Nestled in a secluded corner of the Mid-Rim, the planet known as Amgarrak serves as a bastion capital-world for Sith Imperium.

Little is known about the humble origins of the planet the Sith Imperium calls Amgarrak, as it was never truly explored, mapped out, and publicized. It's existence has remained relatively close-guarded for centuries, with its remote location ever-furthering its secrecy.


Amgarrak was a mythic world enshrouded in the dark side of the Force, located within the isolated and nearly inaccessible Eridanis Nebula. It was situated at the end of the Eridanis Run, a heavily guarded hyper-lane which connected the planet to the rest of the Galaxy.

While the entirety of the planet is a Force nexus, most of it is fairly neutral. That being said, the planet's Force connectivity creates sparse regions that are significantly more potent in the dark side than the rest. The majority of these Dark Zones are in the southern half of the planet for unknown reasons. Additionally, a small number of light-side nexuses have been reported as well.

From space Amgarrak appeared as a blue-green orb enveloped in a white web of clouds. Its surface had vast bodies of water and was covered rolling hills, dense forests, and snow-capped mountains.


The Sith Imperium arrived on what would later be known to them as Amgarrak in 23 ATC || 3630 BBY. Observing from above the planet, surveyors were immediately alerted to the presence of a pre-existing civilization calling themselves the Kingdom of Namal. What's more, the primitive civilization was engulfed in a fiery, long-lasting civil war. The war, a result of the death of an heiress king, was fought under the banners of two factions: Loyalists and Insurgents. Both groups used a certain Sith prophecy to legitimize their claim to rule:

The rivers boil as blood royal runs dry. All heirs gone, and new blood on the throne with new stars in the sky. The destined king will Amgarrak bring a great new Empire of Sith, and none will stand against.

Immediately recognizing the potential in the prophecy, the Dark Council drew up a plan to take control of and stabilize the entire region. This was done by pushing forth a third message: Darth Veldarius Imperior, Emperor of the Sith Imperium, was the destined king foretold in the prophecy. This third and much more believable option was spread about the civilization. It was not long before the Namali people questioned the legitimacy of their ruler's claims to power. Ultimately, by way of manipulation of the populace and superior technology, the Sith Imperium was able to confederate the Kingdom of Namal. These pre-established cities served as the stepping stones to unlocking a larger, more intricate, and bountiful world to serve as the capital for the growing Sith Imperium.



Vaya'vilial, or the Imperial City, is the capital of the Sith Imperium on the planet of Amgarrak.

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