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Born into royal heritage, she is the second heir of House Cyrus of Alderaan. House Cyrus is considered a “shadow house.” Their name isn't known to public. They are the background influencers of the war, providing much needed weapons and materials to allies while disrupting trade of enemies. She has been trained in a few languages typically used by Cyrus business associates.

Trained as a Diplomat from birth, Alyss went on to become a major player in some of House Cyrus’ business deals before leaving to join the Imperium and become House Cyrus’ permanent negotiator.

Early Life

Alyss had a rather sheltered upbringing, consisting of court classes and etiquette, as well as meeting with persons of interest such as business partners. At the age of 10 she learned that she had a natural affinity with the Force. However, at this time she was being trained as a diplomat and was forced to drop teachings.

Undeterred, she continued teaching herself in secret, growing more and more adept. Illusions and mind tricks came naturally to her, as well as sensing and feeling the Force. As her powers grew, she had to be content with the fact that she would never be a powerful adventurer who could topple armies. Perhaps diplomacy would be good for her after all.

Diplomat's Life

The first rule about being a diplomat: be smart. You must know what you are doing. Alyssa could come off as being lightheaded and childish, but she had been trained at birth to recognize facial expressions, and, with the help of the Force, could act on it.

Naturally, she was rather kindhearted, but preferred to be more discreet about her true emotions and intentions.

At the age of 15 she was sent on her first mission, accompanied by a senior advisor and a seasoned diplomat. They were to negotiate hostilities between two rival houses who both were benefiting from a trade deal with House Cyrus, and both were threatening to cut off supplies if the other received some. It was a heated situation.

The entourage arrived at an agreed point where all parties could meet in peace. The perfect solution was to keep both houses on each other's back, but not to the point of war. That way, they still buy war materials and keep deals with House Cyrus.

Alyss, using her charismatic charm and a bit of Force influence, was able to disarm the situation a bit too much. Both Houses lowered trade with Cyrus as the conflict had been mostly resolved. This was a failed mission, as Cyrus lost credits, and Alyss was fully to blame. She was punished and given little free time, all was spent learning the reasoning behind the policies, and money and power behind it. Her bond with the Force was weakened, as she did not have much time to practice. Alyss was beginning to despise politics.

Her next mission was for Cyrus’ manufacturers. Though Cyrus produces a lot of their own goods, a lot is imported from other companies in exchange for credits or support. One company named YAM (Yazgol Arms Manufacturers) who produces weapons and armor was backing out of a deal, and Cyrus wanted none of that. They sent Alyss along with a small task force to persuade the company.

The situation got heated, and a firefight broke out. Alyss, calling upon the Force, was able to take control of some of YAM’s guards and neutralize the threat. Then, she forced the CEO to sign the deal. It was a violent solution, but she was praised for it, which concerned her. To be a diplomat was not to fight, it was to stop fights. Was she any better than the brutes who waged war?

Upon return to Alderaan, a celebration was held in her honor. The one positive thing about all of this is that now she had more time to commune with the Force, to let it teach her. Things were finally looking up.

A Chance to Get Out

It had been one year after she became a diplomat in training. Now, House Cyrus had a new partner, House Imperior. One day, Alyss was sent with a shipment of weapons to Imperium space, as that was the agreement. The cargo was ambushed by pirates, and the envoy sent out a distress signal, to which Imperium forces were able to rescue and salvage the cargo.

They were to have a meeting with some Imperium negotiators over the terms of the agreement, to which Alyss begged them to let her join the Imperium and spare her a life of boredom. She mind tricked her diplomat mentor to let her stay, and they sent a message to House Cyrus that she would be staying with the Imperium as Cyrus’ permanently negotiator.

The proposal was accepted, as House Cyrus did not value her to much considering sometimes, she was a hinderance, but not all her ties with her house was cut, as business between the Imperium and Cyrus still went on.


When Alyss joined the Imperium, most of her connections with her house were severed. Only necessary transmissions would be received.

Alyss graduated the academy with honors and is now apprentice to Telia Vukua. During her apprenticeship, she joined the Ministry of State and Education under Aristocra Fo'nodow.

After months of work improving her skills in combat and the force, Telia promoted her to Lord. However, her master had brought news that she was departing the Imperium. Telia offered Alyss to become part of Clan Vukua, and Alyss accepted, now Alyss Cyrus-Vukua. Telia also entrusted the young diplomat with a heritage saber, one passed down by generations. The two promised to meet again.

Force Powers and Abilities

Alyss had never trained with a lightsaber, and in the Imperium, she would need to learn from scratch. Her Force abilities are not flashy, and in a duel, they would serve her poorly. Alyss does not lean towards ne side of the Force. The Force is like an ally to her. Neither the Light Side nor the Dark Side calls to her. Alyss views the neutral, pure Force.

Force Healing - Alyss can heal people with the Force, however it is rather unorthodox as she uses the web of the Force that connects all living things to repair living tissue.