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"It is the apprentice's duty to learn all that he can from the Master, and the Master's right to refrain from revealing all of his secrets."
―Darth Sidious
If you are Sith and new to the Imperium it is important to know our rank structure. Sith Order ranks will be placed in your Member Note in the guild window. For example, '(S), Lord'. If you have no member note, seek out an officer to rectify the situation.

As a force-sensitive member of the Sith Imperium, your first task following your citizenship ceremony and your successful graduation of the academy will be to seek out a Master to teach you the ways of the Force. You may seek apprenticeship from any Force-sensitive individual who is of the Sith Lord rank or higher. It is your job to actively seek a Sith with the appropriate title (Lord or Darth) to be your master. You will not be advanced in rank unless you are assigned a master. During your Apprenticeship you will be advised to learn about a series of topics regarding the Sith Imperium:

  • The One Sith Code
  • Formalities, Customs, and Courtesies
  • Law within the Sith Imperium
  • History and Lore
  • Philosophy
  • Roleplay Battle Rules, IC Combat

You may also be subjected to various trials.

Your master is required to do his or her best to educate you on these topics. If you feel your education on the aforementioned subjects was inadequate, don't hesitate to remind your master!

Following the completion of the aforementioned requirements, your Master may choose to elevate you to the rank of 'Sith Lord'. As a Sith Lord, it is your duty to take on apprentices and educated the newer generations. If you lack the required information to relay the proper teachings, do not hesitate to message an Guild Officer and they can supply you with the proper material.

Following appointment to Lordship, you may initiate the trial to become a Darth, administered by the Sovereign alone.

For more about the ranks, ceremonies and trials click here.

When you are released from your apprenticeship you must be assigned a ministry. Feel free to inquire about the different Ministries and their roles, or take a look on the Wikia homepage. Lord Councillors of the various ministries may recruit you. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to seek out the Lord Councillors for appointment to their ministries.

Available Masters

Following is a list of Masters who have indicated they are available for teaching. This can be used to help find a person to find a master IC. Please note not everyone on this list will take every apprentice and some have specific requirements when taking an apprentice. This is intended to give players a direction to seek out a master.

If you are a Lord or above who wishes to be added to this list please contact an officer!

Darth Arixias

Darth Iclyn

Darth Nezic

Darth Rhalae

Darth Rhiess

Darth Valezcia

Lord Alyss

Lord Kalen

Lord Xardur’ax

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