Warrant Number: 0001

I, Grand Inquisitor Xaketh, present the following reason for the arrest of Duke Andrekios:

Maintain the Emperor's Order - With the recent murder of Rodeia Viathru'nakawra Roderick, Editor-in-Chief of the now defunct Sith Imperium Times, Duke Andrekios has fallen under suspicion for her murder. The fact is furthered emphasized by the fact authorities found that her console was opened to her editorial last week criticizing Praetor Kaldar for censoring profane political ads amid the praetorial election, which also contained images of the Duke. But while the Preator office has responded, the Duke has remained quiet, despite the Duke's anger over the ad when it was aired. As the Editor was a member of the Royal Family, this is in violation of the Emperor's Order and must be fully investigated.

Honor the Emperor's Philosophy - As it says in the Emperor's philosophy: "To strike against our own is to strike against ourselves," and by striking against a member of the Royal Family, Duke Andrekios has broken this tenet. Immediate action must be taken to show we do not let actions such as this stand.

Keep the Emperor's Peace - Killing the well-known editor, the peace of the Imperium has been broken, mostly among the regular citizens who rely on the newspaper for news. Andrekios had reason to kill the editior as the ad placed by Ms. Roderick showed the Duke in a very negative light. The Duke has also suffered many mental breaks in the past, and it is possible that with the stress and negative reactions from the newspaper, Andrekios may have snapped and took it out on our beloved editor.

I, Praetor Ruu'san Kaldar, am satisfied that for the above mentioned reasons there is probable cause for the immediate arrest of Duke Andrekios.

Signature of Warrant Issuing Officer:

xRuu'san Kaldar

I, Darth Salvatus of the House Roderick, do hereby order the arrest of Darth Andrekios of the House Kerrigan.

This arrest will be carried out by the Knights of the Imperium with immediate effect.

Signature of the Execution Approving Authority:

xGiven Under My Hand, Darth Salvatus of the House Roderick, First of My Name, Emperor of the Sith Imperium, Dark Overlord of the Sith, Supreme Mystic of Voss, Protector of the Six Sectors and Grand Duke of the House Roderick of Alderaan.


Warrant executed, suspect placed in carbonite.

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