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Alaria Valric is a 17 year old Illyrian who was possessed by an ancient, malevolent spirit known as Sylvia Zydok. Her presence is corrupted by experiments from her past, thus making her unbearable to a Force-user who is not used to her power signature.



The planet Asmodus was colonized by human settlers sometime before the Hundred Year Darkness. Though it is unclear what the nature of the operation was that prompted the colonization of this world, it was a goldmine.

Unknown to the colonists though, a light side nexus was located on Asmodus' moon. Over a few centuries, the exposure to this nexus caused most inhabitants to go insane. The few that survived became extremely connected to the Force. They were known as Illyrians. Illyrians are powerful, and have extremely long life-spans, but their birth-rate is very low, and it is unknown if they can continue as a race. A typically Illyrian will reach maturity at age 50 although this can differ between individuals.

An Illyrian's lifespan is typically between 1000-2000 years, their power begins to wane around the age of 700.

Illyrians follow the path of Light, but dismiss the Jedi as fools who do not understand the Force.

Sylvia Zydok

Sylvia Zydok was one of the early generations of Illyrians. She was extremely powerful, even from a young age.

Early Childhood

The second generation of Illyrians gave birth to Sylvia Zydok and her brother, Elkioro Zydok, along with about three other children. They mature much slower than humans, and stay at the age of (for humans) 20 for centuries.

Hundred Year Darkness

During the Hundred Year Darkness, a group of Dark Jedi found Asmodus, and were intrigued. This particular group were advanced Sith Alchemists, and saw it as their duty to manipulate life to their whims.

Their presense was felt by the Illyrians and the Dark Jedi were fought back, however they took Sylvia, Elkioro, and their parents with them.

Over the course of five years, Sylvia and her family were brutally tortured, mutalated, and experimented on in hopes of creating the perfect Sith. Their connection to the Force was extremely strong, but connected only to the Light side.

Sylvia watched as her parents and only brother were killed. The Dark Jedi were frustrated, and attempted to reforge Sylvia's connection to attune it to the Dark Side.

This failed, as the Light was embedded into her core and Sylvia, after years of being experimented on, was close to death. Unwilling to let their final test subject die, the Dark Jedi brought her to a darkside nexus.

This one was a lake in a system within the Unknown regions. They submerged her in the water, and funneled Darkside energy through her. Sylvia's innate core fought the invading energy, and her soul collapsed on itself, unable to sustain the two opposing powers. The Dark Jedi, in one final act of desperation, enacted a ritual which drained the surrounding area of all life and placed it into Sylvia, hoping the amount of Living Force would combat the imploding core.

This worked, but Sylvia's soul was fractured. Her Lightside core was gone, empty. The darkness didn't leave, however, it was imbued within her, not unlike a Force Object (i.e. Holocron). Her very existence became contradictory of the Force itself. Depending on one's Force philosophy, some may consider her a Wound in the Force.

Sylvia, at this point, did not know what was going on, but felt empty, devoid of emotion or care. She looked upon the Dark Jedi, and killed them. She took pleasure in their suffering not because of revenge, but rather it amused her. Such a monumental change could only be attributed to the loss of her 'soul'.

Shadow Queen

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Sylvia Zydok during her reign as the Shadow Queen.

The next few years Sylvia spent killing, torturing and overall being a nasty character to local wildlife. Some exiled Jedi found her, and were able to pacify her. They were disgusted by her very existance, as her presence was felt as corrupted or wrong. She wasn't supposed to exist, and Force sensitives could sense this.

The exiles planned to bring her before the Jedi council in hopes of being allowed back into the order. Sylvia, now in control of her senses, was bound and imprisoned on their ship, being transported to Coruscant. Sylvia was not thrilled about this, and started talking to a younger member of the small band of exiles. He was very insecure, and through manipulation of his opinions, she turned him against his friends and convinced him to free her, where she promptly killed him and murdered the rest via mind manipulation.

Sylvia used the next few decades to build up a criminal empire, to which she was known as the Shadow Queen. All events were influenced in some way by her. Centuries pass, and her power begins to wane. She seeks rituals to imbue her with power once more, but her nature forbids her. Over this period of time, she begins to use Force Drain as a way of keeping herself alive. This, however, was very taxing on her body. As her power diminishes, so does her criminal empire, and eventually it is no more. Sylvia became a shadow of what she once was, and her Illyrian body began to fail her. She needed a host.

Alaria Valric

The Illyrians, although few in numbers, managed to continue their society through the centuries since Sylvia's kidnapping. Alaria Valric was the only daughter of the Valric family.


Alaria lived a simple life. Her parents raised her without the Force, which was not typically seen in Illyrian culture. She was taught basic self-defense, though her parents did not value fighting as a skill, and neglected the Force. Thus, Alaria was not well prepared for her meeting with Sylvia....


Sylvia travelled back to Asmodus in search of a good candidate for essence transfer. She favored Illyrians as she, despite being corrupted, saw Illyrians as pure bloods and the only beings worth her time. Sylvia infiltrated the main village on Asmodus and kidnapped Alaria, who she saw as the most fit and vulnerable in the area. Using Force cloak and concealing her presence, Sylvia took Alaria to the lake where she was changed.

The ritual Sylvia was going to use was very simple. It consisted of dunking Alaria into the lake, nullifying her power, and then transferring Sylvia's fractured mind and power into the young victim. This plan was not so simple though, as Sylvia's mind and soul were so fractured that it was impossible to transfer everything. When Sylvia attempted to do so, it backfired tremendously. Most of her power was lost, and Alaria's soul was able to withstand the attack. Now, both of them inhabited the same body. Sylvia, more powerful and despite the great loss of her power, easily overwhelmed the untrained Illyrian girl.




[note that she cannot use these abilities as an apprentice] It is unknown what Alaria can accomplish given her current state. Before the essence transfer Sylvia was capable of the following:

- Force Drain (she can no longer do this, nor would she want to)

- Force Lightning (augmented)

- Mind Trick

- Mind Domination

- Sealth

- Telekenisis

Through a new body and with her diminished power, Sylvia does not currently know how to manipulate her abilities and the Force.

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