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Darth Andrekios, formerly known as Halcyon Shay, is a Dark Lord of the Sith and is the former Minister of Mysteries and Ancient Knowledge, former Minister of Law and Justice, former Minister of State and Interior, former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of State and Interior, former Knight Grandmaster, and former Grand Duke of Mos Ares. Andrekios is decribed as cold and calculating, an individual who is feared and respected throughout the Imperium.  He prefers to fight with a double bladed lightsaber but uses a single bladed saber on occasion. He is addressed as His Grace, Darth Andrekios of the Houses Roderick and Shay, Prince of the Sith Imperium, The Risen, Dark Lord of the Sith,

and Count of Shay.

Early Life

Andrekios was born on Alderaan to the noble House Shay, and lived a peaceful and comfortable life in his early years. Prior to the Great Transferrence, Andrekios was present for the Empire's attack on Alderaan. House Shay was publically allied with House Organa, and Andrekios' father, Unuriar Shay, was well known to be a former Jedi before he willingly separated himself to claim his noble lineage. This was a well known fact to the Sith, who sought to commit attacks against the House to injure House Organa. By this time, Andrekios began exhibiting his immense Force abilities, and his father quickly arranged for him to be taken to Tython. En route from his House to a shuttle, Andrekios harbored a resentment of his father, believing he was abandoning him. The life of a Jedi was not meant to be, however, as Shay's personal aide, Zectosh, informed the Sith of Andrekios' departure. The Jedi team escorting Andrekios was killed and Andrekios was taken, whisked away to Korriban after his Force-Sensitivity was discovered. Years of harsh training and a newfound hatred of his father allowed him to adapt and learn quickly, rising to the rank of Sith Lord, and later, Darth, at a relatively young age. 

Sith Imperium

Andrekios joined the Imperium as one of the high ranking Darths who recognized Lord Emperor's Arestenax's power.  In a short time, the Lord Emperor recognized Andrekios' power and loyalty, and he made Andrekios a Knight of the Imperium and assigned him to his watch.  After serving as an Imperial Knight, Andrekios was elevated to the position of High Councilor and Head of the Ministry of Mysteries and Ancient Knowledge. He later wed Princess Vindictiva and became a Prince of the Imperium. After this, Andrekios returned to House Shay, killed his father and the aide that betrayed him, and claimed the title of Count of Shay. The title of Prince, however, would later be stripped from him following the death of his wife and then restored.  Decades of loyal service to the Imperium has proved to everyone that Andrekios is loyal to the Lord Emperor and the Imperium as a whole.

Current Life

After the Great Transference, Andrekios came back into contact with the Imperium. He mended his marriage with Vindictiva, and delved further into his relationship with his son, Prince Zendrasa. After concluding personal business on Alderaan, Andrekios has returned in a more full time capacity, aiding in the continued growth of the Imperium.


Due to the Great Transference and his revival, Andrekios does not have the same power he once had years ago. Regardless of this setback, he is still regarded as one of the most powerful Force users in the Imperium to date. Darth Andrekios is an expert in all know forms of Lightsaber combat. He has successfully defeated and defended himself from legendary figures and groups in Imperium history, such as Darth Iax, the Dread Union, the former Empress S'rahnia, the former Wrath, and several High Councilors. Andrekios is regarded is an expert in military strategy, successfully leading large fleets to victory against foes such as Darth Iax. Andrekios was skilled enough in the force and as a martial combatant to be able to hold his own against the former Lord Emperor Arestenax. Due to his Sith upbringing and a need to adapt to most situations, Andrekios is also a formidable hand-to-hand fighter. In addition, he specializes in medical aid and bioscience. Andrekios is also able to speak several languages including Catharese, Mando'a, and Huttese among others.

Military Awards

Imperium Medal of Honor- An award bestowed to an individual who has performed an act that stands out from the rest. This act proves the individual's unwavering loyalty and commitment to the Imperium and it's people. This award is only rewarded for exceptional accomplishments and bravery on the field of battle. It is the most prestigious award to be bestowed.

Imperium Knights Medal- An award bestowed to those who have shown bravery and gallantry either through an act or through continued service. It is the 2nd most prestigious award to be bestowed.

Imperium Distinguished Service Medal- An award bestowed to those who have continually served the Sith Imperium. It is the 3rd most prestigious award to be bestowed.

Imperium Commendation Medal

Imperium Achievement Medal

Imperium Medal of Accomplishment

Imperium Medal of Courage- An award bestowed to those who have performed a courageous deed in a combat mission.

Imperium Medal of Horror- An award which is given to those after they experience their first combat mission. 

Imperium Medal of Liberty- An award given to those who have defended Imperium Citizens in an attack or combat mission.

Imperium Medal of Loyalty- An award given out to those who have exhibited a strong loyalty to the Imperium.

Imperium Medal of Order- An award usually given out to officers, it is awarded to those who have exhibited good leadership and organizational abilities.

Imperium Medal of Skill- An award given out to those who have proven to be very skilled in their particular field.

Imperium Medal of Unity- An award given out to those who have shown good teamwork with other unit members and who have promoted comradeship.

Imperium Medal of Victory- An award given out to those who have been a part of and completed more than 50 combat missions.


Salvatus- Brother-in-law (Deceased)

Aulaura II- Daughter (Deceased)

Unuriar- Father (Deceased)

Vindictiva- Wife

Aden- Son (Missing)

Zendrasa- Son

Filan- Son

S'rahnia- Mother-in-law (Deceased)

Arestenax- Father-in-law

Willerick- Brother-in-law (Deceased)

Aldamet- Brother (Deceased)

Aulaura I- Sister (Deceased)

Amavii- Sister-in-law (Unknown)

Reklenna- Fiance [Pre-Imperium] (Deceased)

Candicia- Sister-in-law (Unknown)

Misa'soma- Sister (Unknown)

Reja'kora- Mother (Deceased)