Darth Andrekios, formerly known as Halcyon Shay-Kerrigen, is a Dark Lord of the Sith and is the former head of the Ministry of Mysteries and Ancient Knowledge and current Deputy Minister of the Ministry of State Interior. His successor is Darth Vendition, who assumed control of the Ministry of Mysteries and Ancient Knowledge after Andrekios was elevated to the status of Prince. Andrekios is decribed as a merciless, yet fair person who savagely cuts down the Emperor's foes at his whim.  He has recently mastered all known lightsaber forms including Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Shien, Djem-So, Niman, Juyo, and Jar-Kai. He is a master at using the force and excels in the use of telekinesis and lighting.  He prefers to fight with a double bladed lightsaber but uses a single bladed saber on occasion. He is addressed as His Honor, Darth Andrekios , Dark Lord of the Sith, Dark Councilor, Commander of the First Fleet, and Knight of the Imperium. There are speculations that Andrekios allows his closest friends to refer to him as Shay. There is no record of Andrekios allowing anyone to use his first name. Andrekios is credited with creating the alter ego of the Gray Jedi, The Gray Sith, Sith who seek balance but lean more towards the teaching of the Dark Side of the Force. Many citizens and long serving military leaders refer to Andrekios as the "Son of the Imperium ", due to the fact that he was produced into a legendary sith capable of abnormal feats of force strength and because he has served the Imperium since he was young, accomplishing many things which have made him a hero amongst the Imperium citizens.

Early LifeEdit

"Look at me worm.  Realize that your family is dead. You are nothing. Your life belongs to me and you will beg for your life every single day."  Zectosh to a young Andrekios.

Andrekios was born on Umbarra to the noble Kerrigen family.  When he was three years old, his family's estate was attacked by mandalorians who had established a presence in the area close by.  Andrekios' family was murdered in front of him by the mandalorian leader, Zectosh.  Andrekios was taken to their camp to become a slave.  5 years later while he was working in the mines, Andrekios killed the mandalorian foreman with nothing but a shiv made out of rock and wood.  Noticing his skill, Zectosh trained him as a mandalorian.  Andrekios excelled at hand to hand combat and armed combat.  He favored a vibrosword over a blaster and was the champion of the fight circle the mandalorians established. Andrekios was subjected to brutal and extremely painful scientific tests that left noticeable scars all over his body. Andrekios was forced to do things he would never do and has kept quiet on these details.  8 years later, Andrekios was preparing to go through his final trials.  However, in order to prove that he was loyal, Zectosh brought Andrekios' younger sister out and ordering Andrekios to kill her.  Refusing to do this Zectosh killed her anyway.  Seething with rage 3 mandalorians held Andrekios back.  For the first time in his life, Andrekios demonstrated his sith powers by force choking every mandalorian in the camp simultaneously.  Breaking all their necks in unison except for Zectosh's, Andrekios channeled his anger and killed Zectosh with force lightning. Though not confirmed, the following is the story Andrekios has told describing the fate of his remaining family members. Andrekios then returned to the ruins of his families estate to find that his father, Unuriar, had come back with his sister, Aulaura, from Coruscant. Before a conversation between the three could take place, an unknown sith arrived. The Sith corrupted Aulaura and forced her to fight Unuriar with him. The Sith and Aulaura dueled briefly with Unuriar before he knocked Aulaura unconscious. The Sith taunted Aldamet stating that he was too weak to kill an enemy. The 2 dueled before Aldamet was disarmed. The Sith ordered Aulaura to kill Unuriar but she refused. The Sith then attempted to kill Unuriar but his strike was deflected by Aulaura. Unuriar fled and left Aulaura to die. After the Sith murdered her, Andrekios disarmed him and briefly fought him before driving his sister's saber into the sith. Andrekios then vowed to kill his father for his cowardice.  Andrekios then traveled to Korriban where he was at the top of his class in lightsaber training.  He completed his trials unscathed and was an apprentice to Darth Arrisim.  After years of following as an apprentice, Andrekios defeated his master in lightsaber combat and killed him, claiming the title of Darth.

