Adashae was born on Coruscant she never knew her parents so she spent most of her life living with the underworld gangs. She started to learn how to use a blaster at 5. At 16, while with the black sun gang she got promoted to have her own section within the gang at her command. 5 years later she fell for one of her officers named Veland and made him her right hand man. 4 years later a republic attack force invaded her base and when her back was against the wall she was betrayed by Veland. He didn’t Agree with the black sun’s decision to make her a captain and called in the republic attack force in attempt to frame her for it. She then secretly left Coruscant to try to make a new life for herself so she decided to become a bounty hunter. Another 4 years later while tracking down a Sith Lord who went rouge she came across an exotic buyer/seller of exotic animals and after telling him of her current job he sold her a vornskr because of there ability to use the force to trek prey. After killing the Sith Lord she made a name for herself and kept taking on jobs as a bounty hunter with her per vornskr. She then got wind of the Sith imperium who has promised her riches and intrigued by that offer she joined them

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