New Amgarrak has fallen, amidst the chaos of one final battle, just before all was lost, everything begins to fade, the sounds of battle go silent, your vision faded to white and then black and suddenly, a burst of energy engulfs you!
You wake up, everything seems different, yet similar.

(OCC): You have woken up in a universe selected for its absence of the Sith Imperium and negative consequences associated with it. We would wake up in the bodies of our pair in the universe but they would be living different lives.

They would have the memories of their life in the Sith Imperium, but it would feel like you had woken from a long dream. The people around you, unless you they were citizens of the Imperium wouldn't know about it's existence.

They would be a bit disorientated. Those stronger in the Force would have the worse transfer (think more data to upload) and initially their powers might take time to return. In time your memories, which you would have written off as a dream would grow stronger. An urge would call you from the outer rim. You would see a world, you would know it's name "Ry'llara." You would be drawn to it. As you live your new life you may think you are going crazy but something compels you to find out.

In this universe most of our characters have not done the grand things they had done in the Imperium. Emperor Arestenax never became Emperor, he went on to be a judge, fought in the war with the Republic, and the Eternal Empire and then retired from service. Opting to run his House's business and political dealings on Alderaan. The transfer to this reality has made him a shadow of his former self, a hover chair stricken invalid. Slowly to regain his powers. Everyone would wonder where others are and then eventually they would feel a calling to a world in the outer rim. A world prepared for them.

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