Sith ImperiumEdit

Andrekios joined the Imperium as one of the high ranking Darths who recognized Lord Emperor's Arestenax's power.  In a short time, the Lord Emperor recognized Andrekios' power and loyalty, he made Andrekios a Knight of the Imperium and assigned him to his watch.  Andrekios defeated many foes while he was an Imperial Knight including a reincarnated Ulic Qel-Droma.  After serving as an Imperial Knight, Andrekios was elevated to the position of High Councilor and Head of the Ministry of Mysteries and Ancient Knowledge. He later wed Princess Vindictive and became a Prince of the Imperium. This title would later be stripped from him following the death of his wife.  Andrekios is completely loyal to the Lord Emperor and the Imperium and would not hesitating in risking his life for either one.

Current LifeEdit

During his tenure as a High Councilor, Andrekios discovered many ancient techniques that allow him to either bestow or strip power from others. He has also contributed to the Ministry of Medicine and Biotechnology by learning many ancient healing techniques used by the Sith.  Darth Andrekios also takes on the roles of Knight Commander and Commander of the First Fleet of the Imperium Navy. He was stripped of his title of Prince following the death of his wife, Princess Vindictiva. He is the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of State Interior. He has, however, gone missing and has since been pronounced dead. Yet, there are many who still sense that he is, in fact, alive.

The ProphecyEdit

Before his betrayal, Darth Iax traveled to Voss to discover to why he was having visions. In his visions he foresaw the return of the Triumvirate. There would be a Dark One, a harbinger of chaos and destruction,  the Light One, the personification of peace and harmony, and the Gray One, one who sought chaos and destruction to find peace. The powers of the Triumvirate were passed down to certain people. The Dark One was granted god like attunement to the force. The Light One was said to strike it's opponents with immense strength and speed with its saber. The Gray One was granted both of these gifts but with only half the power. Lord Emperor Arestenax became the Dark One at the time of his coronation.  Prince Andrekios became the Gray One right after he vowed he would kill his father. The Light One has not been chosen yet though many had speculations that Darth Iax was the Light One. These thoughts were dispelled after Prince Andrekios killed him. Now without a Dark One or a Light One, it is up to Andrekios alone to complete the prophecy. Andrekios made a private journey to the far outer rim to find what it meant to be The Gray One. While he was exiting hyperspace, his ship systems shut down and he was rendered unconscious. He awoke to several strange beings who's skin was filled with stars and planets. The creatures introduced themselves as the last Celestials. Andrekios asked them many questions, which they had a decisive answer to each time. He learned that being a Chosen, in his case being The Gray One, meant that he was a child of the Celestials. With this new information and with several artifacts he took from the Celestials, Andrekios returned to Imperium Space, intent on making sure the Celestials' location remained a secret.

Abilities Edit

Darth Andrekios is a master of all known lightsaber forms. Andrekios is regarded is an expert in military strategy. Andrekios has been known to cheat death and there are claims that he has come the closest to discovering the secret of immortality. There are rumors that Andrekios was also the first person to ever survive a lightsaber fight with Lord Emperor Arestenax. When enraged, Andrekios' personal appearance will change. Andrekios' eyes would turn a bright white and his face would turn white and purple around the edges. This temporary ability allows Andrekios to accomplish astounding feats through the force. An example of this would be days after his wife, Princess Vindictiva, was killed. This state is believed to be part of his inherent powers as The Gray One. He learned that there were 3 known stages to this state with each one more powerful than the other. Andrekios was able to use the force to crush a Valor-class Republic cruiser while it was in orbit around the planet Belsavis. Another example would be when the Mandalorian Filan, later revealed to be Andrekios' son was unfairly frozen in carbonite by Praetor Ruu'san Kaldar. Andrekios defended his son and fought against then dowager Empress S'rahnia, Grandmaster Tykas, Wrath Ryshias, Knight Vicros, Headmistress Ray'ak, and Praetor Ruu'san simultaneously, injuring them all before having to be restrained by the combined efforts of Darth Ryshias, Darth Asavian and Emperor Salvatus himself. Due to his Mandalorian roots, Andrekios is also a formidable hand-to-hand fighter. He also specializes in medical aid. Andrekios is also able to speak several languages including Catharese, Mando'a, and Huttese among others. Andrekios is also able to drain the life of a being to strengthen him. This draining, if completed, gives Andrekios the knowledge and abilities of the person or thing he has drained.

