperium, S'rahnia attempted to strike them down. This action included attacking a member of the royal family, Vindictiva. As the Dread Masters were members of the Imperium by order of our Emperor, this violated the Emperor's direct orders. We can not allow anyone to act in direct defiance of our Emperor's will, much less attempt to harm a member of the Royal Family. If we do not take action, we open the door to further strife.

Honor the Emperor's Philosophy - As it says in the Emperor's philosophy: "To strike against our own is to strike against ourselves," and by striking against a member of the Royal Family, that family member being Princess Vindictiva, Dowager Empress S'rahnia has broken this tenet. As the One Sith, we accept all that would further our cause, but S'rahnia refused to accept the Dread Masters, despite the information that our Emperor had accepted them. Dowager Empress S'rahnia would isolate them, making our Imperium weaker by denying them, as well as giving the image that others can introduce prejudice against others they dislike. We must take action to show we are indeed the One Sith.

Keep the Emperor's Peace - Dowager Empress S'rahnia has broken the peace of the Imperium by striking against the new governors of the Imperium, the Dread Masters. This was done in direct defiance of our Emperor's commands and we can't allow this action to stand. To keep the peace of the Imperium, Dowager Empress S'rahnia must be held accountable for her actions.

I, Darth Salvatus, am satisfied that for the above mentioned reasons there is probable cause for the immediate arrest of Darth S'rahnia.

Furthermore, I do hereby order the arrest of Darth S'rahnia of the House Roderick, Dowager Empress of the Sith Imperium.

This arrest will be carried out by Knights of the Imperium with immediate effect.

Signature of the Warrant Aprroving and Execution Approving Authority: xGiven Under My Hand,
Darth Salvatus of the Houses Roderick and Baliss, First of My Name, Emperor of the Sith Imperium, Supreme Mystic of Voss, Protector of the Six Sectors and Grand Duke of the House Roderick of Alderaan.


This warrant was executed, suspect placed in carbonite.

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