Armen Horada Kallig was adopted into Clan Horada of Alderaan that resided outside House Thul during the destruction of House Ulgo. Being raised in the clans teachings he learned much about the Sith Empire and their goals to conquer the galaxy enslaving many people. But the clan he grew up in was aligned with the Sith Empire.

Armen Horada is a strong willed individual who takes commanding seriously he doesn't take "NO" for an anser from his squad as they charge into battle against the enemy. Ranked the Champion of Clan Horada Armen gained the name "Cabur of Clan Horada" known in Mando'a as "Guardian and Protector"

Unknown to Armen Horada he has a sister who has become strong within the force which he would soon realize his heritage of the legacy of Darth Kallig.


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Armen Arena

Name: Armen Horada Kallig

Rank: Sith Apprentice/Mando'ade "Clan Kryze"

Status: Alive

Planet: Alderaan

Height: 6'1

Weight: 229 lbs.

Built: Beyond Average

Information: ******* Error ********

History: Clan Horada, survived Arena Of Death hosted by Gerata the Hutt, Joined Sith Imperium Under Clan Kryze "Mand'alor The Matriarch", Became Apprentice to Darth Rae'vyn do to Darth Knoxus Kallig's corruption of the Dark Side. Lead Darth Rae'vyn's forces on the charge of Kuat Drive Yards with no losses.

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Brotherhood Speech From Commander Horada

Imperial Soldier: Commander Horada! enemy forces surrounding the perimeter!

Commander Horada: WHere?

Imperial Soldier: Southern quadrant but their on the move.. current location unknown!

Commander Horada: There is no time to be lost! battle Brothers! The enemy is at our door! we know our duty and we will do it! we fight for our honor! and if we die this day! we die heroes deaths! But we shall not die! no! it shall be the enemy who will taste death and defeat as you know! most of our battle brothers are stationed in space with the other forces preparing for deep strike! Our perimeter has been prepared in the event our enemies are so bold and foolish, We have placed numerous beacons ensuring deep strikes. We will decend upon the foe! We will OVERWHELM THEM! WE WILL LEAVE NONE ALIVE! meanwhile our ground forces will ensure the full defense of our headquarters! We Are The Imperiums Finest! we are the Emperors armies and his fury upon our enemies!! SO SAY WE ALL!!!!

Soldiers: SO SAY WE ALL!!!

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