Personal Forces Edit

Due to his reputation, wealth, and connections, Andrekios has surmounted a large following of disciples and acolytes.

Army Edit

Andrekios segragated his army, taking the force sensitive individuals and giving them different training from the ones who were not force sensitive. Andrekios personally trained the force sensitive ones and let his close friend Colonel Salkoro and General Zadok train the infantry. Andrekios further segregated his army by assigning his forces to groups based on gender and their role in combat. The males had 3 groups and the females had 2. The 1st group of males served as basic infantry and were made up of foot soldiers, snipers, heavy gunners, anti-armor infantry, HK Assault droids, and heavy assault droids. Retired soldiers, POWs, and other men looking for a purpose made up this group. The 1st group of females served as combat medics. Their knowledge of battlefield medicine and their advanced technology ensures the welfare of Andrekios' forces. The 1st groups of males and females were commanded by General Zadok, a Zabrak who was a former leader for the Mantellian Separatists. The 2nd group of males served as saber men. This group makes up the front line and are usually the first to attack. This group is made up of Sith from different planets and they attack relentlessly and without mercy. The 2nd group of males is commanded by Darth Keros, a Sith Pureblood who prefers a place on the battlefield. Darth Keros researched Darth Sion and mimicked his method of staying alive. Darth Keros only took survivors when ordered to do so and otherwise executed them. The 2nd group of females served as sorceresses. This group's knowledge of the force impresses Andrekios, and so he had this group usually placed in the back of his forces, either to utilize their Battle Meditation on the remainder of his forces, or to use their wide range of abilities to debilitate the enemy from a distance. The 3rd group of males served as Seers. This group has the ability to see certain events in the future, and so they served usually as tactical advisors. The 2nd group of females and the 3rd group of males were commanded by Darth Zebulun, a Miraluka who preferred a tactical position. Darth Zebulun researched Darth Traya and utilized her deceptive ways on the battlefield. Darth Zebulun was merciful, intelligent, and wise and took survivors on his own accord. Though these groups had commanders, Andrekios assigned an overseer to watch the 3 commanders. He called this overseer his Arbiter. Andrekios bestowed this rank to Darth Caigond, a cyborg. Darth Caigond researched Darth Nihilus and Darth Andeddu and was second only to Andrekios. Darth Caigond obeys every command and decree made by Andrekios.

Fleet Edit

Andrekios also knew that if the time ever came, he would also have to fight in space so he commissioned a large fleet. Andrekios' fleet was made up of 1 Harrower Dreadnought, known as The Bastion. Andrekios put Admiral Kellius Reyno in command of The Bastion. The Bastion is outfitted with prototype durasteel plating and a prototype X-36 Ion Shield. It was armed with turbo laser batteries, quad laser cannons, ion cannons, proton torpedo launchers, concussion missile launchers, and EMP devices. The Bastion held a crew of over 2,400 and had cargo space for 7,300 troops, 1 prefabricated garrison, 5 assault walkers, 5 transport walkers, 35 shuttles, 95 star fighters, and 32 bombers. In addition to the 95 star fighters and 32 bombers, Andrekios had 6 ace star fighter squadrons and 4 ace bomber squadrons. The star fighter squadrons are designated as Ghost Squadron, commanded by Commander Milkier, Phantom Squadron, commanded by Commander Maharani, Spectre Squadron, commanded by Commander Naharai, Revenant Squadron, commanded by Commander Azariah, Reaper Squadron, commanded by Commander Gamaliel, and Shadow Squadron, commanded by Commander Zabad. The Bomber squadrons are designated as Elite Squadron, commanded by Commander Mahlah, Warlord Squadron, commanded by Commander Gedaliah, Paragon Squadron, commanded by Commander Darkon, and Silencer Squadron, commanded by Commander Zeri. Andrekios commissioned the FT-6 Pike as the star fighter to be utilized by his fleet and the B-4D Legion as the bomber to be utilized by his fleet. Andrekios also had 2 Terminus Class Destroyers in his fleet, both known respectively as The Spirit of Shay, commanded by Captain Tamin Mikloth and Lieutenant Geuel Bero, and The Redeemer, commanded by Captain Shaul Ahaz and Lieutenant Igal Barkos. Each of these Destroyers were armed with turbo laser cannons, laser turrets, ion cannons, concussion missiles, and multiple smaller laser batteries. Each Destroyer had a complement of 14 star fighters, 2 bombers, and 3 shuttles. Each Destroyer was capable of holding 3 assault walkers, 3 transport walkers, a crew of 520, and up to 285 other passengers, usually in the form of troops. Finally, Andrekios also had 2 Gage-Class Transports, both known respectively as The Reclaimer, commanded by Captain Joktan Berekiah and Lieutenant Raphu Aran, and The Valiant, commanded by Captain Eldaah Teman and Lieutenant Gemalli Salar. Each of these transports were armed only with a few turbo lasers but had more cargo space, holding a complement of 20 star fighters, 6 bombers, and 5 shuttles. Each of these transports were able to hold 5 assault walkers, 5 transport walkers, a crew of 600, and up to 400 other passengers, usually in the form of troops, diplomats, or other high valued personnel.

Arms Edit

Andrekios had many weapons used by his forces. These include XR-83 Rifles, RL-77 Assault Cannons, DL-66 Sniper Rifles, SATL-23 Anti-Armor Missile Launchers, and lightsabers. Andrekios also allowed the use of personal weapons.

Military Awards Edit

Imperium Medal of Honor- An award bestowed to an individual who has performed an act that stands out from the rest. This act proves the individual's unwavering loyalty and commitment to the Imperium and it's people. This award is only rewarded for exceptional accomplishments and bravery on the field of battle. It is the most prestigious award to be bestowed.

Imperium Knights Medal- An award bestowed to those who have shown bravery and gallantry either through an act or through continued service. It is the 2nd most prestigious award to be bestowed.

Imperium Distinguished Service Medal- An award bestowed to those who have continually served the Sith Imperium. It is the 3rd most prestigious award to be bestowed.

Imperium Commendation Medal

Imperium Achievement Medal

Imperium Medal of Accomplishment

Imperium Medal of Courage- An award bestowed to those who have performed a courageous deed in a combat mission.

Imperium Medal of Horror- An award which is given to those after they experience their first combat mission. 

Imperium Medal of Liberty- An award given to those who have defended Imperium Citizens in an attack or combat mission.

Imperium Medal of Loyalty- An award given out to those who have exhibited a strong loyalty to the Imperium.

Imperium Medal of Order- An award usually given out to officers, it is awarded to those who have exhibited good leadership and organizational abilities.

Imperium Medal of Skill- An award given out to those who have proven to be very skilled in their particular field.

Imperium Medal of Unity- An award given out to those who have shown good teamwork with other unit members and who have promoted comradeship.

Imperium Medal of Victory- An award given out to those who have been a part of and completed more than 50 combat missions.

Family Edit

Salvatus- Brother-in-law (Deceased)

Aulaura II- Daughter (Deceased)

Unuriar- Father

Vindictiva- Wife

Filan- Son (Deceased)

S'rahnia- Mother-in-law (Deceased)

Arestenax- Father-in-law (Deceased)

Willerick- Brother-in-law (Deceased)

Aldamet- Brother (Deceased)

Aulaura I- Sister (Deceased)

Amavii- Sister-in-law

Reklenna- Fiance [Pre-Imperium] (Deceased)

Candicia- Sister-in-law

Misa'soma- Sister

Reja'kora- Mother (Deceased)

Torellia- Daughter (Scientifically Made)

Aden- Son

Nicknames Edit

Son of the Imperium

The Gray One

The Scarred Man

Overlord of Umbarra

The Eye of Twilight